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Stop And Shop To Buy King Kullen Stores On Long Island

Maybe Key Food can come back to HB. " Jan 7, 19 3:14 PM

Crews Battle Fire On Dune Road In Westhampton Sunday Morning

Serious question......why not just let it burn to the ground and not risk the life or limb of volunteer firepersons? It looks like a total loss anyway. " Feb 11, 19 11:58 AM

Couldn't they just spray water on nearby structures?" Feb 11, 19 1:42 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection Launches Monday Despite Morning Storm Delays

Is there a bigger idiot than Jay Schneiderman?" Mar 4, 19 1:15 PM

Shinnecock Nation Considering Other School Districts For Students

I think the nation would do well in Hampton Bays schools" Mar 14, 19 11:05 AM

I agree. Start your own charter school. 130x40 = 5.2m/yr. Clearly, there is a need there and there are funds to do it.

Also, if you add in health insurance and a defined benefit plan, most teachers on the east end are north of 200k/yr. " Mar 14, 19 12:31 PM

East End School Districts Reveal Preliminary Budget Figures For 2019-20 School Year

good maths bro. You should thank a teacher!" Apr 4, 19 11:41 AM

Morty’s Oyster Stand To Take Over Former Cyril’s Fish House

Jeebus. knock that rat trap down already " Apr 4, 19 1:10 PM

Riverhead High School Principal Accused Of ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Female Student

I am not defending what this extra creepy scumbag did but she is 18. Not pedophilia.

" May 7, 19 9:40 AM

Police Search For Missing Water Mill Resident

So how crazy is this guy? Are we talkin kanye or hannibal?" Jun 22, 19 7:47 PM

Mecox Cut Continues To Flow, With No End In Sight--Good For Some, Bad For Others

I am not quite sure who it is harming. The bay is clearer than it has been in 10 years. The beach is an absolute joy for families with sandbars, natural pools and beautiful bay and ocean water. This should be the default, not the exception. It is absolutely fabulous. " Jul 2, 19 8:51 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Appoints New Superintendent, From Hampton Bays Administration

Look at the healthcare and pension costs. Thats the real meat of the budget." Jul 7, 19 8:19 PM

Vehicle Crashes Into Water Mill Farm Stand

How is a 94 year old driving around? Crazy. Thank god no one was killed and best wishes to the injured" Jul 17, 19 6:58 PM

How is a 94 year old driving around? Crazy. Thank god no one was killed and best wishes to the injured" Jul 17, 19 7:00 PM

President Trump To Attend Reelection Fundraiser At Bridgehampton Mansion On August 9

What a populist!. Farrell and trump deserve each other. They both love the BBC" Jul 31, 19 1:36 PM

Hampton Synagogue Raised $250,000 For 80 Trips To Israel

End israeli apartheid now!" Aug 13, 19 5:01 PM

As Flu Season Approaches, Doctors Urge Public To Get Vaccinated Now

Vaccination = Government mind control.

Wake up Sheeple!" Sep 12, 19 12:01 PM

Former Southampton Village Art Deco-Style Car Dealer Sells For $2.25 Million

That would be a great spot for a starbucks" Oct 1, 19 3:54 PM

Shinnecock Nation Nears Completion Of Renewed Agreements With Southampton and Tuckahoe Schools

Its unfortunate that the tribal officials reconsidered sending the students elsewhere. " Oct 22, 19 3:01 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Mayor Discharges Two Attorneys From Duties

The budget is so high because most SH Village cops retire on disability 3/4 tax free pensions. Higher % than the MTA are on disability. its crazy. " Oct 25, 19 2:17 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Plans To Build Two Gas Stations On Tribal Land

Just in time for the Electric Cars and Trucks everyone will be driving when this project finally gets built. " Oct 30, 19 9:33 AM

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