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$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

Mr. blowes, with this current economy, spending money on a golf course in order to bring in more revenue is not wise when people are faced with the difficulty of making ends meet in order to survive. Have you seen the news lately? CUTBACKS, LAYOFFS, COMPANIES GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, ETC. Who will spend money in such a volatile environment?
Ms. Kabot, your efforts to save the town money trying to eliminate police officers jobs is a joke in light of this quandry you're in. $19 MILLION DOLLARS? And placing the blame on someone else? Ultimately, as supervisor, you are accountable for every penny spent. I believe I speak for many, show us the money and soon. We cannot afford for this to continue to go on. The people are tired of the SOS happening all the time." Jan 27, 09 6:48 AM

Former town comptroller defends her record keeping

A lot of finger pointing going on and not enough cohesiveness to make sure the people of Southampton Town are served by elected officials. Sounds like Mr. Blowes has a very big ego which seems to contribute to the problems going on now." Jan 27, 09 9:33 AM

Town capital budget discrepancy is downgraded

how can $19 million be unaccounted for? shouldn't board members know exactly what is in the bank before approving resolutions to spend town money? it's basic money management. you need to know how much money is on hand before you spend. mr. brautigam, we should not have any discrepancy in the budget, especially in the millions! ms. kabot, when should the people of southampton be "alarmed"? we all work hard for our money and it is a disgrace to see all this happening, especially in this economy. i think most people in the town will agree with me when i say "show me the money!!"" Jan 31, 09 8:25 AM

East Quogue man, 42, joins Army National Guard

Congratulations Don! My husband also enlisted in the Guard and was one of the "older" privates in basic training. He trained at Fort Benning as an infantryman and I am very proud of all his accomplishments. I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you to you and all those who serve." Feb 6, 09 8:58 PM

Town might seek forensic audit of capital budget

ms. kabot, stop pointing your finger at everyone else. the controversy is not in the local newspaper, it's at town hall! it's not the telling of the story it's the story itself. $250,000 is still a lot of money to not account for and how can we trust that what you have on paper is the truth after everything is said and done?" Feb 6, 09 9:09 PM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for another person to oversee town finances at a salary of $110,000 per year with benefits? I think the taxpayers should get rid of Blowes, Bratigam and most of all Kabot and get people in office who are more capable of managing public money. What a mess this has turned out to be." Feb 24, 09 10:10 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Good for consumers. Maybe the competition will allow us to save some money!" Mar 14, 09 4:57 PM

Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

I find it difficult to believe that not one person (comptroller, AVZ auditors, board members, supervisors, etc.) knew what was happening? How can that be? Where are the checks and balances to ensure proper procedures are being followed when entrusted with taxpayer money? This entire mess really leaves a bad taste in my mouth because now the people have to pay for the incompetence of these elected officials. We already struggle enough trying to earn a living to pay taxes besides all our other expenses! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!" May 21, 09 6:39 AM

Power outage hits Southampton Village

This is news?" Jun 18, 09 5:58 AM

Southampton Village considers plans for North Sea Road traffic

Traffic conditions weren't a consideration prior to building the post office? Unbelievable! I agree with United States Citizen-no common sense from anyone involved in all the planning! And to boot, the landscaping in front of the post office looks terrible. I guess a lot of money was spent to grow weeds! Go figure...." Aug 26, 09 6:27 AM

Local doctors leave for Haiti

Very proud of the team from Southampton Hospital! God Bless and all the best with the wonderful work that you do." Jan 28, 10 6:25 AM

MacWhinnie's recovery a triumph of determination, doggedness

Amazing! An inspiration for many people going through tough times." Oct 21, 10 6:25 AM

Yankees Empire Puts Sag Harbor Entrepreneurs In Crosshairs

The Evil Empire strikes again. And again. And again......... times 27. " Aug 20, 11 11:09 AM

J. Lo Reported To Be Buying In The Hamptons

This is news? Who cares!" Sep 23, 11 5:33 PM

Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

"You must look into this particular students background to understand him." I would like to know how much YOU know him. Please let us know because I DO KNOW this young man AND his family very well. Do tell us about his "background" and I can tell you that you are wrong!!
To also say that it's just a situation that occurred is sounding so much like we should just bury the entire problem and go on as if nothing ever happened. This time the matter will not be put to rest until ALL students and parents feel like Southampton High School is a safe place and everyone is treated equally no matter what their economic status is or color of their skin." Oct 8, 11 11:07 AM

I truly doubt you know him. You just think you do. I wonder why your comments only speak badly of the Claud family instead of bringing forth the issues in the article? This is why the problems continue. It's sidetracked by people like you. " Oct 15, 11 8:17 AM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

This is very disturbing in light of the previous article concerning bullying at Southampton High School. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for a gun, loaded or not, to be on school grounds. Period. " Oct 26, 11 7:25 PM

Good question about the police. I think they really do pick and choose what they want the public to know which is wrong. Parents have a right to know what is going in school, both good and bad. Come on parents stand up and demand to be informed!! " Oct 26, 11 7:54 PM

I know and the lack of disciplinary action regarding his bullying does not sit well with me. This behavior now is even scarier." Oct 27, 11 7:59 PM

First it was not my intention to like chrys's comment. Clicked on the wrong spot. I disagree with you and Slim Pickens. Now let me say by now everyone knows who this "child" is. His past actions and now a shotgun on school grounds should be enough to wake every parent up!!! Nobody wants to crucify him. We just want our school to be a safe place for EVERYONE! The "nonworking piece of metal in the car" DID NOT BELONG ON SCHOOL GROUNDS!!!!! PERIOD." Oct 27, 11 8:13 PM

Somehow I doubt he needed protection.seriously." Oct 27, 11 8:27 PM

Just a shotgun." Oct 27, 11 8:30 PM

Preschooler Found After Wandering Away From Southampton Elementary School

Unacceptable. How can he just walk away and no one notices? Aren't all doors monitored? Leaves me with an uneasy feeling that ANYONE can enter and leave undetected. All it takes is a second for disaster to happen.
" Dec 9, 11 7:28 PM