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Another noose found hanging in the woods of Sagaponack

In light of the election of the first african-american president {as well as the unprecedented violent racial hate crime in patchogue} i think that THIS IS OUTRAGIOUS! clearly the noose is racial in meaning. WHAT OTHER MEANING DOES A NOOSE HAVE? Clearly the new noose is a reaction to the Obama landslide.

the perpetratrors need to be aprehended and put up on charges of a hate crime. if they are young 'bored teenagers' then they need to be re-educated and rehabilitated! first these kids start with nooses and pretty soon they will be bruning crosses on lawns in Azurest, or assaulting hard-working immigrants!

the bottom line: hanging nooses is not acceptable in a post-racial America. this is a SERIOUS crime and I myself, as a person of color, no longer feel safe walking the streets of Sag Harbor, knowing that the person or persons who hung that noose may be in the vicinity." Jan 29, 09 2:25 AM

Hate crimes policy defers to county detectives

this is no joke. Hate Crimes are a serious matter. I always thought the KKK existed only in the rural South but with the internet and text messaging and other innovations that can be harnessed for evil, i fear that the influence of hate-groups is growing, right here on eastern long island.

God bless the work of civil rights heros such as Bob Zellner and the Anti-Bias Task Force, and I trust in them to bring the needed media attention to this potentially vicious hate crime." Jan 29, 09 2:39 AM

Another noose found hanging in the woods of Sagaponack

It would make sense for the Town to establish a BIAS FREE ZONE by the power line trails. this might show that government is serios about fighting hate crimes, and does not take them lightly.

The Bias Free Zone would include a sign, with the standard lines:

"This marker represents the community's recognition of the importance of establishing an open-minded and respectful attitude among all the residents of southampton town"" Jan 29, 09 2:47 AM

A day of unity and celebration

we all differ in our opinions, but now is a time for uniting, not squabbling over Guantanamo and other silly things. We should all be praying for President Obama to get the government to help us through this financial crisis he inherited from the Bush II Administration." Jan 29, 09 2:57 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

I get pulled over all the time for no reason, just because I'm African-American. I wouldnt put anything past these cops. I wouldnt be surprised if this whole thing was a set-up." Sep 26, 09 3:17 PM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

In my experience (I am a person of color)-- i'd say about 25% of white Americans harbor blatantly racist views, whether they are aware of it or not.

Racism is the root cause of the violence, not anything specific to Hispanics" Sep 26, 09 3:30 PM