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Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

I would definately be concerned. Thats why I don't live next to shady motels.

" Dec 5, 11 12:04 PM

Booksellers Deplore Amazon 'Poaching' Ploy

I deplore that type of shopping behavior. Just go buy it online right off the bat! It takes a real a hole to waste the time of a brick and mortar retailer and then go buy online. It takes an even bigger a hole to suggest that their customers go ahead and take part in such behavior.

The article is incorrect though. Amazon does collect sales tax in NY. " Dec 13, 11 6:39 PM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

Mo Money, Mo Problems" Dec 14, 11 12:50 PM

Booksellers Deplore Amazon 'Poaching' Ploy

That's great, shop at amazon or wherever you want to online. I shop alot online as well for the reasons you mention.

What I don't do is go to, lets say gubbins, and try on a bunch of running shoes and then tell them I am not interested and go buy them online for $10 cheaper.

Or go to Main beach and talk to a sales guy about which surfboard is best for my kid to learn on and then go buy it on amazon for $40 cheaper.
" Dec 15, 11 6:25 AM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

people that don't give back?

It seems from the article this man gave plenty, sacrificing his life to serve his country in a time of need.

The least we can do is provide him some housing until he gets back on his feet. " Dec 21, 11 5:43 PM

Not 'his life' as in he died, but his life as in, he put his life on hold to go serve his country. " Dec 21, 11 5:45 PM

Anonymous Santa Delivers Toys To Homeless Families In Hampton Bays

Don't tell anyone, but I heard anonymous was Ted Danson" Dec 23, 11 5:53 PM

Riverside Man Charged With DWI Following Two Accidents In Hampton Bays Friday Night

How long until they fix this intersection with a light or something? Didn't someone die here a couple of months ago?

And there seems to be bad accidents here once a year. I don't have the statistics but I am sure someone does. " Dec 31, 11 7:58 AM

I responded to the original article before the press updated it with additional details " Dec 31, 11 3:02 PM

Sandpebble Wins A Round Against The East Hampton School District

I believe that the former superintendent at the school engaged this law firm at his previous school as well on a similiar contract dispute.

I also believe that sandpebble was initially willing to settle for 1million or so after the district broke the contract.

I could be mistaken on both of the above since it has been several years.

This would be a great story for 27 east to dig into and give some real reporting on the events and timeline. I find it very interesting on many levels. the school board and administrative incompetence, the exorbitant legal fees, the legal advice the school got in breaking the initial contract, etc. very interesting.

maybe 27east could link all the articles from pervious years to this article, and continue to do so in the future when it posts updates. " Jan 6, 12 10:26 AM

Windsurfer Rescued By Bay Constables In Peconic Bay Says Equipment Failed

I applaud Mr. Vanderwolf for going for it at the age of 68.

Well done sir.

I also applaud the rescue workers for helping him out.

" Jan 13, 12 4:44 PM


Dude out there charging at 68 years young and bay constables who have their 'stuff' together when the stuff hits the fan.

Top notch. I'd buy a round for all if I knew them

" Jan 14, 12 10:01 AM

State Police: Wrong-Way Driver Was Intoxicated

Whats that like 15 drinks?

jeesus " Jan 18, 12 12:42 PM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

To me, this is the epitome of not teaching to the test, but giving students a real different and unique science experience that many in the country, especially not in such a small public school, will experience.

I can't speak to the planetarium, but this looks like a great idea to me. " Jan 18, 12 5:13 PM

Lice Outbreak At Eastport Elementary School Under Control

thats really lousy news. " Jan 20, 12 1:16 PM

Fewer Flakes Means Boom For Some, Bust For Others

Thanks for jinxing us!!!
" Jan 20, 12 9:11 PM

Southampton Town Board Enhances CPF Reserves

you borrow against future revenue for several reasons.

1. If you have property to preserve now but don't have the funds. Do you think the developers are going to wait?

2. because of the silly low interest rates" Jan 24, 12 5:16 AM

Southampton Town Aquires 20-Acre Parcel In Riverside

This guy is just trolling don't waste your time nature.

I mean really, why preserve farms right? who really needs food anyway?

What an ignoramus. " Jan 31, 12 8:48 PM

In East Hampton, Sandpebble Suit Takes An Acrimonious Turn In Public

I would love to hear how much Sandpebble was willing to settle for in the first year. 1m? 1.5m?

And Jackie Lowey - was she missquoted? she can't be that dumb can she?

First the japan quote and then the bleeding to death remark.

You were bled to death by lawyers and the incompetent school board that was there before you. Plain and simple. the contractor had a contract and the district tried to break it. " Feb 16, 12 6:53 AM

are you privy to the evidence in this case? If you are please share.

From what I have read, it seems to be an open and shut case. The contractor had an executed contract and the district backed out, opting not to include the contractor in the bigger project.

From where I stand, it looks like the district will be out 3m in legal fees and then 3.7 mil in damages.

A total horrid mess that no one will be made accountable for. " Feb 18, 12 6:08 PM

Destroyed Mailboxes: Foul Play Or Plow Damage?

Mostly singles. A few extra base hits though. " Feb 20, 12 2:34 PM

Southampton Village Taxpayers Foot Bill For Building Department Error

What did they do the last 3-5 days of each month? Sit around and eat bon-bons?

" Feb 24, 12 11:30 AM

North Haven Mayor Charged With DWI

Hitting happy hour early. Makes one wonder how many people are driving around sloshed during a regular day.

" Apr 10, 12 12:29 PM

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