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Regional Helicopter Group Opposes FAA-Mandated North Shore Flight Route

The "control tower" will only redistribute the noise. Some will get relief, some will suffer more. Real tranquility will return once local control is wrested from the FAA/Washington axis and limitations on aircraft activity can be imposed. Taking FAA money is accompanied with fealty to FAA regulations for 20 years making any local control impossible. That is the law.

Helicopters are the worst in showering inhabitants with noise. The helicopter group should stop whining and recognize they are unwelcome to the public in general." Jun 6, 12 9:21 AM

Car Crashes Into Telephone Pole Thursday Afternoon In Bridgehampton

Well, either wrong name (Narrow Lane East vs Narrow Lane) or wrong cross roads (Wainscott Harbor Road and Sagg Road or Sagg Road and Sag Turnpike)!" Apr 29, 16 1:28 PM