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Early Dismissal Wednesday For Some Local Schools

When did we become such wimps?" Nov 8, 12 2:35 PM

Hurricane Football Stuns Miller Place With 19-14 Victory In County Semifinal

I can't believe people still let their kids play football with all thats now known about head trauma and the resulting impacts on the brain. And especially traumatic is head trauma experienced in teenage developmental years. And it doesn't have to be concussions. Repeated minor collisions have an effect as well.

Mark my words, in 10 years there will be no high school football. " Nov 20, 12 9:04 AM

I played Football in High School and in College. If as much about TBI was known then as is known now, I would have never played. " Nov 20, 12 2:57 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves $24 Million Plan to Widen Beaches In Eastern Half Of Town

Just remove the jetties in wainscott and much of this problem would resolve itself . Make the homeowners pay for 100% of the rest of the costs.

Just a hunch, but I believe the dunes and beach would be stronger if they didn't build hotel sized houses in the middle of them.

" Nov 28, 12 6:17 AM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

Yay! We are all winners!!" Nov 30, 12 10:03 AM

Tuckahoe School Officials Ask Lawmakers For Help, Painting A Dark Financial Future

so you advocate second homeowners not paying school taxes as well? They also have nothing to do with nor send any kids to school." Dec 4, 12 4:03 AM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

Quite affordable second home for a russian billionaire. " Dec 12, 12 2:45 PM

Southampton Town Sees Big Savings From Safety Program

2/3rds tax free through. Just about as good as 100% taxable.

Just have to make sure its a 'line of duty injury'. I.E. when you hurt your back golfing on your day off, hide the pain until you can claim you wrenched your back opening the car door for a perp. " Dec 12, 12 2:54 PM

Suffolk County Gives Long Wharf To Sag Harbor

So the ''county rids itself of an expense and a liability'' and the Village of Sag Harbor won't inherit expense and liability with major capital repairs looming in the next 10 years? " Dec 19, 12 8:55 AM

Peconic Bay Water Jitney: No Sag Harbor-Greenport Ferry In 2013 Without New Funding

No, you understand perfectly. " Jan 9, 13 10:48 AM

No, its the wall street playbook. Subsidize losses with taxpayer money and privatize profits. " Jan 10, 13 8:20 AM

Southampton Town Will Bring Sailing Back To Mecox Bay Yacht Club

A victory for the regular people and against NIMBYism at its worst.

Huzzah!!" Jan 16, 13 8:18 AM

Mastic Beach Officials Share Village Incorporation Successes With Hampton Bays Group

I'm not sure the words 'success' and 'Mastic Beach' should be used in the same article.

Just think HB residents and property owners; One day we can be just like Mastic Beach!!" Jan 29, 13 4:18 PM

UPDATE: Sex Offender Trailers Shuttered, But Remain On Site


from one day at a time? " May 26, 13 9:47 PM

State Wildlife Experts Confirm Coyote Sighting In Water MIll

Its easy to find a coyote. Just find out where UPS is dropping off all the ACME orders. " Jul 3, 13 10:14 AM

Scientists Stumped By Die-Off Of Bluefish In Shinnecock Bay

thanks again obamacare!!

;-)" Jul 12, 13 8:50 AM

ANG's 106th Rescue Wing Technicians Could Seek Other Employment Due To Furloughs

You can only suck off that government teat for so long. " Jul 29, 13 4:55 PM

Police: Thieves Targeting High-End Cars On East End

Stold and stoled? Are we being serious here? " Aug 26, 13 10:04 AM

Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant Angers Hampton Bays Residents

Increased density on the east side of the canal is a no win situation for everyone except the Rechlers.

" Aug 28, 13 9:59 AM

U.S. Takes Back The Walker Cup In Homecoming At National

Top notch! Top Notch!.

How about a Fresca? Hmmm?" Sep 9, 13 1:24 PM

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