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Water Mill Museum Looks To Future, Plans For Next Season

Maybe they could add some colorful roosters and hens outside so that it will look even more like Gus Fring's chicken farm. " Sep 20, 14 1:48 PM

In Sagaponack, Farm Fields Become Part And Parcel Of 'Compound' Developments

We can put a man on the moon but we can't develop an effective treatment for bad taste. Ah, the limits of scientific research! " Sep 20, 14 1:52 PM

Neighbors Unhappy About Wainscott Hollow Road Subdivision Proposal

""""How best to subdivide 55 Wainscott Hollow, 40 acres of farmland south of Montauk Highway in Wainscott,""""
I say put 800 units of high density development on the land. Lots of blacktop, to heat the place up in summer. A few spindly trees for "environmental integrity," a traffic study claiming that traffic will not be affected in the area; a 200% increase in the width of local roadways, and a 10 ft x 10 ft pond well call an "aquifer." Then, we can be like everyone else on long island. Why should we be any different? We're not special. Money buys everything. " Oct 2, 14 10:17 PM

Questions Raised About The Future For Fordham Mill In Remsenburg

Tear it down! I can't stand the poverty-stricken look of these historic sites. What we need are new houses with vinyl siding, lots of sod, a few hydrangeas and blacktop, blacktop, blacktop! That's what makes the south shore of Long Island the beautiful oasis it is. Enough of these blighted old inns and hotels and farms. Let's get rolling out here with something nice, like some little pink houses for you and me. Ain't that America? " Oct 2, 14 10:22 PM

UPDATE: Driver Airlifted After Head-On Crash On County Road 39

I never take this road. Never. One accident can trap you for an entire day." Oct 8, 14 5:41 PM

Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

Has anyone checked into the claim the Border Patrol or ICE lets people who are illegally in the country stay here for $10k? Because that sounds like pure blarney to me. I've known people picked up by ICE and .....buh bye. If you don't belong here, you get deported, no matter how long you've been here. . What's all this about paying what sounds like a 10k bribe to Border Patrol? Sounds like a job for an .....oh, I dunno. Investigative reporter?" Oct 14, 14 9:12 PM

After Years Of Planning, Duck Farm Exhibit Will Be Unveiled Saturday In Flanders

You know, you can make replicas of old signs and of old, enlarged postcards and sell them. I'm a native LIer and stopped in at the Big Duck one day and the only thing I could find to buy was a soft (rather bland looking) Christmas ornament. I would have liked a nice drawing, watercolor, or enlarged replica antique post card of the Big Duck, or a replica sign from an old duck farm to take home with me. " Oct 18, 14 9:15 PM

Sculpture Crops Up On Sagaponack Farm Field

Very much an early 1970s shopping mall look. If you like that sort of thing, I suppose you'll be pleased by it. Maybe a giant powder blue leisure suit could go next to it. And a sculpture of muttonchop sideburns, aviator eyeglasses and a retro Fu Manchu mustache. " Oct 22, 14 2:42 PM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

They're not preparing for anything. The goal is for weapons manufacturers to continue to churn out weapons and make profits while our corporations whittle down the military until we have a tiny fighting force with the rest of the military's jobs being filled by contractors. So -- tiny actual military; giant government contracts to corporations; weapons continually manufactured and sent to law enforcement organizations as well as to military. Money keeps flowing from government to corporations that run the country's economy, run our once-upon-a-time US military and run our law enforcement agencies and our increasingly for-profit prison industry. It's a waddayacallit.... A shifting of the wealth. " Oct 30, 14 3:13 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Criticize Obama On Handling Of Ebola, Trade Barbs On Other Issues

Ebola is being handled just fine. If people had any idea how many healthy people contract and die of superinfections of ordinary bacteria every year in this country they'd be "splitting" their pants. Plus we have massive infections caused by human and other kinds of pollution in our water systems. Various forms of E. coli and norovirus kill thousands each year. Let's not even mention the 30,000 or so who die of influenza, a preventable illness. And a big thank you from me to all of the volunteers who go to Africa to help treat these unfortunate people with Ebola and other illnesses. Medical personnel from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania put their own lives at risk to help strangers in foreign lands. They also help prevent these diseases from spreading further. Yeah, I said it. They PREVENT Ebola from escaping from epidemic areas into the entire world. Occasionally a few cases make it out -- it's a good track record considering the alternative. Hundreds of these medical volunteers have died in Africa. Be grateful for them instead if being big babies who want to dictate unscientific practice to the rest of the world because you're afraid of your own shadows. " Oct 30, 14 3:25 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

I wouldn't be surprised if continuous harrassing telephone calls weren't also a factor in this race. Even my mother doesn't call my house 4 times a day during an emergency; don't call my house 4x a day for a political campaign. " Nov 5, 14 9:38 AM

UPDATE: Police Say Man Found At Napeague Beach Died From Self-Inflicted Injury

It seems to have become a thing for people from other areas to come out here specifically to suicide. Was there a tv show or movie where someone did this, which has caused a fad? " Nov 18, 14 10:03 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

The South of the Highway crowd is long gone and isn't even aware of these continuing local referendums. They don't care if school taxes go up. They pay $45M for a house, tear it down and build a $65M house in its place. They don't give a rat's buttocks over a $300-400 tax increase. It's the local residents who voted on this. I've heard some real whoppers claiming "city people's fault" for things, but this takes the cake. " Nov 18, 14 10:13 PM

Feeding The Birds, And Other Guests

Do you have bluebirds or are they tree swallows? I've never seen a bluebird out here but sure would be happy to know they are out here somewhere. Unfortunately, English house sparrows are bluebird nest parasites and where there are houses, there are often house sparrows. " Nov 20, 14 12:01 PM

Tree Care: Don't Go Out On A Limb

I wish people would prune privet when it's dormant. First, privet makes an excellent nesting area for songbirds who are insect eaters. Yet I see people pruning privet at the height of nesting season, killing nestlings. Second, the smell of blooming privet is one of nature's most lovely natural air fresheners, plus hummingbirds adore privet flowers. Yet I see people out there pruning just as the bloom is about to begin. How can you not want to smell booming privet? It doesn't have a noxious, heavy odor. It's light and just right. Privet can be a real pain in the neck to maintain and to prevent from escaping, so you might as well enjoy the things that make it worth having." Nov 20, 14 12:14 PM

11th Annual Polar Bear Plunge Takes Place In Southampton Saturday

"the Epley's took first place."
The Epley's what took first place?
If you mean a group of people named Epley took first place, then there should not be an apostrophe." Dec 15, 14 10:31 PM

Annual Southampton Village Menorah Lighting Held Friday

I can't seem to find an article in the overall village holiday lighting, so I'll take this chance to mention that the Christmas trees dotting the streets of the village look awful with those dark, sinister-looking LED lights. It used to be a pleasure to drive through the village at holiday time, really lifting the spirits. Now I avoid it because it looks like a Nightmare before Christmas. What a shame the whole look of the village has been altered so drastically by those heinous lights. I guess the look of the place at night doesn't matter. It's not as if anyone does any Christmas shopping in the village at night. There aren't any businesses selling gifts that are open at night. So you might as well let the place go downhill. " Dec 20, 14 11:38 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Chief Says Murder Suspect Is 'Person Of Interest' In Sagaponack Arson Case

Now they're saying Gilbert Jr may have had something to do with the arson committed against the Smith house in Sagaponack. That was a historic house that had just been restored. " Jan 5, 15 11:03 PM

UPDATE: SUNY Board Approves Southampton, Stony Brook University Hospital Affiliation

Let me get this straight. The East End is medically underserved -- yet Newsday claims that Stony Brook is going to close 25 beds of the 125 beds at Southampton Hospital because the hospital is "underutilized." And....Stony Brook is claiming it will build a $225M hospital on its Southampton Campus. Why? If the current hospital is underutilized and needs to close down 25 beds, why build a new one, which wil only hold 100 beds, yet cost $225M? " Jan 13, 15 11:22 PM

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