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Hermus and Hulse win back-to-back titles at Midget Championships

Great Job Guys! overcoming your height handicap and all

By the way, I thought the term was 'little people' nowadays not midgets. " Jul 23, 10 10:18 AM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

It does seem a bit steep in the current economic climate.

90k per year and they are suprised they applied for a liqour license? how else are they supposed to make the rent?

$30 club sandwiches? " Aug 8, 10 9:36 AM

Taxpayers approve Hampton Bays Library's $1.89 million budget

I all for the library, but how about instead of 2/3 of the increase going to increasing salaries and benefits, all of the increase goes to books, computers, other media and supplies.

Though, it is unclear from the article if staffing levels remain the same and everyone is getting pay raises, or if they are actually hiring new staff to provide additional services.
" Aug 12, 10 8:39 AM

nice rhetoric.

Who knows what god knows?

All I know is that if you add in the cost of those sweet government pension and healthcare bene's, these library folk are doing just fine.

" Aug 12, 10 4:08 PM

I have rental properties in HB so excuse me while I comment.

The last I knew, my money was as good as yours, even though I live in Water Mill. " Aug 23, 10 7:31 PM

After bullets hit house, legal bills start war

are Foscolo & Jones in prison yet? Or did they finally pay everyone?" Aug 29, 10 4:36 PM

No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

Bay lane already handles plenty of traffic. I guess you aren't around to see it though. You should come out and check out the ice boating that takes place on your street in the winter. Plenty of boats, cars and parking.

I live on Mecox Bay full year and I think your PR firm is disgusting. Stop stuffing our mailboxes with illegal flyers!!" Sep 20, 10 5:34 AM

#1 - How are yellow stripes going to prevent the bus from turning around? Stop with the strawmen.

#2 - I use the Bay all time time and I almost never see anyone using that entry for windsurfing, kayaking or kiting. And no one sunbathes down there. People walk there dogs down there to pee on the beach and thats about it. The fishermen will have plenty of parking since they usually show up at 4:30 am to work.

And if that road can't handle traffic, why are there 30 landscaping vehicles on the roads on summer thursdays and fridays?

The only argument you have which holds water is the port a potty situation. Perhaps a shelter can be built to hide them from view?

" Sep 20, 10 5:48 AM


are you a PR firm employee?" Sep 20, 10 5:50 AM

Forum on proposed CPI site use brings polarized, mixed reaction from the public

As a member of the community, I feel that access to the east side of shinnecock canal is more important than the rotting hell hole that is CPI.

The the developers put whatever meets code on the CPI land. Leave the canal for the people. " Sep 20, 10 6:02 AM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

There is a difference between outsourcing some jobs and setting up a business that makes money by outsourcing jobs.

Altchuler represents the republican party well. He makes money by destroying american jobs and moving them to india.

Yes, he created 700 sales jobs in the US, but he shipped 10,000 plus jobs for staff accountants, paralegals, secretaries and other office workers out of the country for good.

That is the republican economy for you. As long as someone can make some money at it, it is good capitalism. " Sep 20, 10 7:44 AM

No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

Its funny you mentioned wetlands. One of the latest mini hotels built on that road was built on top of wetlands. Dump truck after Dump truck rumbled down the street for weeks bringing in untold amounts of fill to 'correct' the former wetlands. It would appear the lot was about 1.5 acres, or an astonishing 65,000 square feet!

I did not hear anyone complaining about that monstrosity. I received no flyers in my mailbox to show up and oppose that.

The hyposcrisy runs deep on bay lane..........

" Sep 20, 10 7:51 AM

Forum on proposed CPI site use brings polarized, mixed reaction from the public

Will the Rechlers leave access for future generations of HB youth to access the bridges for jumping?

This is important as it is a 'rite of passage' for male teens in the area. " Sep 20, 10 4:41 PM

Schneiderman: End in sight for homeless sex offender trailers in Riverside and Westhampton

So what are they doing with the money now if they are living in the trailers?

Internet porn subscriptions? Ice Cream Truck rentals? Trenchcoats?

Are they allowed to pocket it?" Sep 20, 10 4:50 PM

CPF and mortgage tax revenues still sliding

Absent of many refinancings, the tax receipts would be almost nonexistent.

Its time to the town to drastically reduce personnel and the related pension and insurance costs.

Or, they can just keep claiming our houses are worth 25% more than they actually are so they don't have to 'raise' the tax rate. " Sep 21, 10 9:12 AM

Southampton Village begins search for Parrish Art Museum replacement

I bet there is a Starbucks there within a couple of years.

Not the whole place, but a small area, like the NFB/Starbucks in Manorville" Sep 21, 10 11:40 AM

Police: Burglar photographed himself with stolen laptop

Was he nekkid burglaring? or just topless" Sep 22, 10 12:07 PM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

Are these department heads reading the news? These people are in la la land.

I would take it as an insult if the town did not propose a flat budget at a minimum. If it takes cutting services, so be it. If it takes laying people off, so be it. If it takes putting some capital projects on hold so be it.

The days of ever increasing government spending has to stop. We need to stop it at a local level first and then go forward from there.

" Sep 22, 10 5:04 PM

Reluctant plea deal for Lester brothers

If the Lesters really believed in the Dongan Patent, then the Lesters should 'sac up' and take the fight to the DEC.

Essentially, they are just pushing the problem off on the next unsuspecting Bubby" Sep 23, 10 5:08 PM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

That used to be the case. Now, government workers get paid a higher wage that private workers and still get the pension.

Your argument no longer holds water. " Sep 23, 10 5:10 PM


The article is mostly about the fede3ral employee, but at the end addresses state and local governments.

The wages are +/- 5% of private wages. Then you add in the healthcare (20k per year) and pension bene's (20% of salary costs)

you cant exclude these in trying to make and apple to apple comparison. " Sep 24, 10 1:20 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

Brick and mortar retail is dying. Not just a village issue, but the Village of SH is dying also.

The reason? No young people. They are all in Sag Harbor. " Oct 5, 10 7:34 PM

WTF are you rambling about? seriously" Oct 5, 10 7:37 PM

why is this sad? Citarella built a much nicer store in Bridgehampton. Obviously, they planned on closing the Water Mill store all along. There is not enough business now (or ever) to support both stores.

They would love a place in the village of Southampton, but that hasn't happened yet. " Oct 5, 10 8:02 PM

Bay Street struggles but perseveres

I don't know much about theatre, etc.... but I do know that when I attend the comedian nights there they are packed.

Maybe they should do more of them. I know its not legitimate theatre, but it would help to pay the bills, no? " Oct 5, 10 8:05 PM

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