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Bank gets cold reception in Hampton Bays

Currently there are 8 banks in Hampton Bays: BNB ,Cap One, Hudson City, Wamu,Chase,Citibank, HSBC and Suffolk County Nat'l Bank.. Why would we need another one? What could another bank possibly offer us? Except to take business from the others or close and/or change it's name like Wamu ..Where is all this TD Bank $$ for branches coming from anyway?Are they using bailout $$ for new branches?" Jan 25, 09 11:48 AM

Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

Adding 42000 sq. ft. of commercial space to downtown Hampton Bays is sheer insanity..Who is going to rent it? In this economy and with what money?... There is already office and retail space that hasn't rented for a very long time... Enough is enough....Do we really need a Chillis or an Applebees with 5 empty stores next it?" Jan 27, 09 7:04 PM

Bank gets cold reception in Hampton Bays

To Frank Wheeler...Actually since I live nearby it is my concern. I think your remarks are both hostile and smacks of a builder or developer.There is an expression "I thinks thou protest to much". Obviously I don't support having another bank in Hampton Bays. That is why I am voicing my opinion. I'm sorry if you can't handle the truth!. Perhaps if you'd like to give an honest reason why another bank should be built you should tell us..... As a reminder Toronto Dominion Bank aka TD bank is in sorry financial shape as are 80- 90% of our financial institutions" Jan 27, 09 7:30 PM

Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

To the BeachQeen.. Currently there are plenty of these fat and caloried filled chain restaurants in Riverhead for you to go to..or is this too far for you to travel. .Perhaps eating out isn't in your budget right now..... " Jan 30, 09 2:59 AM

Former town comptroller defends her record keeping

Seems like corruption and theft to me.....not a failure to communicate...19 mill..that's a lot of money!" Jan 30, 09 3:42 AM

Bank gets cold reception in Hampton Bays

To firemanli.. Yet another seller/builder/developer who seems to have forgotten the extremely bad economy and the the fact that his services can not be afforded and are no longer needed in SH Town.He also seems to have forgotten that the now Canadian owned Toronto Dominion bank in WHB was a different bank last year. An American one... So I do have questions and yes it is our business..After all it's all of our $$ not yours....... " Feb 4, 09 1:52 AM

11 rescued pups find new hope at town shelter

Good for you Whitney...Publicity or not.. When they ask "so what happens to the older shelter animals.. What would you say?...It's very sad....." Feb 8, 09 2:14 AM

Westhampton Beach considers replacing grass on main athletic field

Could someone explain to me why kids in a Public high school who have been playing on this field for decades suddenly need "artificial turf" in Westhampton of all places where the grass grows pretty easily with a little seeding? 400K to regrade/retrofit/ and /or re-seed a few acres is astronomical! And who will pay this.... yet another insider project?.The tax payers perhaps?. As if we don't pay enough already?" Feb 16, 09 5:47 AM

Dick Cavett: saving his land from the bulldozer

What Dick Cavett has done is wonderful. That's exactly what the East End needs -- more people like him who are charitable and unselfish. It is a beautiful piece of land that should be preserved forever." Feb 18, 09 7:46 PM

Tuckahoe School will seek voter's OK to spend $1.1 million on two properties

Any more expansion of our schools will invariably lead to an increase in our Real Estate taxes. Now, if you really think this is a good idea perhaps you should just pay for it yourselves! We are after all in a recession...Something the schools out here seem to have no concept of......Hasn't it occurred to anyone that these days 75-80% of the property owners out here don't currently have any children in the local Public school system and probably won't in the future......" Feb 26, 09 3:31 AM

To hamptons surfer...... I don't think you are, (to coin a phrase),"looking at the the big picture"...You lash out before thinking and are avoiding the issue...As for your other comments they are way off base... My family has lived out here since the 50's... I voted for Obama and contrary to what you may think... I have never attended a public school and won't be old enough for several decades to get into an "adult community'..... " Feb 26, 09 2:03 PM

Golf course a possibility on East Quogue site

That's just what we need.....yet another golf course no one wants and a foreign bank no one needs built and designed by out of town developers and architects, and most likely not even constructed by local builders. Realistically wouldn't it be smarter and better if the East Quogue land was sold to the town for preservation and the TD bank move in to the soon to be vacated Wamu/Chase space(s) or perhaps the empty retail space adjacent to Wild by Nature in Hampton Bays There is also other empty retail/commercial space in the area...It would save a lot of building expenses. These guys are dreaming. I guess they haven't figured out those days are over." Mar 24, 09 2:40 AM

East Quogue teenager wants to save the Canoe Place Inn

Has everyone forgotten that we are in a severe recession?.Clearly 75 units is way too many...,Even if these developers could find the money to build some of these probably very over priced condos ,who exactly would be buying them? And who's to say, since they are from Melville, that they would use local builders and contractors anyway....Obviously, other options absolutely must be explored as well." Mar 27, 09 8:42 PM

The days of the fast house-flip buck are over

Like most "property flippers" this guy has spent little or no money of his own....perhaps that's what's wrong with real estate business out here. " Apr 3, 09 11:11 PM

East Quogue projects that school spending will increase by about 3.5 percent

As a tax payer who has lived here for over 40 years... I think the schools have to stop considering all home owners as an endless source of funds.... " Apr 3, 09 11:41 PM

Questions abound over resort motel

Here we go once again .More and more land needs to be cleared.....trees cut down, larger buildings need to be built...the same old developer's ploy even now despite these recessionary times....Despite the fact that the current owners probably bought the place 30-40 years ago for practically nothing, they still suddenly feel the the need to cash in now." Apr 6, 09 6:42 PM

My my... to inthesprings... you seem to know way too much about this, your input smacks of either a lawyer or perhaps an unfortunate investor/co-developer...apparently you are someone who is intimately involved with this particular piece of property....Why should should anyone listen to your self serving line of partial truths..Just make sure your client/partner isn't already over extended .....I have a feeling he and his wife are ..........." Apr 17, 09 9:36 PM

East Quogue School Board adopts $21 million budget

This or any increase is absolutely unacceptable .We pay far too much already. Only about 10% of the East Quogue residents actually even have a child going to a local school anyway. What are we really paying for besides pensions and health insurance etc. Doesn't anyone realize that 50% of the money doesn't go to the kids? It's always been a bad deal and continues to get worse and worse apparently the greed continues even in these tough economic times....." Apr 24, 09 12:40 PM

Southampton homeowner indicted on fraud charges

Here we go again... another one of these so called "masters of the universe' get's caught for being what he he really is.... a hedge Fund fraud...When will all these stupid Wall street "Cidiots" learn?. ( A Cidiot is a selfish idiot who lives in the city then come out here in leased expensive black or red or white auto and then talks incessantly on his /her cell phone illegally while driving while headed to or from their overpriced rentals or over mortgaged house or to several of the areas way over priced clubs or restaurants..... etc) It's about time they learned that it takes decades to build and to hang to any real wealth... Not to mention, that you actually have to do something for a living that is both honest and needed by society." Apr 30, 09 2:12 PM

LIPA to bring rates back down to January levels

Well that's nice...Last I heard LIPA was raising the rates in Suffolk county in order to compensates for increased fuel costs..then a few months later they stated that they needed yet another rate increase due to the fact that "customers had cut back" on their use of electricity due to the economic downturn and therefore had used less electricity and provided less revenue (but bad fuel contracts still remain).....What the hell is going on here?" Apr 30, 09 3:45 PM

Southampton Grievance Day goes smoothly

Well... the only thing you can do is to "de value" your property via the grievance process. I live in E Quogue and have friends in both Southampton and Westhampton who own homes that are worth 10 times mine yet the taxes are only double...." May 22, 09 7:03 AM

Dragon's Head meeting wrecking ball

Having lived in Southampton nearby ti this place from the 60's-90's I do recall that the former Dupont estate was a bit of an eyesore and thus a problem.I think it's pretty funny that anyone would pay 28 million dollars for that old piece of crap only to tear it down .hahah....I guess CK thinks his new structure built on a pile of sand will be immune to the ocean and the hurricane that will eventually wash it all away as has happened every 50-60 years " May 22, 09 7:15 PM

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