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New Real Estate Listing System Is Brewing Among Region's Biggest Brokers

When are we going to get disruption in real estate and cut the real estate brokers out of it. " Sep 22, 16 1:00 PM

When are we going to get disruption in real estate and cut the real estate brokers out of it. " Sep 22, 16 1:00 PM

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

Goldman Sachs is well represented too in Trump's cabinet. " Nov 30, 16 9:30 PM

Southampton School Board Plans To Appoint Dyno As Superintendent In January

Not just good. Dyno-mite!--JJ Walker" Dec 7, 16 7:05 PM

Shinnecock Woman Stands With Standing Rock Protesters Over Oil Pipeline

If by rule of law you mean government enforced corporate welfare " Dec 14, 16 7:29 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

There are over 200,000 free books available at amazon.

That's just one site.

There are many other sites that offer free downloads of books as well.

So what does the Library need more space for? Yoga? Chair Stretching? Crochet? Zumba? There is a senior center right down the street. Are you in competition with it?

Maybe the library needs to get real about its mission and do more with less. Renovate what you have, leverage technology, etc. " Jan 18, 17 6:47 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

A harbinger of things to come. In 10 years most small schools will not be fielding teams. As more is learned about the impact on the brain from even just of a few years of repetitive sub concussive hits to the head, it will be tougher to field teams. " Aug 24, 17 7:38 PM

Westhampton Beach Football Defeats Lawrence To Win Its First Ever Long Island Championship; Laube Finishes Career In Record-Breaking Style

I can't believe these parents let their kids play football knowing what we now know about CTE. A chance at permanent brain injury for fleeting juvenile success which is probably more about the parents wishes than the child's.

Terrible" Nov 28, 17 8:27 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Two New Waterfront Eateries As Edgewater Owner Plans Expansion

Yes, thats a fact jack! Now go get some luvin'" Feb 16, 18 2:30 PM

Cleaning Beaches And Making Art Are Her Passions--And She Even Combines Them

Thank You Carolyn and Volunteers!" Mar 1, 18 5:07 PM

Bishop McGann-Mercy Diocesan High School In Riverhead To Close In June

and she was a big reason why mercy closed. She sent her graduates elsewhere. For a long time now. " Mar 13, 18 1:52 PM

Sale Of $5.7 Million Estate In Hampton Bays Breaks Record

92k per year in real estate taxes. Dayum!" May 2, 18 8:30 AM

that was for 92 red creek road" May 2, 18 10:36 AM

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Launches Artificial Reef Expansion In Ocean Off Shinnecock Inlet

Caption - ''Governot Andrew M. Cuomo discusses water quality as materials from the former Tappan Zee Bridge are put in the Shinnecock Reef in the Shinnecock Bay''. AMANDA BERNOCCO

Reef in Shinnecock Bay? " Jun 1, 18 9:10 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPF Purchase Paving Way For Waterfront Park In Sag Harbor

Plus 10 mil gets you a lot more land west of the canal. Think how big of a sewage treatment plant you could get for 10 mil!" Jul 12, 18 3:57 PM

Offer Is Reportedly Made To Sell McGann Mercy High School Property For Over $10M

Gotta pay those attorney fees and settlements for the child sex abuse " Aug 15, 18 1:14 PM

Montauk Lighthouse, Turtle Cove To Be Off Limits For Two Years

You can't close turtles brah!" Aug 29, 18 3:50 PM

Traffic In 2018 Was Up, And Out

They visit all year as well. " Sep 7, 18 11:35 AM

Good idea but look at the map of Water Mill. There isn't enough land there for a road. The tracks really run through a narrow strip of wetlands where Mill pond drains into mecox bay. I doubt there is enough political will to build a modern highway through that stretch " Sep 7, 18 2:51 PM

New York Moves Closer To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Legalize it. Don't Criticize It.

Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even lawyer, too" Sep 13, 18 9:31 AM

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