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Hattrick Unseats Robinson In Southampton Village; Barbour Elected In Write-In Campaign In Sagaponack

We just met Mr. Hattrick a few weeks ago and were very impressed by his integrity. Congratulations!" Jun 18, 11 5:40 PM

'Flash Mob' Precedes Southampton Parade To Promote Musical

I do think that the first commenter had the right to express her opinion, without others resorting to snide comments. You can disagree or agree, neither view is necessarily wrong. What is wrong is not showing respect for differences in opinions by disrespectful remarks. Please be civil. " Jul 5, 11 7:34 PM

My apologies...I should have said "all" commenters should post in a civil and respectful manner. I reread her comment, and felt that perhaps she worded it too strongly, but that is my opinion and so I will not feel the need to be sarcastic. " Jul 7, 11 3:36 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

I agree with Muscott...Wegmans....I am from Rochester and there is no better place to shop, plus they have been rated as one of the best places to work for years." Nov 2, 11 9:08 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

I do not live in the Springs, nor do I know any of the people involved. I just have to commnent that it seems like there can be no meeting of the minds on this issue because of the mindsets of both sides. Those who want more control over what they see as illegal overcrowding have to be very careful and thoughtful in what actions they want taken. They should make sure that the standards for investigating someone's living situation is based on facts, not assumptions.

The other side needs to stop assuming that those that are on the other side of the argument are racist or narrowminded. Just because someone is concerned, does not automatically make them a bigot. If you do, then you are participating in stereotyping, of which you complain about others doing.

Maybe we could accept that people might be at odds on this issue, but still be coming from a place of concern for their community." Mar 17, 12 8:54 AM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

As far as the two gentlemen are concerned, they have a right to protest. If people want to protest on the other side, they have that right as well. No one has the right to deny people rights because they disagree. There seems to be a growing intolerance of people who have a different ideology than themselves. For example, if someone criticizes a person or group we don't like, then it is fine. If someone criticizes a person or group we like, then it is "hate speech". Freedom of speech does not depend on agreeing with you.
" May 5, 12 9:44 AM

There was no indication that the people protesting were illegal. There are many legal residents in the community who do not like the two men out there. I am not a fan of illegal immigration. My parents always taught me to follow the rules. However, that is not the point. We aren't talking about immigration policy. We are talking about the right to protest.

Freedom to make ones opinions heard does not go one way. Some people wanted the two men to be stopped from protesting. Others didn't want the counter protesters there. Neither position is correct. If you are upset by the counter protests, then you have the right to go out and make your position clear. That is freedom." May 5, 12 1:54 PM

Mitt Romney Will Fundraise In The Hamptons On Sunday

I am so glad to see the respectful political discourse. If I may make a suggestion...read over your comment. If you saw the comment directed at you, and would be offended, then maybe you should revise it. We all know that both parties have these fundraisers and both sides insist that they are needed to beat the other guy ( or gal). If money in politics is a problem, then be strong enough to condemn both sides." Jul 8, 12 11:14 PM

UPDATE: LIPA Says It's On Track For 90 Percent Restored By Wednesday

Just like many, we had the great crew from North Houston working on N Main at between North Sea Mecox and 39. They did amazing work, despite being constantly pulled. They early thus afternoon and we were told LIPA had to power the lines up. It is over 6 hours later and nothing." Nov 2, 12 6:20 PM

Having vented, I understand that the workers at LIPA are working as hard as they can, it is just frustrating to not know why we don't have power since all the lines have been repaired. If only a LIPA truck would make an appearance to give us information. I think we are officially North Sea and according to their map, there are 0 outages...obviously a mistake. " Nov 2, 12 6:37 PM

LIPA just told us that North Sea outages won't be fixed until Wed night and they posted it on their outage report online....feeling a little stunned. I just hope the gas situation eases because we are going to need it for our generator." Nov 3, 12 12:23 PM

My mistake...the website says North Haven is Wed....but they still told us on the phone that North Sea is Wed as well..." Nov 3, 12 1:19 PM