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Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

With a comment like that i would think that the only people you want to put first are the ones as dense as yourself. There was not one thing that she did that was illegal. Properly stored firearms after coming from the gun range, stopped on a public street taking a picture that plenty of other people have taken. The Officers at the site had made several outrageous comments to and about her on scene. She broke no laws and was completely with in her rights at the time she was illegally detained. I will leave your blatantly racist comment alone. You showed your true colors with the comment about an "Arab citizen"." Feb 9, 11 1:25 AM

I seem to remember several other groups being branded as "Domestic Terrorists", you remember, those that would lean a little to the right. A couple hundred rounds is nothing to shoot at the range, trust me, I do it all the time. The Illegal detention at the scene after the Barney Fife wanna-be (s) knew that they had no right to hold her, set in motion the Lawsuit. The absent-minded city Attorney is just icing on the cake for this story, a calamity of bona-fide fools hired by the city to NOT do their jobs.

The funny thing here is that you played your hand just like peoplefirst, a Racists. You have interjected race here when it has nothing to do with what happened. You both used it as a crutch to justify your hatred for someone that does not think and believe as you do. It really does show how small minded and obtuse the pair of you are. That has been way overplayed by your side for way to long and is now laughingstock.

" Feb 9, 11 1:46 AM

You have a problem with opening your mouth and your foot flying in there out of instinct......don't you. She at no time broke a single law. She did have her rights violated.

Some of your brain-dead cohorts above were the ones bringing the "Arab" race into the issue, of which has no bearing on the case. So "Quack" away... birds of a feather, flock together. What a bunch of frothing at the mouth racists! " Feb 9, 11 1:54 AM

She broke no Laws by taking photos off of the public street she was parked on. If your keyboard was taken away the collective IQ here would rise significantly, but you are still allowed on the web. So if you would walk away from the computer, there would be no proof of your blatant self-loathing, racists attitude towards people." Feb 9, 11 2:11 AM

The default judgment means that she has already won the suit. Since the suit was over damages and not related to an agreement such as a contract then the case will proceed to the next phase. Depending on how the case originated in the courts it will go before a judge or jury to determine the monetary value of the damages now. " Feb 9, 11 2:23 AM

You got the "her rights were violated" section right, but no need to go Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory on the rest. People need to stop letting what some lunatic Muslim extremists did rule them with worry of what might and fear. " Feb 9, 11 2:39 AM