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Solid start to ice skating season in Quogue

It's a delight to see the skaters on our little Pond.
Normal Rockwell would be there with his easel and grandchildren.
What a refreshing sight !" Jan 30, 09 7:57 AM

A pitch to put Frank Mundus's boat on display

If anyone has read "Fifty Years a Hooker" you'd appreciate what the Cricket II accomplished, not to mention Mr. Mundus, who was without doubt, the most colorful person, in the Fishing/Charter industry.

Regardless of the fate of the "Cricket", we all need to move on and not let an old craft cause such controversy. If we made Monuments of every "famous" boat, my old Kayak would be on Main Street today !

We have bigger fish to Fry !

Ford Fernandez Fordfern@hotmail.com

" Feb 13, 09 9:03 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

Regardless of who's to blame, the Town Finances should be more visible
with an Independent Auditor at every step of the way. It's outrageous, that
we have such a Fiscal mess as our own Federal Government shows.

There's just too much Greed, Graft and Pork every step of the way !

Cut the spending, across the board and force our politicians to work for
$1 a year. Make the word " Public Servant" as it should be !" Apr 1, 09 8:14 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

Let me guess...Did the Bath & Tennis raise their rent ?

I too was forced out of business when my Landlord wanted at 500% increase in

I wish them success in their new location, if it ever happens !" Nov 8, 09 11:31 AM

Southampton Town supervisor prepares 'State of the Town' address

To reduce the ever growing deficit, would Anna Thorne-Holst

cut her extravagant salary, and put new meaning in Public Service ?

Fordfern@hotmail.com" Mar 31, 10 3:48 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

We don't need any more Leeches in our Village.
Stop the Eruv before I suspend Rosary Beads on
every pole in town !" Mar 23, 12 4:06 PM