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Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

a default judgment means that the Town of Southampton could be on the hook for 70 million because the Town Attorney did not respond. Not a deputy but THE Town Attorney Michael Sordi. He is not even a resident of Southampton so that means that we get stuck with the bill not him. Michael Sordi dropped the ball and were stuck holding it now. Your tax dollars pay his salary and will now pay the 70 million. " Feb 8, 11 3:31 PM

Totally irresponsible and now were going to spend more money on lawyers trying to undo this extremely irresponsible action by Town Attorney Michael Sordi" Feb 8, 11 3:34 PM

Agreed the story is about inexucsable inaction by the Town Attorney. And it will cost the taxpayers plenty. He should resign. There are plenty of other lawyers in that office that could have filed the paperwork. " Feb 8, 11 4:02 PM

The position should be elected and the individual should be a resident of Southampton. Any way you look at this one Sordi must go. There have also been allegations of unprofessional conduct by Mr. Sordi in the Southampton Justice Court. " Feb 8, 11 4:56 PM

Please refer to the CPLR I believe that you are mistaken. The time to answer the complaint has passed. Unless the court grants the Town's motion to vacate the default judgment it's over and the Town loses. Damages, however are still arguable." Feb 8, 11 7:08 PM

Driver In Hill Street Crash Will Be Arraigned Next Week After Grand Jury Examines Case

Obviously you are not aware of how the system works and are unfamiliar with the process so if you do a little homework you would realize that the "arrest" has not happened yet and bail is set at the arraignment. " Apr 8, 17 11:25 AM