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Sagaponack Village Police Department, With Wilson As Chief, A Possibility

So, Sagaponack Village...you've made your bed now sleep in it! " Jul 18, 13 10:25 PM

Ticks Bring Disease To East End

What do you call a tick thats over the moon? .. "lunatick" :D" Jul 25, 13 12:58 AM

East Hampton Deer Forum Discusses Deer Sterilization

hmmm, I think the human NYC summer population is getting too large and out of hand on the East End ...time to start sterilizing them!!" Jul 25, 13 10:34 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

The NTSB had to be called since a bus was involved. took the NTSB a few hours to show up and do their investigation in addition to the police investigations. " Jul 25, 13 10:42 PM

Three Injured, Driver Charged In Amagansett Wreck

yeah, really swell...Thankfully this Dick didn't kill anyone. " Jul 29, 13 12:01 AM

Cyclist Airlifted To Stony Brook University Hospital After Crashing Into Pole On Dune Road

Just when you thought you've heard it all...SMH :/" Jul 29, 13 10:20 PM

East Hampton Deer Forum Discusses Deer Sterilization

Yes, the deer population is not getting larger. Over development is destroying the deer habitat which is making them concentrate in larger numbers in areas still wooded. " Jul 29, 13 10:28 PM

New Golf Course, Housing Development Proposed In East Quogue

Hunting season is just around the corner...yummy venison! :D
" Aug 1, 13 12:55 AM

Southampton Town ZBA Denies Eruv Application

OMG! I was going to comment the same thing as I was reading the article and before I saw your comment...there's an app for that, lol" Aug 2, 13 11:15 PM

Sunrise Highway Crash Closes Westbound Lanes For 30 Minutes On Sunday Evening

There were no fatalities from this accident and it did not involve a Jitney bus. So there was no need to call in the NTSB to do their investigation (on top of other agencies investigations), which by the way, took several hours for them to arrive on scene due to the traffic jam. That's why this one was quicker to clear." Aug 11, 13 11:14 PM

WLNG Looks Back At 50 Years On The Air

I still have my black and gold bumper sticker "I put up with WLNG"
Great radio station, I listen to no other and have been doing so since 1990!" Aug 13, 13 10:40 PM

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

seems that only 40 residents of the population of about 900 of North Haven are going to determine the fate of the deer by launching a killing spree. You don't want deer on your property eating your precious plants? You're afraid of ticks? Move to NYC. Living on the East end, One has to appreciate nature, learn to co-exist and adapt with all that there is...good or bad. Thou shalt not try to alter the course of nature. As with all things, there are cycles and maybe this is just a peak in the amount of deer in the area. One day there may not be any deer in NH. Then the residents will be asking where have all the deer gone..." Aug 18, 13 11:31 PM

the Gov Cuomo said we don't need 30 round mags to hunt...so he banned them :/" Aug 19, 13 10:24 PM

Sagaponack Schedules Vote On Forming Police Department

William Wilson is looking for fame and glory. He couldn't get it at Southampton Village and certainly couldn't get it from Southampton Town. Let's see if Sagoponack is gullible enough to fall into his egomaniacal plan." Aug 20, 13 10:49 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Makes Offer To Stave Off Creation Of Sagaponack Village Police Department

I like where you're coming from fuou812. First off, if Sagaponack wants a study of what it will cost to have PD, they need to get a neutral party to do it. Not Willy Wilson who has an interest as the chief. Of course he will do everythingin his power to make the study of having a PD look so sweet and cheap. But ya'll know that never happens with unexpected cost. Buyer beware.The vote should go to the residents. Oh, and to Tinka Topping...If the speeding is really that bad, an accident waiting to happen and "Lethal", why hasn't it happened yet?!? A little exaggeration on her part :/" Sep 10, 13 2:01 AM

nyuk nyuk nyuk :D" Sep 13, 13 1:58 AM

UPDATE: Two Taken To Hospital Following Hampton Bays Crash

the vehicle that stopped in the left westbound lane was illegally drecting traffic by waving the ferrari to go. then again, the driver of the ferrari should have been more cautious. Lesson to learn here: don't trust people when they stop in the middle of an intersection or roadway when they wave at you to make a turn in front of them. They have no clue!" Sep 15, 13 11:34 PM

how about another traffic light? that would be the 12th light in HB...number 11 is in the works for Montauk and Canoe Pl. Rd" Sep 15, 13 11:41 PM

Landmark Beach Rebuilding Project Begins In Bridgehampton

Oh my!! we certainly wouldn't want to disturb SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, Plankton, Gary and the rest of the underwater community of Bikin Bottom :O" Oct 6, 13 11:35 PM

with the town making cuts to depatment budgets, why did they contribute $1.5 million towards the project? They could have taxed out the whole cost to the Sagg village and water mill residents...SMH :/" Oct 6, 13 11:40 PM

was that a deliberate typo? "EJECTION" lol :D" Oct 7, 13 11:42 PM

@LegsArmstrong~yes i do understand the eco-system of a sandy ocean bottom. no seaweed nor eel grass grows on it. possibly a few sea clams. some fish such as fluke, striped bass, skate and sea bass swim near or on the ocean bottom. No harm or devestating enviormental impact will be caused. However, there will be a huge benefit. By creating a hole or large depression on an otherwise FLAT ocean bottom in the area where they will suck/dredge sand from, they will in turn create a type of reef, sort of speak, that will attract all types of fish. bottom fish love to hang out in holes and hills on the bottom. then bait fish will be drawn to this area and then mid depth fish such as bluefish will hang there. This will create a good fishing hole. the same thing happened when they dredged a hole off wethampton dunes to build their beaches years ago. that hole is still there and is very productive fishing spot. one more thing...the bays will not be affected" Oct 8, 13 12:02 AM

@LegsArmstrong~ you state "I am not letting this happen". may I suggest you float yourself out in the ocean on a big old tire tube (sitting butt in the hole) with a banner that says "GREEN PEACE" and plop yourself in front of the dredge...worth a try ;)" Oct 8, 13 12:16 AM

Two Cars Involved In Crash On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays Sunday Night

not sure why it was deleted. I stated that "probably" the driver was distracted by use of cell phone or texting. Every close call I have on the road with another vehicle, the other driver always has a cell phone in hand to the ear. So, it's more likely than not...SMH :/" Oct 15, 13 11:13 PM

Besides, if the cause was anything else like DWI, falling asleep, a deer or Bigfoot ran across the road, the police would have let that information be known and included in the story. The driver that lost control would certainly not tell police that they were talking or texting on the cell phone. So, the cause remains a mystery." Oct 15, 13 11:20 PM

East Quogue School District Tax Rate Nearly Double Original Estimates

Can they do that? Raise taxes that high after the budget was voted on a set amount? So, where I am suppose to come with the extra cash for this tax increase. I don't get raises. The schools better start learning how to make cuts and spend less. "Do more with less" just like I do. It's getting really tough to be able to afford to live here these days...SMH :/" Oct 18, 13 1:52 AM

The $11.35 per thousand dollars rate is still a projection at this point...meaning that it will be a lot higher than your figure of $12.67 when all is finalized. c'est la vie. Texas and the Carolina's are looking mighty good lately. SMH :/" Oct 18, 13 1:58 AM

Eastport and South Manor merged...their taxes skyrocketed after a promise of them being lowered" Oct 18, 13 11:45 PM

UPDATE: Eastport Woman Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident On Saturday

yep! fear of possibly being caught:
1) driving drunk or impaired by drugs
2) not having a driver license
3) Not having insurance
4) being an illegal alien
5) driving a stolen car
6) Having drugs in the car
7) All of the above" Nov 3, 13 11:07 PM

Good Samaritans Rescue Woodchuck From Quogue Storm Drain

((chuckle)) They spent an hour and a half trying to save the woodchuck (which is a rodent) and will probably be killed and eaten by a coyote, fox, weasel, hawk, or an eagle. Maybe even by a small game hunter. Woodchucks occasionally eat garden or field crops and can cause considerable damage in a very short period. People are hurt by tripping in woodchuck burrows. Woodchucks can get rabies and may be aggressive when this disease has taken its final hold on them. For this reason unprovoked attacks by woodchucks must be treated very seriously as potential rabies exposures. " Nov 3, 13 11:30 PM

oh, gee whiz...ok. Great job saving the woodchuck you guys. jack Hanna would be proud! :D" Nov 5, 13 2:30 AM

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