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Remembering A Night Of Tragedy

Just a few corrections by Susann, Marc's mom: There are four children, not three as stated (Anthony, Sarah and Jeremy); the "claim" of the plug missing from the start has not been proven considering witnesses saw Marc 'rowing leisurely' for a half-hour and highly doubtful 500 lbs. of football players would've lasted as long; Marc was fully clothed with his OTB (only the best) pants over the football shorts printed as well as a winter coat and two hats (never retrieved); Marc's front two missing teeth and two severely demarcated lines above both ankles were neglected to be printed as per the autopsy as 'accidental drowning' was put as cause of death even though 'neither lung was filled with water' - no human can last more than 20 mins. in 38 deg. water temps yet KT knocked at a door three hours later stating 'my friend is DEAD' and on my recliner the next morning with xanax in him for the hypothermia from his 'knees down'; many other discrepancies/stories changing - Alec Baldwin, who was my sole advisor for a year (not wanting 'any media until the experts saw Marc') involved counselman Fred Thiele to submit for 'funding to exhume' to the House of Ways and Means Committee but with 9/11 hitting needed to recalculate the budget and Marc fell to the wayside - any forensic scientist willing to perform a second autopsy please contact the press. The truth will be revealed in God's time and my faith will not waiver. Thank you to ALL involved in the 'longest search in the history of the bays' and to ALL who knew and loved my son. " Mar 10, 11 3:33 PM

None of the autopsy results were put into the article showing exactly why it is that I question all the inconsistencies mostly Marc's upper front two teeth missing when not even his baby eye teeth were damaged. An xray of the skull would show any blunt trauma to the head as well as the gums having still had the roots in which is only a couple of reasons I need a second autopsy. I'm sure the press is worried about a lawsuit should they seem accusatory towards the surviving boy who's stories continuously change as well. My son DID make it safe to land crying over his hands and feet being frozen yet whatever happened between 6 pm (witnesses still seeing him rowing 'not in distress') and 9 pm (KT knocking at a door across the bay) remains to be revealed. Thank you for your reply, Marc's mom " Mar 12, 11 1:48 PM

Thank you on behalf of my entire family. God is truth and in HIS time I'm sure it will. " Mar 12, 11 1:50 PM

One thing Marc truly did in his l6 years on earth was pass many a free smile and I'm happy you were the receiver of more than a few Mr. Haaaaamill :) thank you! Marc's mom Susann" Mar 12, 11 1:53 PM

Grand Jury Fails To Indict Hampton Bays Man Who Killed Cabbie

Pretty disgusting how someone can continually assault people and get to run free destroying families! What's with the Suffok County D.A.'s office?? There is NO WAY this cabbie hit ANY woman! Not only a Christian but a retired Airforce man who was overseas fighting for our freedoms to come home and die at the hands of an animal?!?! How is the 'road-rage' of the supposed victim not in question as she was the one who 'followed' the cabbie behind the parking lot?? How are there no cameras at the bank's drive-thru window to show she wasnt hit?? How about Marc Legotti's death hmm?? " Jul 28, 12 12:07 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

I truly understand homelessness but why in the world does Good Ground Cemetery allow a 'tent city'?? These people certainly need a roof and I feel terrible even commenting that they are there (if the police aren't aware of them) but omg I didn't buy a plot to visit the grave seeing dozens of homeless in tents! " Sep 25, 14 12:37 PM