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Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

This is routine operating procedure for the Southampton Town Attorney's Office. They regularly do not respond within the allowable periods provided by state law. They seem to think they are above the law. This has been the case under direction of Town Attorney Joseph Lombardo.

Before everyone jumps on Attorney Sordi, be aware that head Town Attorney Lombardo was aware or should have been aware of the case all along. You must also realize that the Town's attorneys are generally young attorney's who use the town position as a stepping stone in their career. The Senior Attorney on the other hand is seasoned. He is in charge of the department- he is aware of the lack of experience of his staff- he is responsible for the actions of his department.

Because of this the town now may have to pay millions to a nut job who was likely living some fantasy or worse was potentially dangerous. Mr. Lombardo MUST GO and after him Mr. Sendelenski, the other town attorney with years of experience.

Planning board matters have time constraints that are routinely missed, the result is supposed to be automatic approval of affected applications, they somehow manage in most instances to get away with it. Peoples request for Freedom of Information Law are also not honored as per law. The town attorney's office is a mess under Mr. Lombardo's Leadership.

This should be the last straw." Feb 10, 11 8:41 AM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

Another incompetent town Attorney. They should fire them all and start again." Feb 11, 11 4:41 PM

Semlear Steps Down As Trustees President

Jon you served us well good luck!" Feb 11, 11 4:44 PM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Uncovers Violations In Flanders Home

But while Betts is busy investigating, who is investigating Betts. He runs a private investigation company while working for the town. His company is supposedly speciallizes in work in Caribbean Islands.

Now tell me how he does this without it interfering with his work. Why did the town hire someone with competing interests to begin with?

I am not against the raid on the house. Just beware of the fox that is guarding the hen house, he may not be who you think he is." Mar 14, 11 4:49 AM