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Francis hopes to find a new home in the new year

Where I come from we have kids living on streets, not just animals. They don' t have anyone to take care of them. The Arresta's were just trying to help out an animal. Judging people just because of a small incidente will not solve the problem for this dog. It sounds like Mrs. Lynch has more to say about the Arrestas than about the dog.I know the Arresta's ,and I know how big their hearts are and what good people they are. About the pool as you know dogs are good swimmers and they are not stupid otherwise people would not take their dogs to the beach to have a good time. The water would probably benefit Francis because she would be able to move her leg without putting weight on it." Jan 25, 09 6:18 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

Maybe the County should think about put some speeded bump along the high away. " Jul 24, 12 10:38 PM