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Septic system at Southampton Town Justice Court complex to be fixed

Isn't this the same contractor who is being sued by Easthampton School District? maybe there is something afoot" Sep 16, 09 8:24 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Local dad - You want a kick to the nuts, try being self employed and shelling out 20k per year for health insurance for your family.

A Temporary pay freeze is not too bad in the grand scheme of the economy, no? or are you living in a fantasy world?" Sep 19, 09 1:40 PM

Some confuse rocket for UFO

''What some thought to be an unidentified flying object lighting up the sky over Long Island on Saturday night was actually just a by-product of atmospheric testing conducted by the federal government''

yeah right, thats just what they want you to believe. the truth is out there man.
" Sep 21, 09 7:29 PM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

Classic NIMBY case.

LOL @ rich hypocrites. " Sep 28, 09 7:52 PM

Wallet lost in Bridgehampton

I lost my keys at the commons last week. where is my news story!!!!???!!!!" Sep 28, 09 7:53 PM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

While it is unfortunate that many people will lose their jobs, I applaud the efforts to keep the budget in check.

And even with these cuts, the budget still goes up 5%.

Note to all politicians........how about a zero percent increase next year!

" Oct 7, 09 2:13 PM

Quogue Village mayor pleads guilty to securities fraud

Of course this would be the case, stock losses are for the little people. I am sure it happens alot more than people realize. " Oct 14, 09 1:43 PM

Sag Harbor School Board, teachers to resume negotiations

Remember all,

the salaries are not the complete compensation package. Far from it.

Lifetime pensions and full healthcare benefits are part of it too.

A family health insurance plan runs about 20k per year. A guaranteed lifetime pension about 30k per year. depending on age/salary.

I am not saying that they don't deserve it, but you should be comparing apples to apples. " Oct 23, 09 9:34 AM

Experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory would test effects of radiation on monkeys

If we've learned anything from matthew broderick, its that we should not irradiate primates!!

oh....and also that the key to faking out parents is the clammy hands. " Nov 12, 09 1:54 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

I thought she was coming back from or on the way to a shooting range.

" Nov 19, 09 2:22 PM

Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

kind of man I want my son to be ?

are you insane?

Anyone who can choke someone to death like that is clearly a sociopath. Which fits in with the rest of his persona that you were alluding to. the popular, beautiful girl on his arm charming friend one moment, a cold and vicious murderer the next.

" Dec 4, 09 12:43 PM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

I hope the Shinnecocks realize that more money will solve only a few of their many problems, and will in turn create many more.

''mo money...mo problems'' - Notorious B.I.G" Dec 24, 09 5:41 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

maybe the reason he is so nice is that he is high all the time. I am pretty nice after I burn down a nice fatty. " Jan 5, 10 8:33 PM

East Hampton harbormaster resigns after marijuana arrest

you just know the cops are all smoking his weed too

the wankers!!

Free D.B. " Jan 13, 10 1:39 PM

East Hampton police contract caps annual raises at three percent

I think the title to the article is incorrect.

They aren't conceding salaries, they are reducing the % of future salary increases.

They were previously 4+%!!

Do you realize that at 4.5%, their salaries double every 15 years?

Anyway, like the above poster pointed out, the budget still increased 14.6% in one year (according to the article from 8.9m to 10.2m). give me some details.

Probably due to higher pension and healthcare costs for personnel.

Guess what? in the real world that is still called a raise. " Feb 27, 10 6:17 AM

Officials ask state to move up repaving of Montauk Highway

I thought that's why everyone got Suvs?

" Mar 11, 10 5:14 AM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

I think they should let the people smoke if they want.

But if they get caught flicking the butt into the sand or onto the grass, immediate 14 day prison term. no trial. " Mar 13, 10 5:13 PM

Crawl space find yields 'Accidental Fortune'

Hope they paid income tax on that. " Mar 16, 10 7:31 PM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

Yes, wealthy people from all over the world come to US and pay top dollar for Medical Care. And they pay cash How the hell does that have anything to do with health insurance? " Mar 22, 10 5:34 AM

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