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UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

A working session with the institutions. What about the neighbors who use that road and the taxpayers who foot the bills? The public views that would be lost are irreplaceable and shouldn't be sold for the benefit of a few golfers and taken away from others. We live in the neighborhood-yes, the Open comes and goes. They are simply using this as an excuse for a "land grab". " Jun 18, 16 4:45 PM

This article is no longer listed in "most commented" on the 27east home page. Was it taken off? " Jul 2, 16 7:25 AM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

I voted absentee. The day after the election I received a phone call from an unidentified political survey asking me who I had voted for. The question is legal to ask. But, rude, and no one's business. Today, I again received another call again asking who did I vote for. I dialed back the incoming phone numbers. A message machine answers saying "the call you received was about local political issues and not a sales call". Whose campaign is trying to determine the outcome of the absentee ballots? " Jul 6, 16 12:02 AM

Democratic Congressional Primary Vote Counting To Start Thursday

I voted absentee. Since the election, I have received multiple phone calls from a "political survey firm" asking for me by name and asking who I voted for in this election. I said "none of your business". The caller would not identify who had them calling. It is legal to make a call like this, but rude. " Jul 6, 16 9:06 AM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

Schneiderman needs to take a look at St. Andrews Road. He is unfamiliar with this town. St. Andrews curves and goes UNDER the highway under a bridge ( CR 39 crosses over). The curve is BLIND and the road is very narrow. The Montessori nursery school is there (an expanded road would be a great danger to those children,) Cars travel under the bridge going 45 MPH, and then there is the exit for the Greek Orthodox Church with cars exiting into St, Andrews Rd. Building traffic flow there would be a very bad idea. Is Bloomberg going to get that bridge/underpass widened?
There is no safety problem for the golfers. Install a light with a button that can pushed to go to red when a golfer wants to cross (suggest that they look both ways before crossing). Sources tell me that the children's area is rarely used. Are the children wandering around by themselves? The US open is irrelevant. Every ten years we are all inconvenienced. I live nearby. Yes, a letter will be written to the Town Board. " Jul 6, 16 8:44 PM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

One could get thousands of objections to the golf clubs desire to close this road. The club doesn't like the cars passing by while they are sitting on the deck having cocktails in the late afternoon. Their idea creates more danger elsewhere. The Town Board should be focusing on the many real problems in this town." Sep 14, 16 11:17 AM

Southampton Town, USGA Officials Formulate Traffic Plan For U.S. Open Without 'Cops And Cones'

Some folks actually live near the club and during the last open, getting home was difficult. Heck, we only local taxpayers. " May 10, 18 1:07 PM

Absentee Ballots Are At Center Of Storm Of Accusations

If you haven’t done so, call the Suffolk County Board of elections 631-852-4500. You may not be able to get through. So call tomorrow. The ballots went out VERY late (I did call to inquire, mine finally showed up). They need to know that you were disenfranchised by the missing ballot. Bad news all around." Nov 6, 18 11:24 AM

Westhampton Beach Looks To Allow Deer Fencing Up To Eight Feet Tall

And when some folks erect 8 feet tall fences, the deer just go elsewhere to eat. My neighbors added (illegal) 8 feet fences so we now have more deer on our property. Fences only move the deer around. " Sep 24, 19 11:29 PM