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$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

Well as usual Kabot does not get it. Seems that I remember she proposed and passed about 100 resolutions when she was elected amending Heaneys' budget. So it was really her budget in 2008 when the mess started. But let’s get to the real heart of the matter. Richard Blowes is a control freak who has to be in on everything going on in the town. But everything he seems to touch costs the taxpayers more money. Hey I especially loved those roof tiles…..ordered arrived and not authorized……You know Richard it is time you packed your bags and headed off into he sunset while you still can before you face an investigation. Conflicts of interest abound with the Dep Sup private connections that would never be tolerated anywhere but the town of Southampton. Ethics, he has none, just look at the computer programs the town runs……have you disclosed that yet? Oh wait a minute you write the ethics code don’t you. Did any of the town venders do any private work for Blowes?

Kabot should resign and go back to taking pictures …..can we impeach her? She will have to raise taxes again this year because between her and Blowes they seem to hire lots of new staff……how many new people in your office Blowes? You are very special…time for a call to the DA
" Jan 25, 09 12:52 PM

Let’s take a real look at this. Blowes wants to spend more money when he can't report what the town has in fund balance. Blowes do you know what a fund balance is? I doubt it. The real issue here is that Blowes is an egotistical maniac and he is out o his element. And in case he does not know it he is not the comptroller he is some guy who has his fingers in every single part of the town operation and throws a hissy fit when questioned about anything.

I think a case could be made against Blowes for OFFICAL MISCONDUCT…pretty simple case as well.

By the way why are we buying software from certain venders and not other venders……..maybe because of the owner of the company………

Really….. it is time that the guy who is really running the town into the ground resigns and admits he is not qualified to be in charge.

Talk about transparency in government …….why did Blowes get a 5000 raise when they hired the new comptroller……..was that a bonus for something great he achieved? That made his raise about 12% for that year. That was extra money for that year for him I just can’t believe it……but he is great. Thanks for running the town into the ground Blowes.

Kabot is clueless and should resign with Blowes. Remember when you are talking you are not listening……great advice but then she never listens anyway because she is always talking……and I mean always . Whoever posted the crook from Quogue can’t be far off……….lets see secretary…..making all those calls for her boss while on town time to get him reelected…..council member and zoom right to the big chair……and one in every three residents voted for her…….bet they are sorry now.
" Jan 27, 09 8:16 PM

When is the town board going to get the nerve to fire these guys? Once you find out Blowes is lying to you he has to go! Te other guy does not seem to be saying much so what is he there for…..can he even make a journal entry…who put the budget together this year….BLOWES and his staff" Jan 29, 09 8:27 PM

Well i am happy to see that we are down to 250K missing. But once again I see well heard that Blowes misspoke, that’s the polite way of saying he lied right to the boards face. He was going to have numbers but then that’s not what he said, gee guys this is on tape. I just can't imagine that this guy is still here. Oh I know lets hire a deputy, no he has one of those, lets maybe add more people to his staff because you know he can get the job done with more people. This guy HAS TO GO. Is anyone going to call this guy on the carpet? Why is he one of the highest people on the payroll, what are his credentials, how about some transparency in government here. The photographer claims he is here financial advisor….wow!!!!!!!!!!" Feb 7, 09 7:48 AM

Town might seek forensic audit of capital budget

Well lets the puppet master is back....he supported Kabot a while ago....and now? Lets see spend 150K to audit the police deficit……been there done that folks you have to fund the department. Realistic budgets and then uh oh so what does it cost to run the police department……I think the police do a pretty good job. But alas what is the budget this year will there be a shortfall and then an additional deficit. Was there an engagement for this new firm……for the audit and when was it to be completed. Probably not I suspect that they can’t get the numbers just like the board can’t get the numbers. And a new firm because the current auditing company is thought of poorly….no you are critical of them. Maybe someone should explain what an outside auditing firm does…..key being outside. The problem here is no one wants the numbers and mess in the comptroller’s office brought to light. Sorry the photographer and Blowes don’t want someone to look at the numbers. Lets see 150k for the police deficit audit, how much for this new audit……guess it will be someone’ favorite firm that will do it. Still we have to pay for all the work being done or not done by our highly paid staff who can’t come up with the numbers. Here’s an idea why don’t you swallow your pride and ask the former comptroller to stop in a while and point every thing out…maybe you can all sit down and get accounting 101 for a hour or 2. All you need is a screen in the board room and a computer with the accounting software to use and of course Blowes and the other mensa candidates can tell her she is wrong. I bet nothings been done to date……even reconciling checking accounts.

You board members just don’t get it, it is unbelievable that this is going on so long. I as a taxpayer don’t want another nickel spent on additional resources to take care of the work that is supposed to be completed by a staff that make over 100K each.

Maybe that reporter should find out how many new employees are working on the budget and finance department and at what cost. Of course that would require running a report which I suspect they can’t do!!!!!!!

If the problem is they have not done the work, or can’t do the work get rid of them……fire them! Maybe just hire some more people to do their jobs…….
" Feb 15, 09 10:38 AM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

So let me see...Wright has been there getting paid $400 + a day since April, the books are a mess, no one knows what the balances are and she couldn't find the accounting files that were left behind in the comptrollers office.
Yeah, let's hire her for $110K per year, sounds like she can straighten it out.
And le't keep the comptroller there too, 80K and all he has to do is show up.
Since we're taking Information Technology away from Blowes are we reducing his inflated salary?
Sounds like just more wasted taxpayer dollars!!!!!" Feb 24, 09 8:24 AM

This is starting to sound like Easthampton all over again

Lets see….. financial problems hire
a financial consultant when that becomes a disaster… then get rid of that person and
hire a CPA …on the road to recovery

Southampton…….hire a financial person to the comptrollers
position……..that becomes a problem ….lets get rid of that person and hire another financial person…..what does the future bring?

Thiele is drafting legislation requiring comptrollers
be CPAs …….guess he must have had an epiphany
or maybe just an idea based on what he has seen statewide…
or maybe he just has the best interests of the town at heart.
Or maybe it is the prudent way to go…..would you hire a car salesman to be
a mechanic

Lets get with the program……CPA ……CPA…CPA with municipal
" Feb 28, 09 8:39 AM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

Lets see........ maybe just maybe ........the photographer is driving him to drink, guess now she has someone else to blame for her ineptitude in running the town. " Mar 21, 09 5:50 PM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

This will go on and on until Kabot, Blowes and the Comptroller are run out of town. What we have not seen yet is the current books, how are they doing? Does anyone ask anymore about what the balances are? I hear they are in disarray and no one can say what any balances are. The April deadline is fast approaching…..well it’s just another date. It will be postponed until after the election I suppose. But lets take another look at this…how much exactly has Kabot spent to date,……guess we can’t tell because all of her books are not kept properly. She has no idea what is going on but as long as she can distract everyone and blame everyone she thinks no one will pay attention to her mess.

Just another word or two about the State Auditors they are not required and will no doubt not be able to find anything because the comptrollers office will have to produce records….there are no records!!!!!!!! Each and every year independent auditors must review the books and records….why have they been postponed this year…there are no records!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well there are actually records…..but not since Kabot took over…..the last record was made in 2007………..

" Mar 21, 09 6:04 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

The issue is that the Photog is still stalling……what is the fund balance can u tell us now….I am sure you can’t. How much have you spent so far Photog…doesn’t anyone get it? How much are you spending of surplus……….i hear the number is about 15 million so far and I hear there is no surplus left……..is the transfer station funded for the year?.......nothing but lies and stall tactics….what is the increase going to be in taxes this year…..hey whose budget was that last one……you submitted 70 resolutions correct…….time for you to resign……maybe impeachment ……you have no idea what you are doing…….how many extra dollars have you spent….how many projects are over budget ………the buck stops with you" Apr 5, 09 3:40 PM

Kabot outlines fiscal troubles

Here's a bumper sticker
Kabot spent $8 Million in her first year of office..half of what she "thought" she had in surplus ($16 Million) .... while the rest of the rational board (Nuzzi and ATH) were asking for the balances, Kabot was spending like a drunken sailor!!!!!
But lets not tell them about that....It's all Heaney's fault..just keep saying it and that will make it true..right Linda???
What elected official in thier RIGHT MIND would spend half the savings account in an ecominic downturn!!
The Town needs her to LEAD...not POINT...SHE"S a LOSER>>>and time will prove that!!! " Jul 3, 09 4:19 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

The "illegal" tranfser happened in May 2008???
That under Kabot's watch and when Bratigam was the comptroller.
Guess we now know why he was transferred and given a $100,000 job.
What did Kabot say about open and transparant government???
Can't wait till November 4th" Jul 24, 09 7:31 AM

Well, well, well......this big illegal transfer happend on Kabots watch? I missed that in the article! Tom Cambell came back to save the day and did the book and reverse entry long after Kabot took over ...so there will be more...maybe Kabot who is full of Krap should start stepping up (or step down) and take some responsibility. How about that 4mil she spent on the pool project and she can't build the pool, 500,000 in additional salary in the comptrollers office to balance the books, 150,000 for the latest auditors to check every thing out and the famous audit of the police overtime another few hundred thousand...by the way that one was never complteted. I am glad that Suskinds accounting firm finally got in there to straighten out the mess. Gotta love that new nepotism policy....maybe the softeware we are leasing from traq ( blowes son) will come up again. Oh thats right Blowes does not have to do anything by the rules...hows the roof tile bill and the sinking court house with the illegal septic system doing.....
recap Kabot had Blowes try to "starighten out the "mess" of the books, Then Braudigun attempted ( he was rewarded with a 100K job in the end) then Jones tried, now Wright is trying and then we have another audit firm to join in. By the way are the books in order or does anyone care. When the supervisor says something like I'm not sure we can make payroll at the ned of the year I suspect that the books are not in order. But the bright side is a few months and Kabot will be gone gone gone. " Jul 25, 09 9:13 AM

Independence Party endorsements cause rift

Well let’s see what we have here Kabot loses Anna wins Nuzzi wins and then we have gregor v mcgann. The entire campaign for highway will go negative.....gegor this and that the other guy left work because of this and that...ones a limo driver who needs a job and the other guy works part-time at a security job and both of them have no experience in an administrative job like the town highway superintendent. Oh sure they both will say they do but let’s be honest......while many will be happy Mastersons going he did provide service and leadership for two decades...and frankly much better qualified than these two candidates....thanks Bill for your years of service. " Jul 25, 09 9:36 AM