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Some Second Homeowners Might Be Taxed Twice Over

So if teachers FUND their pensions...let them pay state income tax after retirement instead of the rest of us picking up their tab! " Mar 8, 11 9:09 AM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Uncovers Violations In Flanders Home

You don't see this as related to the other problems? Taxes increase because of the need of more services, school programs, etc. and the illegal use of homes spills over into each of these. The problem is they do not do enough of these inspections. " Mar 11, 11 3:04 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

give me a break...I am a 60 plus woman who cleans up the leaves that BLOW from other people's properties. I have a total of FOUR trees on my property that do not drop the amount of leaves that accumulate and I put out to be picked up. Many of us are on fixed incomes and depend on the town's assistance in helping us with removal. Possibly if EVERYONE bag their leaves it could be done quicker and more efficient. Other towns have done to brown bags which would be enivironmental friendly. Not sure if it works, but someone should look into it. I for one would not mind the expenditure of the brown bags. We pay quite a bit in tax monies and get very little services in exchange. Maybe the town should look at cutting out all their projects that do not benefit ALL!

" Apr 25, 11 8:38 PM

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

Reality check Summertime...their so-caled high dollar property does not provide them with advantages of other homeowners. You can walk into a bank and take a home improvement loan or a building loan...they can not. Not to worry you will get a taste of exactly what the government offers when they take away your rights with health care. One of the wonderful benefits they received when they were allowed to keep their high dollar property was health care. Take a look at the stats on their life span and the illness they incur due to the wonderful government health care provided to them. These people were treated unfairly period.
" May 18, 11 10:05 AM