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Panel Will Explore If Southampton Town Should Buy Development Rights To Fund Farm Purchases

You're not preserving agriculture when you're covering acres of land with buildings. Particularly when the buildings are becoming residential. Next thing you know, all kinds of people will be building "horse farms" with residential buildings in anticipation of housing the soon-to-be-former spouse. " Aug 29, 13 10:08 PM

Has the town ever looked into allotments, like they have in the UK? Large plots of land are divided into smaller plots, and people pay a fee for a small plot to till. They can grow vegetables and/or flowers. People get to garden and grow food for themselves and the town collects revenue from the rents. " Aug 29, 13 10:15 PM

Choosing The Best Man (Or Woman) For The Job

"""" The problem though was that the landscape architect never explained that in a few short years the trees, shrubs and perennial beds would be crowded, overgrown and in need of reworking yet again""""
Ah, yes. We fell victim to that by a landscaper who planted 10 bushes at the side of my house."Those are too many bushes," I said. Oh no, I was assured. Just a bit of easy-as-pie pruning by me and all would be well. Yeah, right. Obviously, this guy knew what he was doing. He figured he'd get to prune it and transplant it all over the years, charging me a pretty penny every spring and fall. I made sure i hired someone else to transplant those bushes and prune them. " Aug 29, 13 10:34 PM

Looking At Matt And Annette Lauer's Bright Side

~crickets~ " Aug 29, 13 10:47 PM

With Tick Incidents On The Rise, Southampton Hospital Plans New Center

I went all out to get a clinical placement in graduate school that focused on
Lyme disease in anticipation of this geographic area needing special assistance with Lyme disease (and now ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, etc). That was 15 years ago. Guess I was a little ahead of my time. BTW, will there be two separate wings at the center? One for real tick-borne illnesses and one for imaginary Internet tick illnesses ?" Aug 29, 13 11:02 PM

Heavy Rains Cause Severe Flooding

My house is flooding. This has never happened before. I'm nowhere near a body of water. Leaks are springing up in my ceiling and wall and my basement is flooding through a window well. This is all due to rain. What the what? " Sep 3, 13 1:48 PM

Update: Firefighters Battle Water Mill House Fire For Six Hours

Worst. Thunderstorm. Ever." Sep 3, 13 3:20 PM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

This is all about OUR weapons. If you've got a military industrial complex running your country, as we do, you must have perpetual war so that you can use up weaponry. If you don't use up your weaponry, then you can't manufacture new weaponry, and building that new weaponry requires billions in government contracts. No doubt we have armed both sides in this conflict. Even if we didn't sell weaponry outright to the Assad regime, they would have bought it from someone else to whom we'd originally sold the weapons.

It's no great secret conspiracy -- it's just a plan, thats all. We've been at war somewhere in the world since 1941. We pretend there are liberation armies that either need quashing or support; that there are democracies that either need saving or creating; that there are oppressors we cannot tolerate, though we tolerate others as allies. It's just not polite to say outright, "We arm the world and pick and choose wars so our top guys can make more money." it's like when kids die,people say, "God needed another angel," it makes people feel better to make up stories about angels and about freedom and democracy and oppression around the world. We are going to make some more little angels in Syria. " Sep 3, 13 4:59 PM

Southampton High School Gets New Cafeteria For New Year

Looks like a cafeteria to me.

And BTW, a bagel described as a "snack" is why we have a problem of obesity in this country. When I was growing up, a bagel was a meal called breakfast. Sometimes, it was lunch. But it wasn't a snack. An Oreo cookie or some apple slices were a snack. Two Lifesaver candies were a snack. " Sep 5, 13 3:43 PM

Butterflies Are Free, To A Degree

Alas, I have not seen even one monarch butterfly this year. Swallowtails are also on the downturn. I have cabbage whites and skippers, but the difference between this summer and last summer is drastic regarding larger butterflies. Usually my butterfly bushes are aswarm with them in August and September. " Sep 9, 13 6:20 PM

Medium-Term Planning: Four Plants For Next Year

Am I the only one who doesn't have any monarchs this year? Swallowtails are also scarce. I have cabbage whites and skippers but am very much missing my usual swarm at the butterfly bushes. " Sep 10, 13 7:31 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Makes Offer To Stave Off Creation Of Sagaponack Village Police Department

Lots of towns and villages don't use an actual police officer to patrol streets at night. They use lesser-paid auxiliaries who can call police if they need backup. Lots of towns and villages also have civilian volunteers who take a training course from police and patrol the streets of their town or village at night because they are concerned about their communities." Sep 12, 13 2:55 PM

Sag Harbor Village Website Hacked By 'Web-Soldiers'

He sees Hamptons Coffee, Hamptons magazine, Hamptons chips. Maybe he wants a Hamptons caliphate. " Sep 12, 13 3:06 PM

Two Historic Homes Slated For Possible Demolition In Southampton Village

"It is unclear what the owners wish to do with the property."

Let me guess -- put up a McMegaMansion? " Sep 19, 13 7:16 PM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

I think we should all have free lifelong healthcare, like congress has. " Sep 24, 13 11:19 AM

Second Lawsuit By Banned Dog-Walker To Go To Trial

Can someone explain to me, a non-lawyer, how dog walking is related to the First Amendment? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with religion, with freedom of assembly or with petitioning for governmental redress of grievances. If the lady no longer writes a newspaper column, then I don't understand how freedom of press might be involved. As for freedom of speech, I thought this had to do with governmental agencies? Isn't the shelter privately funded and managed? Only the animal control part seems to be municipal. I mean, I can say whatever I want about private individuals or foundations, but I have to deal with the consequences of my statements. I can't just say any negative thing About anyone or anything without allowing that person or group to respond to what I have said. Can anyone not involved in this case explain how an amendment about governmental power relates to a privately funded and managed foundation? If a conspiracy between a government employee and private individuals is alleged, I don't see in the article how a federal judge was presented with enough evidence of this to go to trial. I have nothing to do with this case btw and don't know anyone involved in it. I have no dealings with any animal shelters or dogealkers. I'm just bewildered that this is a federal case. " Oct 3, 13 1:09 PM

Garbage Bags Filled With Marijuana Found During Traffic Stop In Water Mill

I think it's so weird that growing cannabis is illegal, yet I grow poisons in my garden. Come have some foxglove. Ageratum tea? Lily of the valley berries in your juice box, anyone? Buttercup in your salad, with some poke salat leaves? My yard is a playground of poisons. And if I wanted to, I could make opium just by going to the supermarket, picking up a little jar from the seasonings aisle, sprinkling its ingredients in properly prepared soil, harvesting the crop, milking and drying it. " Oct 3, 13 1:26 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

The people making problems at Zuccotti WERE the police. They were undercover and their job was to spy on protestors and to disrupt the event. One of those lovely undercover police officers from Zuccotti was just arrested after bashing in the window of an SUV while he was riding with the Hollywood Stuntz motorcycle gang AND he tried to oass himself off as being undercover while riding with the gang. A liar as well a violent creep. " Nov 2, 13 2:34 PM

Father Says Son Injured During Hampton Bays Football Locker Room Incident

Schools are for learning. Sports should be out of the schools and into the community. If a municipality wants kids to participate in sports, let them build and maintain a sports complex separate from schools. " Nov 15, 13 9:03 AM

Multiple Ice-Related Car Accidents Reported In Southampton Town

I saw 6 cars off the road on CR111 within 5 minutes that day. The weird thing is that it was raining, not sleeting, so people weren't expecting ice." Jan 19, 14 6:43 PM

Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Deer Culling

I've had Lyme disease and babesiosis and it was no big deal. Just 28 days of antibiotics for Lyme and I didn't even need medication for babesiosis -- my immune system overcame it without the anti-malarial drugs. The way people go on about these diseases, honestly, you'd think they're life-threatening for the majority of the population. I've had sinus infections and stomach bugs that were much worse. " Jan 19, 14 6:54 PM

I'd like to cull the giant buildings that are going up on "agricultural reserve" land. In 20 years I never had deer on my property until a certain celebrity decided that "agricultural reserve" = rip out trees, bushes, brush, fields and replaced with densely packed buildings. And the town agreed. Now the deer that used to roam the agricultural reserve are on the roadways and in yards they'd never been in before. Nice going. First mt tax dollars went to purchase the "development rights to agricultural reserve property" and now tax breaks for multimillionaires and billionaires with their "horse farms." Nice racket, Southampton. " Jan 19, 14 7:04 PM

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