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'Occupy' To March In Southampton Village On Sunday

I'm perfectly happy to start with Corzine." Dec 12, 11 11:03 AM

White Lights To Brighten Southampton Village For Yuletide

That LED Christmas Tree at Agawam Park should be called "The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree." It is dark and scary looking and is more appropriate for Halloween. It shouldn't be called a holiday tree or a Yuletide tree or a Christmas tree. It should be called "creepy."" Dec 13, 11 12:43 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

Those trees come from tree farms and tree farms are a good thing, because the farmers replant trees. It's a renewable resource. Take away tree farms and the land will become strip malls and McMansion housing developments. Better to have tree farms than more cement, more half-empty malls and more crappily built oversized houses. And, of course, there is the smart alternative to either paper or plastic -- BYOB. I bring my own bags and I have yet to become crippled from the extra effort of lugging my own bags to stores." Dec 14, 11 11:21 AM

It's funny that the retail industry wants to keep distributing those plastic eyesores that litter the landscape. It will save retailers money when people get used to using their own bags, and both the plastic and paper bags that retailers pay for can be done away with. Why is the retail industry fighting a lifestyle change that will save them money? Sounds pretty self-defeating to me." Dec 14, 11 11:30 AM

Bill Frankenbach Remembered By Family And Friends As 'Colorful Character'

Maybe we can get those beautiful cherry trees at Agwam now." Dec 30, 11 4:43 PM

Why not?

"He was also a tough bird who was unafraid to speak his mind, especially on matters involving his country, those close to him recalled this week.

“He’s outspoken. He had no problem telling people exactly how he felt about things. He didn’t care if you agreed or disagreed with him"

I'm a tough bird who is unafraid to speak my mind, too, especially if it involves my country or my community. I'm outspoken and have no problem telling people exactly how I feel about things. I don't care if you disagree or not. And I'm a veteran.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander." Dec 31, 11 10:33 AM

Southampton Animal Shelter Square Dance Slated

Is there a list of lost pets at the animal shelter? We have found a cat that has a collar on it, meaning it belongs/belonged to someone, but the collar has no information on it. I cannot take the cat into my house because I have 3 house cats. The cat wants to come inside. It's very cold outside. I can't catch it to take to the shelter. I am feeding it and it is living in my deck. If the shelter has a list of lost pets and their description, I might find the owner. It's a black cat with white markings. " Jan 18, 12 7:28 PM

Are Red Foxes Making An East End Comeback?

We had a red fox den in a field in between Blank Lane and Noyac Path/ Newground here in Water Mill. They bulldozed the field, so I don't know what happened to them. I don't know if anyone else knew of its existence -- I happened to see it one day when a fox disappeared into thin air. That's when I realized the fox must have dived underground, so I walked over to where the fox had been and saw three large holes in the ground. And let me tell you, it did not smell good! There were feet scattered around the ground -- I think they were mole's feet -- and skin/fur of consumed animals that I could not identify. " Jan 18, 12 7:37 PM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

Post-prom rentals are huge out here and virtually nothing is done about it. My nephew went to a post-prom party 10 years ago in a Hampton Bays house. A fistfight erupted over some girls and police were called. Yet the place continued to be rented out to teens. The daughter of one of my spouse's clients just this week mentioned went to a party in Water Mill. She's 17 and has no friends who live out here, so it was definitely a one-off party rental. It's about time towns cracked down on this sort of thing. It's dangerous and it attracts a creepy type of businessmen. " Jan 30, 12 2:34 PM

Parrish Art Museum Construction On Schedule For Next Fall

Mmmmm... White metal roofing. So beautifying to the landscape. So civilized (eye roll)

Hey ... Maybe they'll allow the roof to get rusty. Then it will match so many other "beautiful works of art" that have been allowed to litter our landscape in the guise of "art.".

Isn't it funny how in this era the word "artist" is so often associated with "junk."" Feb 19, 12 12:18 PM

Glennon Stirs Up Support For Supermarket Law

If Fresh Market is very similar to Schimdt's then why do we need it, since we already have Schmidt's?

It's not like people who would shop at the intersection of Hampton Road and Flying Point Road can't make it to Schmidt's because it's so far away.

This would be really funny if it weren't so typical. People claiming that the village needs more than just a Waldbaums, and then proposing we need a Waldbaum's owned market which duplicates the products sold at a market about a mile away " Feb 19, 12 12:44 PM

Southampton High School Marching Band Yearns For Uniforms

The school orchestras and vocal clubs don't have uniforms either. They are given instructions on what to wear before a concert. Sometimes it is a white top with black pants or skirts. Sometimes it's black top with black pants or skirts. Sometimes boys are told to wear regular ties, sometimes they are told to wear bowties. Most recently, boys in the string orchestra have been told to wear a dark suit with a bowtie and girls have been told to wear full length gowns.

Why can't the orchestras pick an outfit and stick with it?

And if the school doesn't provide outfits for the orchestras or the choral groups, why should they provide them for the band?" Mar 3, 12 1:42 AM

Local Firefighters Rush To Help In Brookhaven Brush Fire

Has the fire in Bridgehampton been put out?" Apr 10, 12 10:52 AM

Whole Foods Is Coming To East Hampton For The Summer

Meh. I'd rather have Trader Joe's. Their prices are great, especially compared to Whole Fiods. " Apr 13, 12 8:36 PM

Demos Secures Signatures, Will Wage Republican Primary Against Altschuler

"Demos" sounds like a shortened version of a Greek name.

What's his family's real name?" Apr 17, 12 9:42 AM

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

Why do people seem to think that running a business in a village has nothing to do with obeying village zoning laws? You want to run a business, fine. But this isn't an empty prairie where you get to make the rules. The rules are in place and the village needs to enforce them. Just because you call yourself a businessman doesn't mean you're above everyone else. The village is a desirable place to have a business because of the rules that are in place, making it a pleasant area. If you want to flaunt village rules, go put your business in some strip mall. Otherwise, get cracking at cleaning up your violations, just like everybody else. " Apr 17, 12 9:55 AM

50,000 Square Feet Of Buildings On Preserved Open Space Planned For Matt Lauer's Horse Farm

What a shame. First Alan Alda buys a beautiful field in tne same area which was home to foxes, pheasants, meadowlarks, hawks and other wildlife and put up some of the ugliest McMegaMansions I've ever seen (and carpets the remaining land with sterile sod). Now Lauer is buying the nursery which is home to dozens of different kinds of birds and will no doubt sod that over and make it another haven of waste, using tons of water, fertilizer and herbicides. Thanks, guys. You're soooo green!" Apr 20, 12 12:09 AM

Celebration Marks 50th Anniversary Of Book That Helped Save East End Ospreys

I love seeing ospreys on my otherwise monotonous drive to Riverhead. " Apr 24, 12 10:23 PM

Services Announced For Two From Shinnecock Indian Reservation Who Died In Car Crash

I've had to brake very suddenly for deer in that area. " May 1, 12 3:55 PM

DEC: Manorville Brush Fire Was Arson

No wonder it's arson. All day long Channnel 12 blasts announcements of red flag warnings, making sure that every nut-job out there is aware that the slightest little spark will start a raging fire (which Channel 12 can cover live and in color) due to the dryness and high winds. My phone weather app and my computer both flash red warnings specifying that all an arsonist need do is put together a bit if kindling, light a match and there will be a conflagration (that the weather channel can cover, live and in color).

Maybe a little less red flag publicity is in order. " May 7, 12 10:27 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

Dude, no wonder you can't get a job. You're illiterate. " May 7, 12 10:31 PM

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