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Pope holds swing vote on Nuzzi proposal

i'm confused. whats this comment about Kabot getting $600K a year for 4 assistants? so, thats $150K /per assistant /per year. even with benefits factored in, thats a bit wacko!
Im hoping that math is wrong.
in any case, i dont think you need 4 full time bureucrats to fetch you coffee and answer the phone, no matter what their salary is. and it better not be $150K each!
why is it that just the boards are being targeted? cant every office in town hall just fire 1 bureaucrat, or have everybody take a 10% pay cut? cant they spread the pain out a bit?" Jan 16, 09 12:55 PM

American flags cut down, twice

why doesnt this recieve the same amount of attention as that stupid noose they found in the middle of nowhere in the forest? if that was a hate crime then this is terrorism- its right on CR39 !" Jan 16, 09 1:02 PM

Man with giant hot dog guilty of littering

i think they should relocate that happy hot dog to the roof of the East Hampton Attorney's office/trailer, as a trophy.

i wonder how much time and energy and taxpayer $$$ went into this "six year battle"? litigation isnt cheap!" Jan 16, 09 1:19 PM

Pierson students can earrn cheap college credits

this article makes no sense.

AP credit is nothing new, even for pierson hs. its been around for years, and you can use the credits for lots of schools, not just suffolk community.

this article implies that AP college credit is something innovative that this Gratto guy is setting up, when in reality, the AP program has been around for years, nationally, and has nothing to do with him or the large salary he receives." Jan 16, 09 2:29 PM

People give up pets due to economy

This is disgusting. if they are giving up their pets then they were never really pet-lovers in the first place. these are the sort of shallow people who probably just kept their dogs around as ornaments, like handbags or jewelry." Jan 16, 09 2:31 PM

Forum's focus will be on homeless sex offender trailers

i dont understand. if they are still a danger to society then why arent they locked up?

and in any case why is the government giving them free cab rides and housing? i'd love if i could get the government to pay for a cab to come pick me up each day. can i qualify for this service or must i be a sex offender?

wouldnt it be better if we sent them to some rehab half-way house rather than taxi-ing them around long island being homeless?" Jan 16, 09 2:49 PM

Governor's budget would allow grocery stores to sell wine

I cant belive this Ken LaValle comment about reducing "DWI accidents among young people" - young people can get their booze at 7-11, round the clock! , theyre not looking for Pindar's 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon! I bet Ken LaValle has some prominent liquor store owners on his donor list to make him say this nonsense." Jan 16, 09 3:04 PM

not that im badmouthing the liquor stores. theyre just trying to keep business.
" Jan 16, 09 3:30 PM

Maureen's Haven continues to provide a harbor for the homeless

Does Maureens haven help out those Homeless sex offenders in Riverhead too? I wonder..." Jan 28, 09 7:53 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

what exactly does it mean when it says he was "uncooperative at the time of his arrest" ? --was he refusing a breathalizer? --- was he trying to pull influence by showing his town ID or something? ... i'm just curious.

I agree with Capt Phil. -- he needs to resign. It just looks bad, real bad." Mar 23, 09 12:47 PM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

typical politicians: sacrificing financial accountability for political expediency. ... and then finger-pointing till their fingers hurt after the fact.

hopefully this will mobilze the Democrats for the next election. This one-party rule is clearly not working. We need to throw out these bums." Mar 23, 09 12:55 PM

Immigration coalition holds its first forum

whats with these all-or-nothing solutions? You speak of either 1.) Deport all 15 million, or 2.) do nothing.

Why cant we have compromises; small steps:

How about starting with, say, just deporting those who are arrested (for DWI, or aggravated vehicular assault, and all that crap we see in the police blotter every week). Deporting criminals is not unreasonable, and I dont think it is beyond the capabilities of the police forces of this country.

Or perhaps this “roadmap to citizenship” should include a requirement that they SPEAK ENGLISH. (I don’t think this is unreasonable either). Either that, or lets just acknowledge whats really happening-- that the USA is becoming a bi-lingual country

Small steps.
" Mar 23, 09 1:10 PM

And i am sick of hearing statements like this:

"Historically, immigration today is similar to the waves of immigration the country faced in the past,"

WRONG. Historically, there was much greater diversity of immigrants, speaking a much greater number of languages. Today, everyone is Mexican/South American, and all speak Spanish.

-- Historically, immigrants had to learn English to advance beyond their narrow ethnic ghettos. Now, Spanish is so mainstream, that theres no point in learning Ingles." Mar 23, 09 1:16 PM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

look, theres only like 5 functioning farms left on the south fork, and theyre all going to be paved over with hamptons mega-mc-mansions in the next five years anyway.

so, who cares what these few remaining farms think about the farm stand?

the only remaining viable farms are on the north fork, and they will supply the produce for the farmers market. Thats just the way it is.

if you want to help out the local southampton farms, the best way to do that is to either cut their taxes, or buy them out with tax dollars, so they dont built mcmansions. But blocking a farmers market is absurd!" Mar 23, 09 1:26 PM

Springs resident fined $5,000 for messy yard

forget about the fines. Just force him to spend that amount on a big fence, so no one has to look at his big plastic hot dogs." Mar 23, 09 1:32 PM

TD Bank approved in Hampton Bays

I do all my banking online, and within a few years, so will everyone else. In the mean time, banks like this are nothing more than billboards; a big advertisement- (Actual billboards wouldnt be allowed, so this is their way around that) thats why they wanted their big ugly mural on 24/7.

This is their scam: they build the same ugly Burger-King-esque drive-thru bank throughout North America, and then they paint murals to pretend each bank is "unique" (the one in Forest Hills has a painting of Queens Blvd.) as if they care about the community...

Anyway, online banking will render brick-and-mortar buildings useless, and when that happens, there will be a glut of drive-thru buildings like these all over the place.

why doestn the planning bd take into account the long-term future of these buildings? " Jun 12, 09 1:26 PM

Protest of food pantry benefit concert is canned

NIMBYism at its finest" Jun 12, 09 1:30 PM

Officer suspended for misconduct

if he was off duty, and made some stupid drunken text message to his ex-wife at 2 am, I'm fine with it, who cares.

But why did they suspend him?, and why is it in the newspapers? The public needs to know what he did, otherwise we will just speculate... Did he make a racial slur, did he threaten to kill someone?" Jun 12, 09 1:36 PM

Town agrees to crack down on ATVs

There are hundreds of cops driving around, doing nothing but handing out seat belt tickets all day -- cant we spare a few of those cops to patrol the woods? Give them mountain bikes." Jun 12, 09 1:38 PM

Village's most iconic open space to become five house lots

"affordable housing" ? on Lilly Pond lane? are you joking? There might be a room above the 4-car garage for the Salvadorian caretaker- is that what you meant? " Jun 12, 09 1:42 PM

Sagaponack requires off-street parking for contractors

this seems to only apply to contractors doing construction/renovation. But what about landscapers?

Lanscapers park all over the place, tearing up the shoulders, blocking bike lanes. It seems a bit unfair to impose this requirement on building contractors, and not on landscapers." Jun 19, 09 1:05 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

"Affordable housing" is a joke. The vested interests have no interest in offering anything more than token support for it. This "Housing office" is itself an example of one of these tokens.

Southampton Zoning rules dictate that the only thing you can build here is mega-mansions, and if you want to be affordable, you can live up-island and commute 2+ hours each day.

Which, by the way, is what John White does. He commutes from Hicksville, or some far-off place.

Zoning rules could be changed very easily, if anyone was really interested in making housing affordable. But they are not." Jul 3, 09 3:16 PM

Also, i've seen him, and i didnt think he was african-american; he's very light-skinned; some of his "WHITE COUNTERPARTS" are actually darker than he is.

Of course, i dont sit around thinking about race and ethnicity all day, like these parasite lawyers do. How much time will the town attorneys office have to waste on this stupid lawsuit?

Perhaps this is why minorities are not hired as often as their "WHITE COUNTERPARTS"; perhaps employers are fearful of these lawsuits.,,," Jul 3, 09 3:21 PM

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