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For A Young Bagpiper, Playing Means Belonging

All summer long, on Tuesdays , I was treated to a concert of bagpipe music. It was so nice to hear. I later met Dermot as we walked our little dogs. He is a charming and articulate young man. I'm so glad to see you get the recognition. I look forward to hearing more music when the windows can be opened once again." Mar 19, 15 3:23 PM

Local Officials Discuss Complexities Of Regional High School

Tuchahoe will try anything to have someone else pay their bills. The only thing they haven't tried is cutting the waste and fat from thier budget. " May 27, 15 8:44 PM

Southampton School District Is Exploring Options For A New Administration Building

Before adding to the physical plant, we need to increase educationl services. Test score are terrible. The last building plan spent too much money and not one square foot of instructional space. Spend our money wisely not to the glorification of Adminstration." Jun 5, 15 2:59 PM

And in this colossal building there is not one square foot devoted to student instruction. Our test scores are poor and the Adminisration is concerned about office space.
" Jun 7, 15 3:43 PM

Tuckahoe Names Former Longwood Administrator As Interim Superintendent

This is a huge waste of money they don't have. I can't believe the taxpayers are happy." Jun 11, 15 10:20 PM

Southampton Town Cab Drivers Protest Uber Thursday Afternoon

The taxis service here in the Hamptons is terrible. The drivers look unkept and reek of cigarettes. The prices are whatever they feel like charging and it is per person. They need to be regulated and metered. Über offers clean cards and drivers that look professional, the price is known before getting into the cab and charged to your card. " Jul 18, 15 2:22 PM