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Democrats Name Southampton Town Candidates; Lofstad, Bouvier Join Schneiderman On Ballot

Great job by the Democrats! Jay Schneiderman has been an excellent County legislator and is dedicated to building on that record as Town Supervisor -- from widening Conty Road 39 to eliminating sex-offender trailers in the Westhampton area, and many more accomplishments, Jay knows how to get things done. Bouvier will be a treasure! Wih a masters degree in engineering, undergraduate work in Zoology and years working in, on and under the water, there is not a better candidate to help inmprove th equality of our waters. Julie Lofstad has a deep record of passionate concern for Hampton Bays and will bring that kind of commitment to Town Board. A terrific team!" May 30, 15 10:16 AM

Jay Schneiderman Defends Residency In Southampton

If Jay Schneidermann is a political hack, then I say, hack away Jay. Your hackery, Jay, has produced balanced budgets, removed homeless sex offender trailers from our neighborhoods, made it easier to travel on County Rd 39, preserved open space, improved health care on the East End and worked tirlelessly on water quality and coastal erosion issues.

Jay to Southampton Town? Sort of like asking a Jets fan if he'd like Tom Brady to leave the Patriots to quarterback his team. Go Jay." Oct 21, 15 9:27 PM

Well, there are about 12,000 hispanic people living in Southampton Town. Many - probably to your surprise - are citizens. If Jay rented to Hispanic people - legally - so what! But, in this case, you're wrong. Jay never rented his place to hispanic people, immigrant or otherwise. Nor, I know, did he rent to Irish folks, German folks, Scandinavian folks, or any ethnic or racial background that you can name. " Oct 21, 15 10:37 PM

Southampton Town Board Votes To Enact PDD Moratorium

Couldn't agree more, Turkey Bridge. You hit the mark writing, "planning and land use are among the principle concerns of Southampton Town." That's why the moratorium is important -- time to step back and think through land use in our very small geographic area that is so dependent on our environment. " May 27, 16 8:16 AM

Southampton Town Deems The Hills Environmental Impact Study Incomplete For The Second Time

Yes, prior reporting at this site informed the reader that:

"The moratorium would not apply to PDD applications that have already passed the public hearing stage of pre-application review, though—meaning that The Hills at Southampton proposal in East Quogue and the Townhouses in Water Mill both would be exempt."

Agree Turkey Bridge -- J.J&J will prove to be the most environmentally friendly town board, ever." Jun 10, 16 10:21 AM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday

Here's some history on Trump's self-funding


That was part of his appeal, the unbought "billionaire" who could self-fund his campaign. He's also made statements in the past that he would release his ax returns if he ran for office, now, probably not. He doesn't want the world to know the details about his phony claims." Jul 2, 16 8:45 AM

Southampton Town Makes Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue

Jay Schneiderman has spoken of the same concerns that you have. He'd probably agree with you. He wants a revitalized HB." Jul 13, 16 11:38 PM

Well, that is what the CPF is for, funded by dedicated monies to preserve valuable land from over development. " Jul 13, 16 11:41 PM

Agree. Jay Schneiderman must have read "The Art of the Deal." :)

If this deal goes through, funded by CPF, a real marker will be laid down -- this new town govt is putting its $ where its mouth is relative to promising significant pro-water quality policies." Jul 13, 16 11:45 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Fire May Have Been Caused By Unextinguished Cigarette

What a shame. Saw my first movie at the Sag Harbor movie theatre. prayers and well wishes to those impacted by the fire and good luck to the first responders." Dec 16, 16 10:20 AM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Regarding the mandate to have insurance, recognition should be given to the fact that we all experience a hidden mandate, to wit: (1) NYS hospital bad debt and charity care is recognized by a "Bad Debt and Charity Care Pool," meaning that hospitals make claims to a separate pool of money to make them whole after rendering uncompensated care. (2) Premiums in part are higher because excessive bad debt is recognized by a function called "cost shifting," meaning that if health care entities cant get their money from reasonable charges assessed to all, they'll hike charges to cover the difference. (3) Both Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates are higher due to Disproportionate rate formulas which recognize hospitals that serve many medically indigent. Also, the idea of an individual mandate is a pre-tea-party Republican idea pushed by the Heritage foundation and once extolled by Newt Gingrich. The Heritage plan was offered in response to Bill Clinton's health care plan.
cost shifting"" Mar 22, 17 11:41 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

Uhhh, who died at the Charlotte rally and who was at fault; and, not to miss the main point -- why were the Nazis, white supremecists and other right wing nut jobs there anyway -- to protest a 3-2 vote of the local Charlotte Town Board to remove the statue of a traitorous Confederate general who fought to maintain an evil and diabolical system of repression. While marching to support General Leethe alt-right chanted Nazi slogans like "Blood and soil," and "Jew will not replace us." What happened to the non alt-right like Bill Buckley. Instead ww have George Wallace on steroids in the White House." Aug 16, 17 8:46 PM

Amazing isn't it. The 21st Century version of the KKK and Neo-nazis have no qualms about showing their face -- speaks volumes about the era of Trump. I was thrilled to read that a few of them lost their jobs; and, imagine this, one father disowned his son for supporting the KKK and nazi agenda. How about Senator Corker's statement about Trump, gotta love it. He thinks Trump is unstable and doesn't understand what makes USA great. What;s that -- similar statements made by Sen Flake and Sen Graham.

" Aug 18, 17 8:44 AM

UPDATE: PDD Would Have Less Nitrogen Impact, According To Gobler's Latest Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

As everyone focuses on Dr. Gobler's FEIS review, as a member of the audience, I focused intently on part 1 of his review. (The good news is that the Hills Project -- thanks to all who critically reviewed the DEIS and other parts of the PPD planning -- is far less polluting than before.) However nitrogen loading is not eliminated and will make its 5-year journey to Weesuck Creek and Shinnecock Bay. Dr. Gobler's part 1 demonstrated that our bays are losing their life-giving and life saving potency. Years from now, we can say -- it coulda been worse. Slim reed on which to grasp -- Governor Cuomo has caught on to the necessity of clean water - may his recently announced programs and the CPF dedicated monies will blossom into 1,000 clean septic systems. Small solace -- we're not as dumb as Houston was in their land use planning." Aug 30, 17 8:39 AM

County Legislator Bridget Fleming Hears Riders On Car Free Day On Friday

Cynical much...Bridget is doing a public service by bringing the inadequacy of public transportation to the public's attention. The real-life case of those interviewed in the article speak to the deficiency. Major props to Bridget - a real public servant." Sep 27, 17 8:05 AM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

Or, better yet, elect a Democratic Congress - End Zeldin's career - and never have to worry about SALT. With Schumer as majority leader SALT would never see the light of day in the senate even if a SALT like bill emerged from the house. " Oct 31, 17 7:59 AM

Zeldin Campaign Says Misleading Absentee Information Was A Printing Error

Zeldin is a vet who campaigned with Sebastian Gorka, a Trump advisor forced from his White House job by Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Why would Kelly do that? Gorka was seen wearing a medal from Vitezi Rend a Hungarian group with historical links to Nazi Germany. So, who is garbage?" Oct 23, 18 6:55 AM

Primary Set For Democratic Southampton Town Trustee Candidates

Incurred lots of expenses on Don Quixote exploits, losing in court didn't help." Jun 21, 19 5:13 PM

Primaries Set For Southampton Town Races

Craig Catalanotto deserves election. His commitment to the well-being of the Town has been consistently demonstrated through his work on his local CAC. " Jun 21, 19 10:14 PM

County Legislator Contenders Debate In Hampton Bays Monday

Linda Kabot's response to the question posed about climate change is wholly inadequate. We don't need another "study" we already know that the amount of atmospheric CO2 is greater than any point in human history. NOAA announced that CO2 reached 414.7 parts per million and that the effects are just beginning to be experienced. Climate scientists say we have to act NOW. What Linda has to do is read about the NYS Climate Smart Community Program to understand the climate priorities and plans and how the/county can implement. " Oct 9, 19 1:23 PM

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