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Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

Cleanwaters is puzzling me, TB. Claims to be a Democrat. But is helping the Yaz side with his/her posts. Not that I mind!

At least you know where the rest of the torpedoes stand. I think you may have an impostor, TB. A Republican wearing blue, as it were. Or, a Democrat that is fed up with the SDC putting in Candidates that aren't up to the standards of a true blue Dem. Drug Dealers & Trollops, as it were.

" Dec 23, 15 10:11 AM

Press Debate Will Focus On January's Special Election For Southampton Town Board

But Cleanwaters is claiming Democrat ties, TB.

" Dec 23, 15 10:39 AM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

Sounds like Calone is separating himself from Sagaponack Barbie...
" Dec 24, 15 8:11 AM

Filled with lies and deceptions." Dec 24, 15 8:12 AM

Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

My apologies, Tiger. Political Trollops. And literal drug dealers.

Merry Christmas.
" Dec 24, 15 8:19 AM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor


I concur 100%, Mr. Tiger!

Sagaponack Barbie riding on LK's wagon. And now she feels that qualifies her to represent us in Congress? I think not. She'll sell the entire East End.

Merry Christmas." Dec 24, 15 3:15 PM

I prefer Political Trollop..
" Dec 24, 15 3:19 PM

I thought it sounded like a TB Post...

Merry Christmas, Turkey Bridge. " Dec 25, 15 1:38 PM

Bender, at first, claimed that the sale of Narcotics paid for his steroids. His Attorney got him to claim that he is a misunderstood Junkie. I saw him at the 7-11 right after the bust-about 4 days after.

He certainly didn't look "Dope Sick" to me. He's either still using or not telling us the truth about his usage. I've had a few junkies around me over the years... And seen some that ran out of junk offshore on an extended trip, poor planning or underfunded.
" Dec 25, 15 1:50 PM

Sagaponack Barbie.
" Dec 27, 15 8:44 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

The County Planning Commission Chairman, who is running against ATH in the Democrat primary, makes sure his name is in the East End Papers as being against the Tuckahoe Center... Hmmmmm,

I think Mr. Calone is using Tuckahoe Center as political fodder against Sagaponack Barbie. And, meanwhile, local businessmen who have put time and money into a project are being used as pawns in the Calone/ATH game.

Its all a game, folks. Mr. Morrow will build something on that property. Maybe not a grocery store. But it will be built on.

I'm still confused by the "We don't need it or want it" argument tied to the "All of the people using this store will create traffic". To quote the great Yogi Berra " No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded."" Dec 29, 15 7:06 AM

Press Debate Will Focus On January's Special Election For Southampton Town Board

And you call Rich's supporters mudslingers... Attacking him for his appearance is wrong, TB. Calling him a Bear? Shame on you.

Know both candidates. Rich has a better understanding of what goes on outside of Hampton Bays. Just as the Dems say Rich only understands The Village, I put forth the idea that Julie only knows Hampton Bays. No shame in that, she has worked to make it a better place for her children. She's an excellent PTA Mom. And that, I believe, is where it ends. Julie will follow Jay like a lost puppy.

We need Rich to balance the board. He listens to his constituents and works well within different settings. As the Fire Commissioner he has been more active with the Department than any commissioner I remember. He cares about his community and understands how to work with people, finding a common ground so that Southampton Council doesn't get gridlocked by party agendas. What does Rich bring to the table, you ask? Fairness and problem solving.

" Dec 29, 15 7:37 AM

Susan Stevenson Appointed To Southampton Village ARB

Ruh Roh. " Dec 30, 15 9:18 PM

That's Polly &Roy Stevenson. And Susan Lillywhite. Confusing, isn't it?
" Dec 31, 15 6:47 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

King Kullen shopping Center in Hampton Bays is larger than Tuckahoe Center. Probably 1/2 of the people that will, if you look at it geographically, shop at Tuckahoe Center now travel to Hampton Bays for groceries. Add to that the residents of HB that frequent this location and you should, if you buy into the Traffic Traffic Traffic nonsense, have a gridlock all the time in Hampton Bays... But, you don't... Maybe traffic isn't an issue. The County Report says it won't be.

CR39 doesn't have the lot sizes for it to become CR58. It just can't happen. This is the only large parcel on the road.

Turkey Bridge is thrilled with this decision because it helps his boy Calone get into the headlines on the East End. Before this decision, how many of you knew who he really was? I knew the name only as the guy who was running for the Dem nomination for Congress against Sagaponack Barbie.

Political Grandstandingand shameless misuse of power. Dem tactics at its best.

Happy New Year.

" Jan 1, 16 9:31 AM

TB, I am not Gillnetter. I have, however, Gillnetted,

This wasn't a GOP/ Dem issue until Calone used it as a soapbox to show the people of the East End who he is. Please, don't insult me by denying that.

Calone resigns immediately after this hearing so he could prepare for his race against ATH... I barely knew his name until this decision. He certainly wasn't a focus of an article in the Press. And, he "Clarified" his decision in the SH Press, milking the exposure. He just gained the votes of the NIMBY Dems fighting this project.. And believe me, as someone who attended quite a few of the hearings, I can honestly say the naysayers were card carrying Dems. Exactly what his campaign needed, brand recognition on the East End with Dems that can help him in the primary.

SUNOCO in SH, located at 500 Magee, fronting CR39 is wrapping up a 2 month project to expand the convenience store. They did away with the mechanics. At least now the residents of Bishops Pond and, when it gets approval, the Corrigan development have a way to get milk without going out on the highway. located right near the Tuckahoe Center location. This store will compete with 7-11 for coffee, cigarettes and lotto.

" Jan 2, 16 7:09 AM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

Please include Turkey Bridge on your list.

Thank You." Jan 4, 16 3:27 PM

Southampton Town Attorney Post Is In Play

"Mr. Schneiderman would not verify rumors that NancyLynn Ferrini, who is currently counsel for the Senate majority in Albany and the wife of State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., is the front-runner for the position."
"The new supervisor said he did not want to disclose any names until an appointment is made. “However, there is a female candidate who I have asked to talk with other board members and has met with John [Bouvier] and Stan [Glinka] and is looking to meet with Christine [Scalera],” he said."

" Jan 6, 16 8:04 AM

Zeldin To Vote In Favor Of Obamacare Repeal Bill

He represents me.

" Jan 7, 16 7:03 PM

In New York they had to accept pre-existing conditions for years.

Health Insurance is just that. Insurance. If your driving record is full of accidents and DWI's, they won't insure you. You aren't a good risk...

" Jan 7, 16 7:07 PM

Have you ever sat down and had a conversation with Lee?

Yeah. I didn't think so. If you had, you would know what matters to him. Americans.

And it's ZELDIN... Just saying." Jan 7, 16 7:09 PM

Erin, the best part is, we funded Health Republic with $180,000,000 of our money. The Obamacare lovers all say "But congress wouldn't GIVE them more, that's why they collapsed"...

I wish all start up businesses had unlimited free money to experiment with being in business.

My health insurance has doubled. Affordable, my ass." Jan 7, 16 7:15 PM

And, without profits, why would someone go to medical school. yes, yes, the Hippocratic oath. Yes, wanting to help people in need. But, how do they pay their bills?

The problem with Liberals is, they don't understand that someone has to make the money... Want free college? I had free college... Tell Bernie that, if you want free college, its easy. It's called the GI Bill and its open to anyone willing to serve the Nation in one of the five Armed Forces. They get free medical, too. And free clothes. And free food... Maybe, if more young people asked not what their country can do for me, but what can I do for my country... Remember that guy? He was a real Democrat. " Jan 7, 16 7:24 PM

But, I had Insurance. And, it was half of what I pay now that the ACA has been put in place.

You've just said it yourself. The American people were handed a crappy bill, thanks to Barry, Harry & Nancy. Thank god for Lee Zeldin voting to get it repealed.

The ACA actually TAXES American Citizens for being unable to afford health insurance. How would our forefathers, the great men who wrote our Constitution, react to that news? "Taxation without representation!" I believe they would say." Jan 10, 16 6:50 AM

Get Berned

" Jan 11, 16 5:59 AM

It's DraGGerman. A Drager is a gas meter used by first responders.

Since when does a congressman need to focus on Pork? He's in Washington to represent us in the Federal Government.
" Jan 12, 16 6:57 AM

Sag Harbor Fire Department Needs New Trucks

"Village Trustee James Larocca said, “It’s time for a bake sale.”"?

I love the Sag Harbor Board...
" Jan 14, 16 3:49 PM

Sag Harbor Village Considering Eminent Domain For Ferry Road Property

"Better have a bake sale"?

The Sag Harbor Board has" jumped the shark"

They discuss taking property away from developers and spending possibly $40m, but put up a stink about replacing old fire trucks. Wow.

That Fred, he's a slick one." Jan 15, 16 6:02 AM

Voter Turnout Could Decide Special Election For Southampton Town Board Seat

I'm really glad YAZ had the sense to stay away from crooks like Ed Walsh..

Good job, Julie. Accepting an endorsement from an (alleged)Crook!

And Freds wife gets a job. Beautiful...
" Jan 15, 16 9:47 PM

Southampton Town Board Candidates Participate In Press Conversation Saturday


I'm not Damon Hagan....

Damon posts under, funny enough, his own name.

" Jan 17, 16 6:48 AM

Yes, Tiger. I can say that I am merely an enrolled Republican. I am not involved with the Southampton Republican Committee... Other than knowing them all socially.

My posts are truly my posts. " Jan 17, 16 6:52 AM

I'm Damon like Obama is a Christian...

" Jan 17, 16 6:58 AM

Voter Turnout Could Decide Special Election For Southampton Town Board Seat

I am not DH. Once again, a misinformed Liberal... LOL" Jan 17, 16 7:04 AM

Southampton And East Hampton Democratic Officials Endorse Calone For Congress

How fast you turn your back on ATH...

Like a Thoroughbred. Ran its races, no longer useful, sent to auction. " Jan 17, 16 8:02 AM

Southampton Town Board Candidates Participate In Press Conversation Saturday

The real Damon Hagan in the house!

" Jan 17, 16 9:09 AM

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