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Shinnecock Indian Nation Angered By Kardashian Posing In Headdress

" Jun 26, 14 1:46 AM

hey chief...better change your name. it may be offensive" Jun 27, 14 12:57 AM

Hampton Bays Man Committed To Finding Brothers' Killers In Serbia

KLA is not a genuine movement of freedom fighters but a highly morally corrupted organization deeply involved in terrorism and criminal activities, which makes it very dangerous for the regional stability. Despite its official disbandment in Sept 1999 it continues its existence through the elements of Kosovo Protection Corps, Kosovo Albanian mafia as well as different satellite organizations like NLA, UCPBM, ANA etc, which are responsible for exporting the terrorism to the territory of Southern Serbia and FYROM (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Former leaders of the UCK, now Kosovo renowned political leaders, are still pursuing the extremist goal of ethnic cleansing and creation of ethnically pure Kosovo and Western Macedonia." Jul 9, 14 12:17 AM

why would three American born brothers feel compelled to join the KLA and fight a war in another country they have no involvement in?!? Something seems very fishy here. (read my comment above) Tim Bishop needs to spend my tax dollars more wisely and not on something he will never be able to accomplish! I'm sorry for the family's loss, though..." Jul 11, 14 12:15 AM

Police: Man Jumps From Balcony, Misses Pool

you can't fix stupid...not even with duct tape!" Jul 11, 14 12:21 AM

Expert: White Shark Sightings Are Not A Sign Of Threat

Now this is my type of news story!! hehehe :D
Must mean Shark Week is coming soon!" Jul 14, 14 12:01 AM

Trash Backs Up On East End Because Of Gas Prices, Heavy Traffic

Garbage Barge 2014! " Jul 15, 14 9:21 PM

Expert: White Shark Sightings Are Not A Sign Of Threat

Did you know the Novel by Peter Benchly was published 40 years ago (1974) and the movie came out in theaters 39 years ago (1975) this month. 40th anniversary next year! How time flies!" Jul 17, 14 11:21 PM

UPDATE: Truck Hauling Dirt Overturns On Flanders Road, Partially Crushing Car

@Frank~Whatever your comment was that they removed, I'm sure I would have "Liked" :D" Jul 24, 14 12:40 PM

Coast Guard Rescues 12-Year-Old Girl From Boat In Southampton

According to WLNG radio today (7/28/14) the girl was treated and released. good news!" Jul 28, 14 1:18 PM

Unfinished Business In Effort To Loosen Transfer Of Fishing Licenses

I bet any amount of money Cuomo didn't read or know what was in the bill before signing it into law...that's New York for ya! what a shame :( smh" Aug 20, 14 12:00 PM

Constables: Poachers Are Scooping Crabs From Mecox Bay

kudos to the bay constables for protecting the town resident's marine resources!" Aug 23, 14 12:27 AM

Hampton Arts Cinema In Westhampton Beach Falls Short Of Crowd Funding Goal

WOW!! y'all got red inked!! " Sep 2, 14 12:24 AM

Todd English, Celebrity Chef, Arrested For DWI In Southampton

Does that make the Todd English cookware i bought on HSN more or less valuable?" Sep 2, 14 12:30 AM

Woman Injured Onboard 34-Foot Boat In Little Peconic Bay Sunday Night

it happened at 7pm. still daylight. The sun hadn't set yet. But it would be a good idea to put those flashing amber LED construction lights out there to mark the area once it dark." Sep 8, 14 8:18 PM

UPDATE: Driver Airlifted After Head-On Crash On County Road 39

ummm, what do the Southampton Trustees have to do with this?!? smh :/" Sep 27, 14 9:05 AM

40 People Cited For Fishing Violations

Sorry, The bay constables just don't sit in their trucks and do nothing. They watch! They watch to see who is catching what fish and where they put it. In order to nab someone, you have to make sure you put the fisherman in possession with the right pail, bucket or cooler he is putting the fish in. Lots of times I see the BC's walk out onto the jetty all the time. By the time they get to the tip, lots of fish are thrown back because they see the BC's coming. Then when illegal fish are found in a bucket, no one claims responsibility. The BC's are doing a great job!" Oct 24, 14 12:21 AM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

1970's~Save the trees! Stop using paper bags
1980's~Use plastic bags, not paper...save the trees
1990's~Choice of plastic or paper bags to bag your grocery's
2000's~Plastic bags are the choice. No more paper bags. We saved the trees
2010's~Plastic bags are bad, Evil. Use paper. We have plenty of trees
2020's (Future prediction)~Save the trees! Stop using paper bags
2030's~ Repeat 1980's to 2010's" Oct 25, 14 12:05 AM

40 People Cited For Fishing Violations

you saw "tons" of shorts taken? how come you didn't make a call to the DEC or BC's to report?" Oct 25, 14 12:13 AM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

bye bye Timmy boy :D" Nov 6, 14 11:54 PM

Southampton Supervisor: Town Is Committed To Preserving Old Ponquogue Bridge

PLAN A: Have the town repair or replace the north and south side piers. Then sell special park permits for their use which will go towards paying for it. A no brainer. " Nov 20, 14 11:50 PM

Holiday Season Kicks Off With A Quack At Flanders Duck Lighting Wednesday

Wow! i saw the news coverage on News12. They counted down and Wah La! A measly string of lights draped around the big ducks neck lighted. I laughed and was a bit disappointed for the lack of spectacularity (if that's a word...if not, I just invented it) Ken Grimball the news correspondent also had a look of disapointment. Maybe spring for a few more boxes of lights next year...QUACK, QUACK! (')>" Dec 5, 14 12:14 AM

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