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Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

Hilarious! They've been building, building, building houses and condos where I live and my property taxes keep going up and up and up. When was the last time your property taxes were reduced? Yet new houses are built every year. They're not reducing anyone's taxes. More houses, more sewers. More houses, more roads. More roads, more road upkeep. More houses, more electrical lines need to be laid.

More residences, more taxes.

There. Fixed that for you." May 20, 15 8:54 PM

Two Trees Farm Property In Bridgehampton Makes Way For Estates

Oh goody, more McMegaMansions!
(countdown to deletion by request of you know who)" May 23, 15 10:14 AM

Local Stores Oppose Proposal For Citarella Liquor Store In Southampton Village

It's not a "free" country to do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. There are laws and there are zoning rules. In NY state, a liquor store must be owned by a person and the licensee must live nearby and hold no other liquor licenses. That means that Citarella is looking to do what Trader Joe's has done -- opened one liquor store in the entire state of NY (though the TJ store only sells wine). But the Trader Joe's wine shop on 14th St. is not part of the Trader Joe grocery store on the same block. It is several doors down. Supermarkets in NY are allowed to sell wine and things like "hard" lemonade if those beverages approximate the alcohol content of beer. (Thus you have low-alcohol wine in supermarkets) Costco is not allowed to sell liquor in its stores in NY except for low-alcohol wine. The liquor stores are separate stores from Costco and the licenses are not owned by Costco. That's why the liquor store outside of Costco in Holbrook is called Holbrook Liquor Store and the one outside of Costco Riverhead is EHP Liquors. If Citarella wants to sell wine that does not have a low-alcohol content, then a person who lives nearby must get the liquor license and the liquor store must have a separate entry/exit door. " May 27, 15 11:32 PM

That is EHP Liquor store. Costco holds no liquor licenses in the state of NY. Those stores are separate businesses from Costco and are outside the walls of Costco's market, but the owners of the liquor store lease space from Costco. " May 27, 15 11:40 PM

Citarella Liquor License Hearing Postponed

Citarella has a good thing going.
The liquor stores have a good thing going
It seems piggish of Citatella to want to cut into the business of its neighbors when it doesn't have to.
Citatella does a very good business as it is, without affecting liquor stores. .
Take your good thing and be happy for it, Citarella. No need to overreach and ruin several good things. Lots of businesses would be happy to have what you have right now. " Jun 3, 15 6:15 PM

Uber Halts Service In East Hampton, Montauk

Oh moi gawd, whatever will East Hampron do without Uber?

Oh -- I guess they'll do the same thing they did before Uber existed.

Nobody's indespensible. " Jun 11, 15 4:54 PM

Woman Seriously Injured In Hit-And-Run In Water Mill Sunday Morning

Please, this is Water Mill where the police withhold the name and photo of hit and run drivers in order to afford them time to safely leave the country. Remember Sister Jackie? " Jun 11, 15 5:01 PM

Lorraine Dusky Tackles Underbelly Of Adoption In Newest Memoir

How awful of her to have called that poor young girl up out of nowhere without even knowing if the girl knew she was adopted. This woman sounds selfish. No wonder the poor girl committed suicide. She should have been allowed to decide whether or not she wanted to search for her birth parent. It was *her* life, it should have been her choice. " Jun 17, 15 6:36 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopened; PSEG Working To Restore Lost Power

The more roadways you build, the more traffic you get.

"there is a "fundamental law of highway congestion which essentially says that people drive more when there are more roads to drive on—no matter how much traffic there is. As a result, increased building of interstate highways and major urban roads is unlikely to relieve congestion of these roads."

Did the expansion of CR 39 result in less congestion in summer? For a year or two. Then, people who avoided the Hamptons on weekends due to traffic congestion heard about how the roadway was expanded. "Oh good. Now we can go out to the Hamptons again on weekends!" Builders built more homes, bigger homes with tons of bedrooms and bathrooms so that one house could be rented out to more than a dozen people on weekends. Bigger houses = more renters per house = more vehicles on the road.
" Jul 10, 15 10:14 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

I spent my summers in Montauk for decades. It was a middle class family resort area and it did just fine financially. It seemed it turned into Ft Lauderdale overnight. One year we turned up at Umbrella Beach for fireworks and instead of the usual families with kids there were bonfires up and down the beach and liquor bottles everywhere. Instead of the usual wait to leave town after the fireworks, it was much longer due to drunks hanging around in the streets who wouldn't budge. There were no police or code enforcers in sight. What a shame one of the last few affordable places for family vacations in the area has become an above-ground cesspool. Motels have been bought up by nightclub owners who plan on more bars, more drinking, more obnoxious drunken behavior. You have a choice, Montauk. Increase fines, like Bloomberg did in Manhattan. Make it too expensive for these places to exist. Or have EH town buy up the nightclubs and either shutter them or turn them back into what they used to be -- profitable motels and restaurants. Montauk was flourishing before it became the current urine pit that it is. It's not like Montauk needs the money of drunks to survive. There are other ways of being profitable. " Jul 16, 15 3:08 PM

A Smaller Vision For Affordable Housing In East Hampton

Put a tax on housing over $2m that is specifically to be used for the construction of affordable housing. Build houses that are less than 1000 sq ft. Many of us grew up in housing that was under 1000 sq ft and we did fine. Families pay way too much money to live in 800 sq ft apartments in Manhattan, so it's not impossible. Get housing blueprints that feature lots of built ins. Look at the small house movement in this country. This country has unimaginative housing that does not fit the needs of its people. And would I fight a development of small houses in my neighborhood? Nope. I'd rather see a group of year-round families living on the same size lot as a 20,000 sq ft house surrounded by sod and sprinklers. Make special permits for the size of affordable homes. " Jul 16, 15 3:20 PM

Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

I liked the Riverhead Waldbaum's. Never too busy, always had what I needed and had a quick-moving self-checkout. And Polish food. I'll be sorry to see it go. Unless Trader Joe's moves in, but we know how unlikely that us, since people have been trying to get Trader Joe's in Riverhead since 2009 and TJ's couldn't care less. " Jul 20, 15 4:27 PM

I don't live in the village and I don't need another supermarket. I drive to Waldbaum's or to Bridgehampton. I'm fine without having a supermarket close to my house. What's the big deal? You just get in the car and drive there. It's not like you have to drive over to Riverhead or Westhampton to shop. I shop in Hampton Bays, too. I think we're pretty lucky to have all the supermarkets we have in the area. I grew up with one supermarket serving a couple of towns. We managed. " Jul 20, 15 4:33 PM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

I'm sure this fine fellow would have no objection to my moving in next door to him, painting a swastika on my house, putting 10 unlicensed cars up on blocks in my front yard and opening a bar and strip club in my house. I'm going to have 3 hour fireworks display every night (starting at midnight) and live concerts every weekend ...... because it's my property. If I want to do all of those things, why should the neighbors or the town have any right to tell me what to do? Everybody can do whatever they want on their own property, right? Ever google "gypsy mansions in Romania"? I'm going to put one of those up next door to him. One that has a model Eiffel tower on the roof. And so what if I practice animal sacrifice in my religion and leave the carcasses in my house and yard? It's not your business, it's my property. You have no right to tell me I can't rent my house and yard to porn movie crews and run an escort service from my house. I'm a free person. Yes, those are Burmese pythons in my unfenced front yard swimming pool and yes, there are boa constrictors and rattlesnakes in my 5 sheds. The town has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do on my own property. Yes, that's a foghorn you just heard. So? It's in my house, you can't touch it. And no, you can't mow the 5 foot tall weeds in my side yard here in the village. You can't prove that's where the ticks in your yard are coming from. Forget about telling me I have a bat infestation in my attic -- I put them there. All 4000 of them. They eat mosquitos. The town should thank me. They can't tell me what to do. I consider my myriad outdoor wasp nests to be decorations. Yes, I am tanning leather hides in my house, running a brake repair business and have an open-air mulch-making and storage operation on my property. It's all good. I'm an American citizen. God bless America! " Jul 22, 15 7:06 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

1.) Jerry Seinfeld is worth $820M. If he and his wife want to fund a charity, they can open their wallets. No need to ask other people to fund it for them with this kind of publicity stunt.

2.) With today's social media and the hordes of people out here in summer who want to see celebrities, every phone in the area would be texted/texting that a celebrity is selling lemonade.... let's go! Instant traffic jam.

3) Put a lemonade stand in front of your own house. You own the property, you get to put the lemonade stand on it, you get to deal with the traffic and the fact that people now know where you live. You don't want people to know where you live? Don't go looking for free publicity for your wife's charity with a lemonade stand

3.) Hello? "Charity gala." This is the Hamptons. You want to fundraiser for a charity, you throw a gala. The Seinfelds can certainly afford it. You have a party, you sell tickets, you hire security/valets, cater waiters, etc. and the proceeds from the party go to the charity. Of course, you won't get free national publicity for your wife's charity with a gala instead of staging a publicity stunt in someone else's nabe on village property, but you'll raise plenty of money, which is supposed to be the objective.

4.) There are many, many celebs who give large amounts of money freely to charity and are quiet about it. They consider it a must to contribute without public notice. They have class.

" Sep 3, 15 2:27 PM

Vast amounts of money are contributed every year to poor kids by residents of East Hampton town. They just don't go publicizing themselves for doing it and they don't ask others to contribute -- they do it all themselves. " Sep 3, 15 2:31 PM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

Why a CVS?

Isnt the space big enough for TWO CVSs?

Why stop at just one? Every town should have 2 CVSs on each corner. Over saturation of national chain stores is what makes this nation great. Look how beautiful the CVSs are in Southampton and Riverhead. They lend a beige monolithic solemnity to the area that no library or diner could hope to achieve.
I say we ask the town to substantially lower taxes on the property so that two CVSs could thrive there. Press one if you agree with me. If you disagree with me, press two if you would like to speak to the pharmacy, hang up and wait a few minutes, since they call everyone twice a day anyway. " Sep 11, 15 8:48 AM

What? No condos? It's a perfect spot. Just pull off the highway,,drive a quarter of a mile and your commute from tg e city is over. You're at your summer home in no time flat. So much easier than driving all the way out to condos in Water Mill or Sag Harbor. " Sep 14, 15 9:44 PM

UPDATE: Saige Pfeffer, 2, Pronounced Dead After Being Pulled From Westhampton Beach Swimming Pool

I'm sure they didn't deliberately leave the child unattended. One parent may have thought the child was with the other parent. Houses are bustling places. Laundry, making beds, phone is ringing, fixing lunch, maybe other small children needed attention-- who knows. It only takes a few minutes for the worst to happen. Their lives will never be the same. " Sep 16, 15 7:43 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

I'm going to have to move if I have to keep being embarrassed like this. People in other parts of the country have actually texted me about this. For shame, Southampton. Fie and a pox upon whatever. These adults today just aren't what they were like when I was in school, no sir. No sir!" Sep 23, 15 9:55 PM

The Noise Of Summer Riles Those Seeking Peace

Why does it have to be motorized noise that is controlled? I've been listening to the constant banging of large hammers for 12 hours now. It's dark outside. Why is banging allowed to go on this long without stop in a residential neighborhood? I'm getting shell shock " Sep 29, 15 7:03 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

I was joking.

Sheesh. " Sep 29, 15 7:15 PM

Southampton Village Latch Inn To Be Sold; Condos Are Coming To Site

Must we have more condos? We could really use another CVS. Look how crowded the CVS parking lot is in the village. Another CVS would relieve traffic congestion inside the current parking lot and there would be fewer turns onto an off of Hampton Road. And vans could pick up and drop off people from the beach inside a brand new CVS parking lot. Do we really need another hulking multi family residence adding traffic to our beautiful village? Certainly not. Think of how much more half price post-holiday candy could be sold at a second, needed chain store. It would be a boon to the local economy. " Oct 1, 15 12:11 PM

UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

Follow the lead from Montaukians -- flood the town board meetings with hundreds of angry people demanding change. Hundreds. Get everyone you know to show up and demand change and let them know you'll be back until change happens. Write letters -- not emails, but "snail mail" letters. Keep a copy. Send faxes. Send these to state representatives, congress persons and senators. Call the board every day and ask what the plan is for change. You have a right to demand answers, demand change and find out exactly what plans the politicians are making. It's called democracy, not harassment. " Oct 7, 15 1:58 PM

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