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Kabot calls for fiscal responsibility in Southampton's State of the Town

The spin master strikes again.
If Steve Levy only new that his Commissioner of Economic Development & Workforce Housing is still obsessing over what is going on in Southampton Town Hall. Its been a year now that she won the election. It's time to move on. " Jan 13, 09 7:43 PM

Same-sex marriage bill passes State Assembly

Typical of Fred " May 14, 09 12:10 AM

Kabot says party leaders pressuring her to keep lid on financial woes

For those responding to this blog that are so loyal to former Supervisor Skip Heaney, it should really be him that should take responsibility for the financial problems of this town. The past financial person admitted she knew about the problems but blamed her deputy for not moving over the money. They are calling it human error, 4 years of human error (give me a break). People are smart enough to see that you are trying to spin the blame to detract from the truth. The tax payers of this town are not stupid, they read the paper and articles about the budget. They can see how hard the current supervisor is working to correct bad financial practices of the past. As I read the paper I appreciate the transparency used, this supervisor is not about any party affiliation, it’s about the people of this town.
If it were about party first she would not insist on open government. To try and silence her is a disgrace. To try and get rid of her because she ran a primary and won in 2007 would be a disservice to the tax payers because she is the best person to lead this town.
" May 14, 09 12:14 AM

Thanks for that explaination ridculous. What arrogance playing with tax payer money. The Suffolk County DA should do an investigation, they should have to answer to the people. Heaney was so disliked in this town, the taxpayers will never forget the reassessment disaster. I'm sure they were dancing in the streets when he lost in 2007. " May 14, 09 7:40 PM

sjd what the hell are you talking about ? Did you just get here from anolther planet? " May 15, 09 9:23 PM

Southampton reassessments do not reflect economic downturn

Those horrible signs that The Royal We stated they paid $7,000 were really purchased by Suffolk County. Sunrise is (CR 39) a county road.
SC DPW purchased them in an effort to slow down traffic. " May 16, 09 4:43 AM

Southampton Town Board slashes $1 million from town budget

If Councilwoman Throne-Holst was serious about cutting costs she should have voted yes in taking away the 24-7 vehicle for the town's chief building inspector and the person in charge of waste management. The building inspector lives in Brookhaven Town and the Waste Management person lives in Islip. As I remember the supervisor voted NO on the take home vehicles. It's the supervisor who has the town's best interest at heart.
The voters of Town should be careful come election day, vote out the tax and spend democrats. Look at what President Obama has done in just 7 months in office. We are in deep trouble in this Country with the Cap & Trade and the Health Care Reform Proposal etc. we are more than a Trillion $$ in debt." Jul 15, 09 9:00 PM

Tenn Tom,
Eight years under Bush were very good. The stock market was up (big time) the housing market was strong. Of course the war in Iraq put us in debt but that was necessary to keep all our butts safe here in the USA. Obama keeps saying he inherited a big deficit (bull) he just keeps printing money and spending. We are in trillions of dollars of debt now. Wait until the Health Care bill passes. We will be waiting for months of see a doctor.
If you remember the Democrats had the majority for the last couple of years of GWB administration.

Turkey Bridge
Mentioning President Obama was not meant as a distraction, you democrats just don't get it. The democrats like to tax and spend thats what they do. I don't want to see Southampton Town end up like East Hampton under a Dem Admin.
Obama keeps saying he inherited this deficit but when Kabot says it she is shifting the blame. In Kabot's case it happens to be true.
Turkey" Jul 16, 09 2:13 PM

I know we are off the subject but I must respond to the Real Local

Hey local I guess you haven't left town in quite some time. Try driving to the site of the world trade center where more than 3500 innocent Americans were burned alive some jumping out of windows. Did you witness any of it? Did you smell the odor of dead Americans that lasted for months? War is not pretty but in my view necessary in this case. I hope none of the veterans who served or are serving our country read your blog. It would be a shame to have them think they are doing it all for nothing or that it costs too much money and you don't feel any safer.
Do yourself a favor and tell that to a veteran, and see if that floats, you will be shocked on how clueless you are.
Vote Republican Vote For Kabot She's The Best Person To Lead Our Town.
Town Before Politics " Jul 16, 09 6:26 PM

I won't even bother responding to you moron.

The Democrats picked the right symbol for the left wing liberals that blog here the Jackass." Jul 17, 09 9:42 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

ATH did call for the forensic audit and it's mentioned in every newspaper article making sure because its election time(as she states above) that she gets the credit. (OK we get it) It was a 5-0 vote so all of the town board agreed it was necessary. In no way was Graboski out of line she's allowed to say what she feels it seemed like grandstanding ATH did not seem upset at what Graboski said even ATH agreed it's about getting the record straight.

BTW during most of those years of this mismanagement the Democrats were in the majority. Suskind, Zenk and Kenny. Did they not smell something rotten or did they look the other way in order to avoid responsibility?
When you have a financial person who's job it is to manage the finances for the town it's that's person responsibility to make sure money is appropriated
property. If any funds were misuse it was the then Comptroller taking orders from the then Supervisor.
" Jul 18, 09 2:00 PM

Kabot gets enough signatures to force a primary

I also signed for Linda, what a time consuming task with all those who signed your petitions. Thanks for sharing your stories about all those who signed inviting you into their homes telling you what a great job you are doing for the people. You would have gotten twice the amount of signatures had you not spent so much time with all the voters of SH. Thanks for all your hard work! You have my vote." Jul 18, 09 2:18 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

No one is trying to take the credit away from ATH but the blame game you are playing here is incorrect and just not true.
Kabot was on the board during the time you stated that the democrats were kept in the dark. I’m saying she was kept in the dark as well, as you stated no one knew.

As you stated the Supervisor is the Chief Financial Officer of the town and it was the then supervisor’s responsibility. The blame should fall on them.

Let me tell you something Turkey it was 4 republicans that voted yes on the resolution for the audit Kabot, Graboski, Nuzzi & Russo. If they had something hide they would have voted No. The one democrat would have done crap.

You can try to turn and twist this all you want but no way should any blame be put on Kabot because it was found on her watch.

Kabot cut 1 Million Dollars from the budget if ATH makes some cuts are we going to go back and fourth on who did it first.

The voters have noted this and will vote according.
" Jul 18, 09 8:19 PM

No one is denying the fact that it was ATH’s idea, passed by all the Town Board members.

Also, let’s not forget it was Kabot who got rid of Heaney, the sole person responsible for causing this problem in the first place. Kabot ran a successful primary in 2007 taking on her own party which was not popular with the Republican powers. I’m sure this was the reason she did not get the nomination this time around. For Kabot it’s not about politics it’s only about the people of Southampton.

I have a lot of respect for someone who stands up for what they believe in. It took courage and a big pair. Both of which she has.

Vote for Kabot By The People For The People
" Jul 19, 09 8:39 AM

Embarrassed to live in this town.
Move! " Jul 20, 09 9:01 PM

Kabot did better than ask questions she got rid of Heaney and Kagel the one's responsible for the problem in the first place.

Vote for Linda Kabot she has what it takes to lead our Town. Change that Southampton needs.
" Jul 21, 09 7:50 AM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

Congratulations Linda, what a coup. Don’t underestimate Kabot again, I’m sure there is more to this story.
From all the stories in this paper and Newsday the Republican leader made some big mistakes in leadership this year and the past 2 years and let his personnel feelings interfere with decision making. The old way to doing things are over. It’s too bad they could not forgive her for that primary in 2007. It took the Conservative leader Ed Walsh to make the right decision in going with Kabot.
The republican leadership must (will) change at the top and with that goes all the (as someone stated here) the good ole boys.
Kabot is no fool as you can see from the coup that just took place.
Kabot is a real leader who stood up for what she believed in and will lead the republican ticket into Victory in November.

BTW bobalooney who are you a republican committee person from E. Quogue with sour grapes or Wright's campaign manager?
This was no betrayal Republican's need to win in November. The best 3 were chosen. Bill Wright is a good person his time will come around again.
" Jul 23, 09 8:23 AM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

Ok so what else is new all these town/county leaders are all pieces of garbage. Malone is a party leader the voters would be crazy to vote for him. He is part of this good ole boy network cutting deals and hand picked by Skip Heaney. Malone and Skip are close friends ever since the 2007 primary. A vote for him is a vote for Heaney.

According to the press he had the Town Council seat locked in, with all the papers filed, sealed and delivered on Monday. Then he reneges on the deal he made with Kabot. How can he be trusted by SH voters? I can’t wait to see his campaign literature. More lies and empty promises, be smart SH voters and send him packing.

Voters beware of Malone and don't let these clowns turn this election into a circus.
" Jul 24, 09 8:23 PM

DJII13- Is this an argument of intelligence? Or are you going to define exactly why I am wrong. Like most poor politicians, you skirt around the issue. If I am so wrong, what are you trying to prove by telling me I am not polite? 631 politics outlines the deal very clearly, check it out.......... " Jul 25, 09 1:13 AM

Linda you have my vote.

Don't let these good ole boys get away with this kind of nonsense.
What garbage we have living in our community. they are a disgrace.
" Jul 25, 09 9:18 AM

You guys just don't get it. I'm not wasting my time.
The voters will be the one's to decide that Malone as a party leader should not be voted in as a town board member.
" Jul 25, 09 1:43 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Wow 58 comments have you come up with a plan yet to solve the financial problems of the town?" Sep 24, 09 7:26 PM