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Developer Submits Draft Environmental Impact Statement For 'The Hills' To Southampton Town

Why no one has brought up that East Quogue is a breast cancer hot spot with 15-49% above expected levels. 28 cases observed (could be more) 22 more expected. Maps and info can be found on NYS DEC website and http://li-gis.cancer.gov/maps/breastcancer.html
" Dec 26, 15 1:39 PM

East Quogue Entrepreneur Secures $50,000 For Fish Farm

Looks good on paper, but what species of fish will be farm raised in the ocean? All fish in the ocean are migratory and need to move to other geographical locations with the changing water temperatures. So what happens when water temps drop in the winter? Then there are fish that mainly stay near the bottom. Will these pods float just under the surface and become a navigational hazard? At three miles offshore, 24 of theses pods will take up a large area of the ocean and become an obstacle for boats to avoid. Or will they be anchored at a greater depth? Couple this project with the windmill/electric turbines that PSEG wants to place offshore and pollute, destroy and ruin the scenic ocean horizon. In my opinion, leave the fishing to the hard working commercial boats who brave the elements year round." Jan 7, 16 1:54 PM

Sag Harbor Village Considering Eminent Domain For Ferry Road Property

The village to hire attorney Saul Fenchel. "Better call Saul!" lol :D" Jan 14, 16 7:23 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Dealt Another Blow After Judge Tosses Suit Challenging Ownership Of Land In West Hampton Dunes

I'm looking forward to the next big hurricane to wipe out West Hampton Dunes :)
" Feb 3, 16 10:37 PM

Driver OK After Car Ends Up In Water Wednesday Morning In North Sea

The location in the story is incorrect. That's the end of West Neck Point Road which leads into Sebonac Creek." Feb 3, 16 10:45 PM

Throne-Holst, Calone To Meet In First House Primary Debate Wednesday In Amagansett

are these democrats going to help protect my constitutional rights? My right to bear arms that shall not be infringed? What are they going to do about the national and international events going on? I didn't think so...Vote for Lee Zelden!" Feb 3, 16 11:15 PM

Now Widespread, Plastic Bag Bans Draw Mixed Reviews

go shopping in Riverhead and bring back all the plastic bags you want!!" Feb 4, 16 11:08 PM

Town Trustees Surrender Authority Over Village Beach Driving

that's not a very intelligent solution. The residents and freeholders of the town need the Trustees." Feb 25, 16 2:19 AM

FYI~ there are more footprints in the sand from pedestrians than tire tracks. " Mar 3, 16 11:16 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Paves The Way For A CVS

It is! pictured from L to R: Claire, Victor, Sarah..CVS, LOL :D" Mar 16, 16 11:58 PM

County Chooses New Septic System For Meschutt Beach In Hampton Bays

would like to know where this going on the property. looks like it's partially above ground according to the manufacturers website http://www.orenco.com/systems/ax_max_larger_flows.cfm" Mar 27, 16 8:46 PM

East Hampton Town Union Employees Agree To Contract With Higher Insurance Contributions And Merit-Based Raises

Yeah, right...merit raises. No employee will ever get a merit raise. EH town will drag their feet making it so difficult.
" Apr 10, 16 1:44 AM

Hampton Bays High School Seniors Raise Money To Bring Clean Water To Ghana

umm, hello...do these seniors know that right here at home in the good ole USA, Flint Michigan is in great need of clean water??
" Apr 27, 16 11:00 PM

Good Samaritan, Bay Constables Rescue Fisherman After Fall At Shinnecock Inlet Monday Morning

Yes,God bless the coast guard, but they had nothing to do with this rescue. It was the Southampton Town Bay Constables that responded. God bless them too!" May 9, 16 4:23 PM

Westhampton Beach Planning Board Approves Shopping Center In Former Bowling Alley

Backroom deals and payoffs at its best! smh :/" Jun 12, 16 8:36 AM

Mayor: Westhampton Beach Asphalt Company Drops Lawsuit; Will Cease Operations

Just like what happened to the Westhampton Drag strip." Aug 26, 16 12:24 AM

Blue-Green Algae Found In Mecox Bay

No" Aug 29, 16 10:35 PM

the hundreds of swans and canada geese in Hay Ground Cove and other creeks aren't helping any. in those areas the smell is nasty. it reeks of that of the long gone duck farms" Aug 29, 16 10:41 PM

Southampton Students Participate In Shark Tagging Program

Love stories like this! hehe" Oct 6, 16 11:32 PM

East Quogue Woman To Fight Climate Change At United Nations Conference

I'm sure she was a Bernie supporter...Feelin' the Burn! and probably thinks climate changed caused Isis to come about too. smh :/" Nov 2, 16 2:48 AM

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