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UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

I voted for Rich-no shock there.

" Jan 26, 16 5:15 PM

Mr. Tiger,

I received a call from GL himself... Just laid down. He wanted to discuss Julie... I told him he had the wrong number.

Certainly you find humor in this? I do. " Jan 26, 16 6:20 PM

" Jan 26, 16 7:52 PM

Mr. Tiger,

Yes, Julie has won. I wish her the strength to keep the convictions she had as a spokesperson for Hampton Bays and to be her own person.

That being said, it will be interesting to see who becomes Town Attorney. I guess we'll never know if Rich would recuse on a vote for DH...

And, yes, GL did call me on Sunday. He doesn't know he called Draggerman, he was making calls, getting the vote out. I used to do that for Mayor Romo, when he ran.

Run Rand, Run." Jan 27, 16 8:42 AM

Farmlocal, I couldn't agree more. I gained quite a bit of respect for NTiger, but still feel the same way about Turkey Bridge.

I hope Julie can keep her integrity. You know the Conservatives have a favor to be repaid. If you can't see that, Turkey, then you probably should hang up your political hat. Nothing is free in this game.

NTiger, I look forward to bantering with you on the next go round. ATH v Calone should be interesting... " Jan 27, 16 9:49 AM

No. My wife remains independent & I, as you can deduce, am a Republican. I have heard from other registered Republicans that they got calls as well.

Political misconduct is harsh. Grazing in another mans pasture may be better. Anyway, I almost wet myself laughing when GL identified himself. At least he made a live call. I received numerous robo-calls from Ms. Fleming on behalf of Julie, as late as 8pm last night." Jan 27, 16 2:07 PM

In Special Election, Julie Lofstad Wins Open Seat On Southampton Town Board


I agree. I've said previously that I expect ATH to fade off into real estate. Maybe she and Linda Kabot can share a desk...

Calone has already made moves to separate himself from Sagaponack Barbie. The County planning commissions rejection of the Tuckahoe Center was the first shot fired in that battle. And we get a new convenience store to sell milk, beer coffee and Lotto tickets." Jan 27, 16 6:08 PM

UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

Quit gloating, Turkey. It's not gentlemanly.
" Jan 28, 16 10:35 AM

C And W Mercantile, A Bridgehampton Staple, To Close Its Doors This Week

As sad as it is, I wish Barbara the best!
" Jan 28, 16 4:48 PM

In Special Election, Julie Lofstad Wins Open Seat On Southampton Town Board

The intelligence community has deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails “too damaging" to national security to release under any circumstances, according to a U.S. government official close to the ongoing review. A second source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, backed up the finding.

" Jan 29, 16 5:54 PM

Sag Harbor Settles With Village Homeowners Who Had Their Expansion Plans Tied Up

Dump Fred Thiele.

His arrogance and deceitful ways have no place here.

Congratulations Mike Gaynor. (Must be the hat!)
" Jan 30, 16 8:01 AM

Throne-Holst, Calone To Meet In First House Primary Debate Wednesday In Amagansett

This should be interesting...

I predict Calone will advance to the general.

I guess ATH tapped all of the people she "assisted" during her 8 years on Hampton Road to donate to her war chest.

In the end, I hope Lee keeps his seat. He's doing a good job." Feb 3, 16 8:42 AM

When It Comes To Sewers, Municipalities Look To Patchogue Village For Inspiration

Mike White for Mayor? Hmmmm.

That could be interesting!
" Feb 3, 16 6:45 PM

Robert F.X. Sillerman's SFX Entertainment Declares Bankruptcy

Tim only joined the board in December 2015. I doubt he had much to do with the Bankruptcy. Although, it is possible that just by him being named to the board caused kids to reject EDM... " Feb 3, 16 8:11 PM

Officials Eye Hampton Road Property For Southampton School District Office

Remove the old office trailers, get new ones, add another unit or 2. Done.

7.6 Million for the Maran building is an obscene use of taxpayers money." Feb 4, 16 12:12 PM

Congressional Hopefuls Skewer Zeldin, Trumpet Progressive Agenda

I'm not sure ATH understands the job description.

And its amazing to me that Turkey Bridge is throwing her to the wolves.

" Feb 8, 16 7:08 PM

Allow me to quote "Turkey Bridge" regarding ATH's political affiliation. It's pretty clear.
No, Anna Throne-Holst is a member of the Independence Party who was endorsed by the Democrats when she ran for supervisor in 2009." Apr 2, 11 9:43 PM"

Although, Mr Lynch is definitely in Mr. Calones corner.
" Feb 8, 16 8:07 PM

Throne-Holst, Calone To Meet In First House Primary Debate Wednesday In Amagansett

Anna does, however, have Jay's endorsement. She failed on getting much more out of the East End.

Turkey Bridge, I really wish that ATH would be a shoe in for your primary. I doubt she would last long against Lee. And she really wouldn't survive Washington.

My Sagaponack Dem friends love her...

" Feb 8, 16 9:24 PM

Thiele Requests Second Track On LIRR

Yeah, They'll park the Porsche and take the train. Or contractors can take their tools on the train. Once again, Theile is out of touch with reality.

" Feb 10, 16 11:26 PM

Congressional Hopefuls Skewer Zeldin, Trumpet Progressive Agenda


All interesting points. One thing we can agree on. Anna is wasting her Million Dollars...I doubt she will even show.

Lee has been very vocal on his agenda, no doubt. I truly believe he is in Washington because he wants to make a difference. He asked for the job of our Rep for the right reasons.

You are most likely correct. The Presidential race will determine the House. Unless all of the first time Bernie fanatics decide to only vote for "The Bern". I'm not sure they understand enough to vote for any other race.

Right now, I'm praying it isn't Trump v Sanders... Kasich made an interesting rise to the top. I believe he may be able to energize the moderates. The "Reagan Democrats", if you will.

We live in interesting times. In 1953, Sanders would have been answering to Sen. McCarthy...
" Feb 12, 16 7:34 PM

Get Berned
" Feb 14, 16 10:14 PM

Meet Up Takes Place In East Hampton To Support Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Some strange times.

An egotistical reality TV Businessman VS a Socialist who, other than being an elected official, has never accomplished anything.

Joe McCarthy would have loved Bernie..." Feb 20, 16 7:08 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

June Bug, Google "ISIS Brutality", click on videos, get some popcorn and watch the show.

We have issues with water boarding and sleep deprivation. They decapitate their captives, alive. Sometimes, they use Primer cord wrapped around multiple captives necks and, quite literally, blow their heads off.

Gitmo is a Four Seasons compared to an ISIS "jail"." Feb 23, 16 1:27 PM

Moving them to American soil creates a security risk that we can't afford. They need to be segregated Out CONUS.

We would never stoop to their level of inhumanity. Watch the video with the 4 "Spies", tried in a Kangaroo court, that were loaded into a steel cage with Go-pro cameras on it. Watch, as they are lowered into a pool, slowly. Watch as they struggle to get their heads through the bars. Watch as they are pulled out, foaming at the mouth, gasping their last breaths. I have no compassion for animals that actually think up new ways to "Execute" their enemies. Hey, how about the video that a 5 year old boy detonates a bomb under a car with 4 men handcuffed inside of. Or the man that is tied up on the road, driven over by a TANK? Get the picture? Jihadists only want to kill for fun.
" Feb 23, 16 6:11 PM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

Here's Jay, the guy who hired "The Campo Brothers" from Port Jeff, big developers, to build his house in Southampton Village. All we'll see from this guy is favoritism & paybacks. He was at the County level of government, now he's back at the Town level. (FYI, the builders sign in front of the house isn't legally posted. It has a logo on it. ARB Doesn't allow that.)

Damon isn't qualified? Really? If he was a Democrat would he be qualified? Probably.

" Feb 24, 16 1:08 PM

And he knows Teabagging when he sees it...
" Feb 24, 16 3:06 PM

The online Definition of "Teabagger"... You probably mean "Member of the Tea Party", George. LOL

"Teabagger" is yet another shining example of "civil discourse" by left wingers in America. The etymology of the word "teabagging" involves a slang term originating in American homosexual subculture (ref-NSFW) involving a specific (typically humiliating based on context) sexual activity between two homosexual males." Feb 24, 16 3:20 PM

I like Mr. Havana...
" Feb 24, 16 6:24 PM

"Super Partisans" Hmmm. I believe, Turkey Bridge, that you fall into that category as well. You would endorse a Seagull if it dressed in blue. And turn on him/her when you no longer have a use for them. ATH is case in point.

Although we differ greatly on many things, NTiger has gained my respect. I read his posts with an open mind. Your posts are the very thing you complain most about. And when the Conservatives come lurching out of the swamp, scratching our collective butts and spitting venom, you make a great target. This is due to your inability to listen to the other side. When was the last time you cast a vote for a Republican, George? Have you ever? I haven't seen any NTiger imposters on here, but have seen a few TB impostors. .

Although I am a Registered Republican, I find myself voting across the aisle on almost every election. I voted for Tim thrice, because he was a better candidate. It's not always about party lines, George. It is, however, about our Government, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.

You also called my house to discuss Julie Lofstad the Sunday before the Special. We don't have a registered Dem in this house. You should make sure your house is in order before worrying about where, or when, I scratch my butt in my swamp.

" Feb 28, 16 7:13 AM

Damon only ran once. Yaz ran in the Special. " Feb 29, 16 7:20 AM

It sounds like, based on Neil's research, DH is as qualified as Mr. O'Brien. And he's from SH Town.

And TB, I'm not suggesting that campaigning to change peoples vote isn't a bad thing. But the 3 postcards I received in my mailbox everyday may have sufficed. " Feb 29, 16 11:02 AM

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