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Beloved physician's assistant moves to Sag Harbor office

His name is Raymond Medler, not Richard Meddler" Jan 27, 09 7:50 PM

East Hampton Town will charge residents for beach permits

Does this mean that for the first time in the history of East Hampton Town, town residents must now pay to park at beaches that have been owned by town residents since the Dongan Patent?
This town board's fiscal ineptitude, arrogance, and lack of accountability to its constituents is beyond astounding. It's now historic.
If they had any shame or conscience at all, they would all resign.

" Feb 10, 09 5:34 PM

DA investigators seize files from Guldi's law office in Westhampton Beach

Does this have any relation to Guldi wiggling out several years ago from under a mortgage -- he called it a "line of credit" -- on a house he lived in?" Feb 10, 09 5:41 PM

Sag Harbor board takes pay cut given lean times ahead

May be just a token reduction in pay that they're taking, but it expresses good faith and solidarity with the taxpayers.
Too bad the East Hampton Town Board members don't have the same sensitivities toward their constituents. Their ineptitude and mismanagement have managed to nearly bankrupt the town, but far as I know they're still cashing their paychecks." Feb 24, 09 5:22 PM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

didn't the former town clerk, marietta seaman, bring her puppies to work? and weren't they being trained as service dogs? never heard a peep about marietta's dogs. so maybe this isn't really about dogs at all. " Mar 6, 09 2:48 PM

Suffolk County D.A. grills East Hampton Town Board members

The discourse is far more interesting and thought-provoking on news sites, such as the NY Times, where the public comments are edited for relevance to the story. On sites where there's little or no editing, such as Newsday, the comments too often devolve into pointless provocation, personal attacks, and irrelevant rantings. The previous comments are a good illustration of how such a devolution happens.
It's admirable to want to avoid censoring readers or discouraging free expression, but there is no avoiding the fact that some readers are prone to wandering off the point.
To get this thread back to the point: How much would the town save if all five town board members took responsibility for the state of the town's finances and gave back their own paychecks?" May 8, 09 11:08 AM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Good for you, Fred.
Separate is not equal.
Equality for all." May 8, 09 11:18 AM

Village's most iconic open space to become five house lots

Why doesn't this story tell us anything about the owners other than their last name? " Jun 3, 09 8:36 AM

Hampton Bays woman founds new pro-immigration organization

Spelling error in the photo caption?
Shouldn't "Norfolk" instead say "North Fork" ?" Jun 3, 09 8:42 AM

East Hampton budget officer to be arraigned Thursday

Maybe Mike Hartley is really Rick Murphy, the Independent editor?" Jun 10, 09 4:12 PM

Knowx, one of the most thorough and comprehensive people finders, has no record of a Mike or Michael Hartley in East Hampton or surrounding hamlets. No phone listings, no property records, no DMV records, no credit records.
In other words, either Mike Hartley lives in a cave or he doesn't exist.
My money is on Hartley being Rick Murphy." Jun 12, 09 3:10 PM

Surf Lodge under heat from county and locals

"just opened" ?
"eventually will pollute" ?
This story makes it sound as if the place didn't exist until this summer. In fact, it's been a loud, overcrowded nightclub and motel with parking, hygiene and safety problems since I first moved out here 20 years ago. It was simply operating before under a series of different names and owners.

" Jul 28, 09 8:14 PM

Kabot won't appeal to Board of Elections

Looks like only the beginning of golfbuddy's long comment is actually relevant to this story, and most of that is based on a couple of faulty premises. First, reporters don't write headlines. Editors write headlines. Second, headlines are supposed to be big. " Aug 28, 09 10:36 PM

Westhampton Bideawee unleashes the hounds

East Hampton's dog park is really a nice thing for responsible dog owners but it does have some issues because it's open to any idiot with a poorly trained or un-neutered dog. So sometimes there are fights or other problems. And then there's the doofus with the Canarie Prensa (a dog the size of a Volkswagen) and the other doofus with the intact male Chow who likes to bite other males, and the other doofus with the two snappy, unpredictable Afghan hounds who don't listen to any commands.
I think Bideawee is absolutely brilliant for making their park for members only, so they can monitor the behavior and health of the dogs and the intelligence level of the owners. East Hampton (which could certainly use the membership dies) should do the same." Sep 18, 09 4:44 PM

Uh, that should say "membership dues"" Sep 18, 09 4:45 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

Fer cripes sake, Route 27 isn't jammed up enough already? Takes me as long as an HOUR to go a lousy 30 miles as it is. Why don't they do these construction projects at night and not hold all of us commuters hostage?" Sep 18, 09 4:49 PM

East Hampton board still split on Springs Park dog plan

Check out the story in this week's issue about the new dog park at Bidawee in Westhampton. Bideawee monitors the behavior and health of the dogs, plus it separates big dogs from little. Brilliant ways to avoid some of the problems we see at the EH park." Sep 18, 09 5:08 PM

Animal shelter supervisor dispels rumors, focuses on adoptions

What a boneheaded move. The problem of abandoned animals isn't going away, so why would a town even consider backing out of this important public obligation?
We adopted our beloved mutt, Gibson, from there in June. Gibson was frightened, snappy, emaciated, riddled with parasites and utterly unadoptable when they found him wandering the streets. But the terrific staff at the shelter worked with Gibson patiently and persistently and taught him to be an affectionate, obedient companion. I'm so grateful to have found him when I did.
I have no idea whether a private contractor would show the same dedication. But why mess with a good thing?" Oct 29, 09 6:12 PM

Judge dismisses juror in Oddone trial

I wonder if HB 4 Life works for a competing news organization. Who else but a newspaper person would think that circulation figures were important?" Nov 19, 09 4:05 PM

East Hampton organizations strive to meet increasing need for food and shelter

So only people who look like locals are allowed to ask for help when they hit hard times? What are the others supposed to do when they're unemployed and hungry?
You're not just stupid. You're heartless." Nov 19, 09 4:24 PM

East Hampton Town to eliminate beach sticker fee

Great news!
The beaches should be free and accessible to all residents." Nov 19, 09 4:27 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?

Don't fox prey on turkey? So maybe when the mange problem is on the rise, killing off the fox, then the turkey population expands?
Conversely, if the fox population rebounds, then maybe the turkeys are less plentiful?

" Nov 19, 09 4:33 PM

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