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Hundreds Turn Out To Say Goodbye To 15-Year-Old Westhampton Beach Student

Deepest sympathy to the family. Glad he had a chance to touch other's lives in a positive manner.
" Oct 18, 11 6:10 PM

Cops: One Arrested After East Quogue Brawl Over High School Football Game

Stupid....that's all it adds up to. No real reason to be fighting or with b-ball bats!!!
" Nov 7, 11 9:50 PM

An East Hampton Pilgrim Crosses Spain

That sounds like a really cool hiking trip! Good for you for going for it!" Nov 22, 11 7:27 PM

French Government Honors World War II Vet From Hampton Bays

Uncle Chet (actually, great uncle) is a great person! I'm glad to see this article about him. " Dec 11, 11 12:38 AM

Tip Leads To Two Arrests In Restaurant Burglary; Register Pulled From Bay

Idiots - deserved to be caught." May 27, 12 11:58 PM

Does anyone remember the name of the "general store" that was there in the 60's and 70's? Was it something like the Royal Scarlet store???
" May 28, 12 12:04 AM

Federal Court Tosses Injunction Preventing Shinnecocks From Building Hampton Bays Casino

There's no need for a casino in Southampton. It does not matter that other tribes on the east coast have one. There are so many casinos on the east coast, tribal or not, there's just no economical, environmental or social benefit to have one in Southampton. Preserve and protect the beautiful land instead. The tribe's individuals can find many other ways to earn a good living. Provide this opportunity and crime and many other negative things will happen to the entire community, which includes the tribe." Jul 1, 12 5:18 PM

They do not need this as a tribe. There are many opportunities available today to better one's situation. Person by person on the tribe could do so and preserve the land - one of the things that natives lived off of so long ago..... Respect history but don't rape the future with this type of thing on the east end." Jul 1, 12 5:21 PM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

Ah, the girls should have the same exact thing happen to them in their hometown. I guess the girls thought it was o.k. to hit a 70 year old man. Karma has a way of returning the favor..............................
" Aug 1, 12 7:29 PM

Woman Re-Sentenced For 1996 Murder Of Flanders Teen

She's an animal. There should have never needed to be a second trial. " Aug 23, 12 10:31 PM

Morris Welte To Turn 100 On September 11

Happy early Birthday to you, Mr. Welte. I bet you've had a great life and it will continue..." Sep 7, 12 2:30 PM

East Quogue Veteran Ronan Seltenreich Returns Home After Serving In Afghanistan

Great story!!!!! Glad that he's home. " Oct 13, 12 9:14 PM

Sandy Deals Glancing Blow, Leaves One Death, Destruction Behind

Hope everyone stays safe and that we don't lose too much of the barrier beaches.
" Oct 29, 12 2:55 AM

Tossed Cigarette Results In Partial Hospital Evacuation

Could have been a nurse or doctor too.....have seen this many times." Dec 2, 12 12:35 AM

Felony DWIs For Father Whose Car Went Airborne And Crashed With Toddler Inside

Sad that this guy didn't think of his child's safety. " Jan 1, 13 2:44 AM

Westhampton Beach Senior Named First Intel Semifinalist In District History

Good for her!!!! Congratulations. It will be nice to see how her knowledge helps others in the future." Jan 17, 13 7:39 PM

Katie Beers Tells Her Story In New Book

Thank goodness for the way Katie has turned out. I thought about her through the years and really hoped she would be as welll off as she is...." Jan 17, 13 7:57 PM

New Owner Of Westhampton Property Wants To Build Apartment Complex

I bet there were more residents who went to the different bars that were there throughout the years than not...... Why not have a business there, doesn't need to be a bar, and rebuild the house that sits on the property?" Feb 21, 13 8:39 PM

Small Roof Fire Extinguished At La Parmigiana

Great restaurant. Glad it didn't get badly damaged." Mar 17, 13 4:36 PM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

Be fair and share......a basic concept learned in kindergarten. It would seem more feasible for the town to determine it's a "shared" driveway and end the dispute. " Apr 14, 13 4:44 PM

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