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Contractor accuses East Hampton School District of fraud

My name is Victor Balchunas. I am a local resident year round in the Hamptons. My partner (Mr. David Peele) and I are mason contractors out here and have been for 25 years. We recently joined forces with East End Cement and Stone to enable us to bid on commercial projects, since the residential market has come to a crashing halt. In particular we have submitted bids for the masonry portions for the East and South Hampton High School projects. We have tried to encourage other local contractors to join together to enable them to take on these sizeable projects, since no one single contractor out here seems to be able to do so by themselves. My plea to them was that it would be a shame for the towns to not allow locals to take on these projects, since it is local tax dollars footing the bill. I have written several letters to the contractors from out of town who have bid on these projects to at least allow us at East End Cement & Stone to take on the masonry work., for several reasons. We would employ many local out of work masons and helpers for a good stretch of time, whose tax dollars are going toward this project, and who live here and spend money here. Next local workers would have very little traveling to do to get to work every day. Lastly, when the Hamptons season begins, to add that many more vehicles to the 'Trade Parade" in and out of the Hamptons would be more of a nightnmare than it already is. Since no local General Contractors bid on these projects for one reason or another, I think the town should consider a stipulation for whoever is awarded the contracts to use East End Cement & Stone for the masonry portion of the job since the massive amounts of tax dollars being spent would at least be sown back into the local community." Jan 29, 09 6:50 AM

Town Board members ask advisory boards for suggestions

Here's something for the town to think about. Why are we allowing outsiders to do $100,000,000 between East and Southampton HS when we could have changed the rules in such terrible economic times as these and stimulated our own economy by putting hundreds of workers to work in our local towns. Instead out of towners were hired and now all of them will come here and take the $100,000,000 back to Hauppauge, Bayport, Shirley etc and spend all that money there while we tax payers are footing the bill." Feb 4, 09 6:31 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

I totally agree with you Donna. How about the fact that they have hurt local contractors like me by not only being here illegally they are operating as a business without liability or compensation insurance like the rest of us. We as citizens have to jump through dozens of hoops to operate as a business and at the end of the year we ahve to file income taxes . These people are not required to do any of that and yet tax dollars go to give them food stamps, housing allowances, education for their families, emergency room visits are like a free clinic for them, and all on my tax dollars even though I am opposed. So Louie from the Bronx we will just let them all know that you will put them up since you are such a warm hearted Christian. Now that they are leaving, maybe I as an American tax paying citizen can get back to work that I am legally documented to do." Feb 4, 09 6:49 PM

Before all of you bleeding hearts out there feel that somehow we as legal citizens should now be responsible to try and help criminals who hopped the fence because they are un-employed think about this. I have been in their countries at least 30 times. I have brought over 1500 people with me to volunteer to help them. When you enter their countries, you don't get in unless you enter with the right documentation and come in through the front door. If you think for 1 minute that you could go there illegally, then gather a bunch of gringos and protest for rights that you think you are entitled to, I will tell you this; You will find yourself with a bullet in your head thrown in a ditch somewhere. And there will be no liberals in that country protesting for the injustice done to you. Anyone ever stop and think about all of those hard working immigrants who came here the right way and took all the correct steps and "EARNED" the right to be here. How about that being discriminatory. Why was it required of them and not the others. Why isn't the ACLU making a stink about that discrimination." Feb 5, 09 6:01 AM

Immigration bill to be revived

Yes it is wrong to take advantage of someones unfortunate circumstance, but it is also wrong not to put the brunt of the unfortunate circumstance on the person who caused it. Those who snuck into this country and broke the law and are still in violation of the laws that we as citizens are subject to, created a circumstance that put them in that place. "ILLEGAL" means illegal. Illegal means that when you are caught they handcuff you and tell you that have the right to keep quiet and a right to an attorney, and thats it. Those rights are for citizens of this country. Why do illegal immigrants who are guilty of illegal activity have more rights than a U S citizen. Aren't illegal immigrants also guilty of tax evasion? What happens yo a U S citizen when they are guilty of that? Why is it that in the past 3 years over 50,000 U S citizens have been murdered by illegal immigrants and you never hear a peep about that, but they make sure to headline when an illegal alien is out of work. Try going to their countries and breaking their laws and see how fair they treat you. If anything the immigrants who have come here the right way and went through all the bull to gain status are being discriminated against. Why was it required of them to do the right thing and not those who just didn't feel like not doing it. If our country turns a blind eye to this than they had better be willing to turn a blind eye to all of us if we feel like doing something illegal. If we choose not to file taxes they should give us a pass too." Feb 6, 09 6:21 AM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

Well we finally have the solution on how to get rid of 12,000,000 illegals in "OUR" country. Once they all go back home because there is nothing left to rape in this country we then can put up the fence on "OUR" borders which will put lots of Americans to work and then keep the law breakers out. Then it will allow those "HONEST" immigrants who are knocking on the front door of "OUR" country to gain "LEGAL" passage. The news has been making a big stink about the lady with octuplets and that most likely tax dollars will have to aid her. Yet they never make a stink about all the illegals whose children are being educated for free here. Just like the LEFT WING media to point out the splinter in someones eye and ignore the log in there own eye." Feb 10, 09 5:34 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Yes, many of our parents and grandparents were immigrants, but they had every intention of becoming law abiding, tax paying citizens. These illegals have already violated that and many have no intentions of becoming citizens. The young man who carries that sign in front of 7/11 says "when they jumped the fence they broke the law" A law has been broken and there is no reprocussion. If "You" break the law they put you in jail. We will see Mr. Whitby's mind set change when he is feeding the illegals and one of them gets sick on his soup or falls on his property and the government allows that illegal to sue the crap out of him for everything he has. We have already set the standard for them that they can do anything they want." Apr 5, 09 6:53 AM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

According to the reports, Oddone continued his assault long after the situation, whosever fault it was, was under control. Its the same as if he punched him and knocked him out and then proceeded to kick his skull in. I also believe as an ex-bouncer that the establishment should never allow 1 person to confront any patron alone. Also shame on all the other patrons who stood there and whatched. I am positive that while Mr. Oddone was busy having his arms and legs already occupied had left the rest of him pretty vulnerable for 2 or 3 people to get his attention and have him discontinue, like jamming a fork in his eye if he refused to stop." Sep 25, 09 7:00 AM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

HB is an idiot. I am an X Bouncer. Oddone made the 1st move by telling Reister to "F" off after Reister told him he worked there and asked him to get off the table at which point Oddone refused. Reister made the mistake of confronting this punk solo. Ther should always be a few available when its confrontation time. It was Oddone who provoked the altercation by not following protocol by staying the hell off the tables. Shame on everyone who stood and watched. A jab to Oddones eye with a very pointy object would have relesed reister very quickly and he would still be fathering his 2 kids right now. One solice for Reisters family. Oddone is going to be spending lots of time under the jurisdiction of many corrections officers who will know what he did. Oddone will regret not listening to that one corrections officer who simply told him to get off the table. This is JUSTICE>" Dec 10, 09 4:15 PM

Two construction workers injured in fall after scaffolding collapse in Water Mill

I guess I will be the one to ask the question that everyone wants to ask, but for some reason they don't. Were these workers "illegal" immigrants? If they weren't I would hope that the G.C. required his sub to provide the necessary insurace certificates and then those 2 men should be taken care of and compensated for their injuries and losses. If they were illegal then everyone involved, G.C., Sub, and the 2 workers should all be screwed. As a sub myself I refuse to put the homeowner in jeopardy just so I can make a few extra dollars. It is also wrong especially in this economy to watch people who are local citizens paying local taxes and would gladly do the work, struggling like we are while builders take advantage of the illegals and reward their bad behavior by giving them work while they are breaking the law. Then when something like this happens they claim those guys don't work for them and there is no record of it since they are paid in cash which means it all falls on the homeowner. SO!! HOMEOWNERS!! Wake up and hire me!" Feb 25, 10 8:25 AM

Southampton Town Board candidates square off in first debate

Its amazing that there ie even a debate about what we should or shouldn't do with the illegals. When I was in school "ILLEGAL" meant illegal. Did something in the definition change or have we become such a bunch of wimps that we are afraid that if we are not politically correct some one or some group might call us a name? If American kids are skateboarding or hanging out at the 7/11 the cops have no problem chasing them away. Illegals by the truckloads hangin out making it impossible for our wives and daughters to stop in there to get a cup of coffee without being commented to or stared at is ok? Lets build the a facility to further encourage their already bad behavior? You people who believe that crap are crazy. When you are I as citizens get caught doing something illegal we have to pay the price and rightfully so. I would like to say that my tax dollars afford those illegals all the benefits that they are all receiving like food stamps, medical care in the emergency rooms and the clinic in southampton, education for their kids, etc. but since I have hardly been able to work much in the past 1 1/2 years due to whatever work has been available has seem to go to the illegals, my income has been minumal so i wont be paying too much taxes this year, maybe none. I am sure many others can say that too. Many citizens won't be having to pay any taxes since non of us have made any money. HMMMM! NO TAXES!! No problem, I guess the bleeding hearts will pick up the constant tab the illegals are running up out here since they strongly believe in it and there will be no tax dollars to pay for it any longer." Feb 26, 10 8:38 AM