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Wainscott Couple Sues Over Babinski Barn Approval

Its getting tougher and tougher to continue to live on the east end with crap like this going on. " May 29, 12 6:05 PM

Man Dressed As Jesus Journeys To Montauk

Someone should give him a Tebow jersey to wear. " May 30, 12 1:14 PM

Police Union Calls For Investigation Into Leaks

Inferior Officers Association" Jun 1, 12 11:14 AM

Cops: Driver In Shinnecock Hills Single-Car Crash Says She Fell Asleep

what is the sound of one man crashing?" Jun 19, 12 7:03 AM

Pavilion Gets Green Light From Southampton Village Officials

Not in advance of, but during. " Jun 27, 12 6:43 AM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

your first 2 points are an illustration as to why we need everyone to be covered under health insurance in this country. I would prefer a single payer medicare for all system, but it was probably politically unobtainable.

People choose not to have insurance, then need emergency medical care or an operation and they can't be denied medical care. They rack up huge medical bills and go bankrupt. Those with insurance end up absorbing the cost of providing the care for the uninsured. This raises the price of insurance, which leads to more people choosing not to be covered, and the cycle continues. " Jul 2, 12 3:54 PM

UPDATE: Cops ID Nun Killed in Water Mill Hit-And-Run, Seek Public's Help In Finding Driver

We have hit a new low here in the Hamptons. Someone must have been late for their reservations at Trata" Jul 10, 12 6:10 AM

Unfortunately its not much of a surprise. Glance at other drivers faces when you are out and about. At least a 1/3rd are texting or reading emails. Try it next time you are out, it is frightening. " Jul 10, 12 10:53 AM

Plaque Now Marks Site Of Shinnecock Lighthouse

Mr Casabianca really got dressed up for the occasion" Jul 15, 12 9:10 AM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

Jason kidd is no role model. He is a wife beater (pled guilty in 01) and just an all around bad guy who can dribble a basketball.

" Jul 16, 12 5:01 AM

Image Overhaul For High-Goal Polo Tournament In Bridgehampton

that pretty much applies to any sporting event nowadays" Jul 17, 12 3:45 PM

Crowding Revives Plan For New Beach In East Hampton

why not make drinking on the beach illegal? that'll thin the crowds out. " Jul 18, 12 6:24 AM

Who's Behind Guest Of A Guest?

That's definately what we need. A where to get drunk before 5pm guide.

" Aug 2, 12 11:39 AM

The real 'in the know people' go 'heavy boozing' at fellinghams at 8am. " Aug 2, 12 11:41 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Who Drowned After Jet Ski Accident In Mecox Bay

Very sad event. Piloting or riding in a jet ski after a few drinks with no PFD isn't the smartest thing to do.

" Aug 6, 12 2:12 PM

Cops: East Quogue Pair Nabbed For Stealing 30 Candy Bars

Probably coming down off Meth.

Pot really doesn't cause people to act like that. " Aug 9, 12 12:31 PM

Gregg Saunders, Whole Foods Developer, Lost In East Hampton Crash

Our laws in this country are crazy when it comes to MVA's. If you ever want to kill someone and get away with only a small fine, do it by running them down in your car.

Gun = felony & Jail time
knife = felony & jail time
choke hold = felony & jail time
Run them over in your vehicle = small fine and possible misdemeanor. " Aug 10, 12 12:27 PM

UPDATE: Jeep Driver Swerved Into Oncoming Traffic Before Crash With Cesspool Truck In North Haven

Your fire district and ambulance district both have paid personnel.

Your fire district has a well paid office and dispatching staff but I don't believe any paid responders.

Your ambulance department has paid first responders 24/7. " Aug 15, 12 3:00 PM

UPDATE: Services Set For Keith Greene; Funeral On Monday Morning

What happened? The water looks pretty calm.

RIP" Aug 15, 12 4:13 PM

UPDATE: Description Released Of Man Who Fled Hampton Bays Double Stabbing

thats how they roll in Compton Bayzz, Bitchezz!! " Aug 18, 12 4:46 PM

No, I was too busy 'C' walking" Aug 18, 12 7:55 PM

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