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Southampton Starbucks to close on April 24

H to the irams" Apr 20, 09 7:49 AM

Legend has it that a ghost was trapped in the Old Hirams Hot Dog freezer and placed a curse on the building and any future business that would try and run there.

" Apr 20, 09 8:51 AM

Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

mexican knife fighting? or cuchillo in their native tongue.

I love the culture the latest wave of immigrants is bringing to the US. It is very exciting to see what is coming next.

Maybe drug cartels? " Apr 23, 09 11:37 AM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

I blame the Whitby's. If these people who are getting their only meal of the day there didn't, they would already be heading back to whichever country they came from, where the bananas and papayas are plentiful, and men on burros, or donkeys for the gringos, hand out free coffee that you can sip casually under palm fronds waving in the tropical breeze. " Apr 29, 09 3:42 PM

Taxpayers concerned over legal fees as board adopts school budget

So the district is going to pay 2.2 million in legal fees for a case Mr Gualteri has stated previously has no merit? So what the hell is going on here? If the board is characterizing the suit as extortion, it should have been over with quick and in the districts favor.

Why the exorbitant legal fees on a simple breach of contract dispute?

Has Mr Gualteri had any previous dealing with this Law Firm? Maybe he is doing a little back stratching at taxpayer expense?

I don't know, but it all just seems fishy. The numbers just don't make any sense. " Apr 30, 09 9:52 AM

Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

“Linda really tried to diversify the school system,” Mr. Gumbs said. “That’s why she was forced out.”

Latisha Ellis, who works for the district as a literacy specialist, said she fears Dr. Boyes is “acquiescent to a small body of affluent parents who cannot deal with having a person of color in charge.”

these 2 statements from the article are deplorable. What evidence does either have regarding these assertions. Let them bring it forth, or shut the hell up. Basically the same as saying that Mrs. Richard got the job in the first place because she is a minority. I have no proof, but while we are casting racist assertions, lets se how they look from both sides shall we?

Bottom line, Kudos to those willing to go to the Board meeting and use Mrs. Richards qualities and performance to support her tenure.

To those that run to race as an answer, it is neither productive or fair to Mrs. Richard. " May 7, 09 9:13 AM

Waitresses are people too

Just make sure it's 20% on meal & beverage not on the total. The tax should not be included when figuring out the tip

" May 8, 09 1:05 PM

They came, they saw, they crushed, even the six-foot hot dog

^Nice strawman about the 'Firemen getting hurt'

Bottom line, his yard was a mess, but I don't think the action was warranted in its entirety.

There was alot of junk, but there was also stuff. One mans junk is another mans stuff, and vice versa. " May 11, 09 1:24 PM

Waitresses are people too

Why should you base a tip for the waiter/waitress on a percentage of the tax? what if NY has a sales tax holiday on food & booze(like it does clothing) all you cheapskates are going to tip less.

I am nonplussed as to what your reasoning would be.

I bet you are all the types of people who don't even look at the bill to see if the waiter/waitress made a mistake.

Besides, If the service is good, I tip quite well.

" May 11, 09 1:39 PM

Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

INS, when the teachers make 100k plus, you have to pay the principal more. " May 11, 09 1:59 PM

Tension brewing prior to School Board elections in Bridgehampton

^why not tuition out all the grades?" May 13, 09 10:05 AM

Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

correcting fiscal crisis? Taxpayers, grab your ankles. It will only hurt for a bit. " May 22, 09 9:24 AM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

There is a reason it is called 'Compton Bays'" May 26, 09 8:58 AM

Man cited after altercation with Giuliani on Bridgehampton street

Why would anyone want to own the NY Post or the Daily news?

*shudders*" May 26, 09 12:27 PM

Shinnecocks reach settlement that could bring federal recognition by 2010

Yaaay for the federal recognition!

Boooo for the casino" May 28, 09 11:45 AM

Two confirmed cases of swine flu at Eastport South Manor High School

looks like you hit quite a nerve WHB" Jun 4, 09 11:01 AM

Officials focus on immigration's impact on East End economy

The Agricultural work visas (h2A) work quite well for long island farmers. Perhaps, they can streamline and expand that program.

But that is a program specific to farming. I would estimates 99% of illegal immigrants are here for non-farm work.

the H2b program would work well for non farm work, but the US has pretty much made that program go away for some reason. hmmmm........" Jun 4, 09 1:14 PM

The lives of lamps

I'm lampin, I'm lampin, I'm cold cold lampin'!" Jun 4, 09 1:16 PM

East Hampton budget officer to be arraigned Thursday

Dang, that is a crazy amount of hangover going on in that pic. crazy. " Jun 10, 09 3:07 PM

Town agrees to crack down on ATVs

Great work East Hampton Trails Preservation Society and other volunteers!

" Jun 10, 09 3:18 PM

Eye in the sky captures town property

The plane uses no fuel and doesn't produce any carbon?

" Jul 2, 09 5:22 AM

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