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Remsenburg And Speonk Taxpayers Will Vote On $5.7 Million School Expansion Project Tuesday

The expansion would give the district more excuses to add more special ed children. If they are made to do with what they have, perhaps they'll think twice about whether it is fair to give up so much space in the school to the needs of the minority. Its not that the enrollment has increased so dramatically. Its that more and more space is being used for special ed needs like small group instruction, O/T, P/T, psych services. They'd never propose a plan that includes some small group instruction classrooms put aside for bright kids in the school. My wife and I do not want to see our childs class disrupted more if more special needs kids are allowed into his class." Mar 20, 11 10:46 AM

Eastport South Manor School Board Lays Off 23 Teachers

I totally agree with this comment. If teachers cared about the kids as much as they implore the rest of us to, they would lobby their own union to get realistic. The quicker the power of teachers unions is broken, the better. Great teachers have nothing to fear from a world unprotected by a union. " Mar 22, 11 3:58 PM

Developer Seeks Change To Westhampton Beach Zoning Code To Allow For New Supermarket

I agree with comments from realistic and VOS. We live in the area and rarely ever shop in Westhampton Village because there is little to shop there for. The supermarket is dreadful, most of the storefronts are real estate offices and the quality of most of the other stores leaves alot to be desired. As a result of the insular approach by the town gvt responsible for protecting this rag-tag bunch, we have no reason to go into Westhampton Village (definitely not between Sept and June!). If there was a decent supermarket (such as Wholefoods or Stop and Shop) and a few good mid-priced year-round restaurants/eateries, we would easily head there instead of Riverhead and guess what? The shopkeepers in the High Street would then have an opportunity to divest us of some of our hard-earned money. As it is, we drive in the opposite direction out of town to somewhere we can get fresh produce every day of the week and sit down and have a decent family lunch/ early dinner afterwards even if it is January! Get real plppj. Its 2012. Times have changed and if you and your ilk would support change, you might find we wander into your store and buy something from you after we have finished our food shopping." Jan 17, 12 10:59 PM

Angry? Who? I'm happy as a clam in Riverhead buying fresh tomatoes and reasonably priced bakery bread. Get off your soap box with the "14th amendment", "usury corruption" and "you people need to learn, blah, blah". New supermarket? "Build it and people will come (back to Westhampton and spend money in the smaller stores..if they have good products that people want to buy at any other time than on their way to the beach during their vacation...)"! Storeowners who lament the passing of the small business culture in Westhampton should be hammering on the doors of the elected officials who are doing nothing to encourage foot traffic in the village and they should be supporting wholeheartedly the possible addition of a business which will keep customers milling around Westhampton." Jan 18, 12 1:19 AM

Mr Z...what part of "I'm as happy as a clam in Riverhead" wasn't clear? I have a l r e a d y boycotted Waldbaums. My stance here is that I hope a new business will come into Westhampton environs to help - as "realistic" stated - to reinvigorate the "foot" traffic in Westhampton and thus help current local businesses. All small business owners in Westhampton should welcome something as basic as a supermarket where people want to shop, coming into the area. They should not be moaning about it and wringing their hands. They should be pushing the town officials to encourage more businesses into the area. That may mean sensible re-zoning or as someone else said, make them build the sewer system that Westhampton Village desperately needs so that we may have decent eateries on Main Street instead of yet another real estate agency or overpriced clothing store. Your comment about 24/7 convenience is ridiculous. Our family lives here year round. It is not unreasonable to want a local restaurant or two that caters to us - ie. locals - as well as the vacation crowd, is it? Or are the small businesses on main street making so much margin between June and Sept that they don't need or care about local people? You tell me." Jan 18, 12 4:33 PM

Developer Launches Online Petition For Remsenburg Subdivision

People should look at the plans. He has good plans for the lot which leaves 6-7 acres as open space. Not many builders would bother to do that. What the Remsenburg Assoc are objecting to is an entrance off South Country Road. The Remsenburg Assoc should spend their time dealing with things they have the expertise for such as asking their members who live on South Country Road to PLEASE arrange to clean their once white fencing facing South Country Road. There are a few fences near the Post Office which are now green and look disgusting. Those are eyesores for the community!" Jan 23, 12 10:00 AM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

Go Romney.. He seems to have a hope of getting Republicans and Democrats to work together, which is something Obama has failed miserably at. I don't want the very poor and needy to have NO safety net but I also don't want to work 16 hours a day supporting people who could very well work but do better on handouts and therefore don't bother. Pretty soon the aggrieved 1% (which probably includes everyone posting here) will be set up in Zuccotti Park in tents living off their savings. No-one will be working and no-one will be paying taxes. Then what?" Feb 6, 12 10:18 PM

Dog story bad but you can be sure that if such a story surfaced that involved Obama, Chris Matthews, MSNBC or CNN would find a way to downplay it and have a ton of animal activists on set arguing that it would not have hurt the dog at all and what a great guy he was for not leaving the dog at home. Cut to picture of Obama cuddling his dog.
Mr Z, why do you resent people doing well in life? You are so typical of the attitude that pervades this country now. If someone works hard and makes money, why is that wrong? If he makes money he can do things like buy a house (paying commission to a real estate agent, mortgage co, attorney etc), go on vacation (helping employment in hotels, buying dinner in restaurants, ice-cream in local stores, thereby helping those establishments employ people), buy clothes (help keep people employed at the local Target). This is how the economy works. Don't be so angry about people who do well. They help to grease the wheels in the economy. So what if his perception is that $300k isn't much? Why is that offensive? He gave $3mn to charity and paid $3mn in taxes. Do you want to object to that too? Ridiculous." Feb 7, 12 10:14 AM

Some Residents Say They Support Remsenburg Subdivision Plan

Think about the jobs that will be created as a result of the building plan. " Feb 17, 12 11:06 AM

The once white fences along South Country Road near the post office are still green. Can the Remsenburg Association please lobby the relevant residents to clean the fences please ? Hardly a good advertisment for elegant and bucolic Remsenburg...." Feb 17, 12 3:13 PM

The letter the Remsenburg Association recently sent out asked if, as residents, we would be willing to pay towards preserving the historic properties on South Country Road, because paying for that isn't something the CPF mandate extends to. For our family the answer is no. So, rburger, are you going to donate enough money to do that yourself? His plan includes keeping intact and renovating the Webb properties in question along South Country Road. Another builder might have decided to tear them down. If you really believe that these properties add to the curb appeal for all of us, your comment about the plan "stripping that asset at your expense" is wholly inaccurate and unnecessarily inflammatory. You should be - dare I say it - grateful that he has a plan to preserve the curb appeal you say we all need to preserve our property prices. All that without you having to dip into your own pocket. " Feb 26, 12 1:46 PM

Bridgehampton Teachers Volunteer To Forgo Salary Increases

Am sure the small print in this leaves us all as taxpayers with less to be excited about than the headline suggests. Teachers always say their actions are dictated by the teachers union. One wonders why these teachers are suddenly able to break free. I would guess the freeze is made up in other ways." Mar 5, 12 5:46 PM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

I know someone who got a job with the county a little while ago. He was ecstatic because (he told me) he was now "made for life". He talked about the huge pension and benefits package he would get and then told me that of course, as it was a job that involved physical labor, the chances of being able to get off on disability were very high. He actually chuckled. That was his goal but only after the "probation" period kicked in all these goodies. That said it all to me. It was a revolting display. It did not occur to him that he was telling me that part of the taxes my family pay were about to be squandered deliberately by him just because he knew he could get away with it. I don't think for a minute this is an isolated case. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty for pandering to the labor unions over so many years.

There are some great posts here from thoughtful, clearlt intelligent people. Would those people please stand up and run for public office? Some of the reason we are in this terrible situation is because great people don't stand up and take on these issues. When good, intelligent people who can understand the issues avoid jury duty because have a demanding private sector job, we end up with juries full of ill-educated idiots like Phyllis who award ridiculous amounts of money to people who spill their coffee on themselves (for instance), just because they have real power for the first time in their lives. It strikes me that local/county government is the same." Mar 13, 12 10:47 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Superintendent Says Parents Should Weigh Their Sending District Options

Remsenburg has to get costs down somehow after the irresponsible spending and "positioning" of the school under the previous Principal. You can't blame Masera for trying this approach. People in the school who have supported the devil may care spending which caters to a small minority should be the ones to "take one for the team" and send their children to ESM." Mar 19, 12 3:12 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

Remsenburg school has a meeting tomoorrow night April 2 at 7.30pm about the school budget. The school has robocalled all parents to ask them to attend. I would guess the school is about to scare the living daylights out of parents about what "vital" services will have to be cut in order to stay within the tax cap. I hope many taxpayers who do NOT have children in the school will attend so that they won't be subject to what will for sure be an emotional appeal by the school. I hope taxpayers will ask the tough and "politically incorrect" questions about programs being offered at this school which go way above and beyond what is mandated by law for a minority of the students. On the subject of unions, they are outdated. Unions came into being at a time when there were no employee protections in law. There are plenty now. Unions rape taxpayers. Why do we let them get away with this? They would prefer the school "has to" lose teachers than give up some of their pay increases and benefits. Hey taxpayers - ask them tomorrow night to voluntarily take a pay freeze and benefit freeze rather than make the school cut teaching staff. Lets see what those great teachers in the union, in this school, say about that." Apr 1, 12 8:27 PM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

Everybody should make the effort not to employ illegals. Start by using your local landscape service which is documented and pays US taxes. Don't pick up illegals at your 7/11. " Apr 2, 12 8:33 AM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

Remsenburg teachers with the same qualifications make more than their counterparts in nearby schools. That is a fact. The cost of living here is way less than in eg, Garden City, hence no surprise that of 116 districts (and I do not take your comment as fact by any stretch) there are some paid more. Did they agree to freeze their pay or did the BOE kinda force them to? Working with no contract? umm....sounds like the BOE might be doing its job. Any of those teachers who are unhappy with not having a contract are able to resign. Err...have not heard of any who actually have resigned. Must be because they know they have a pretty good deal and there would be hundreds of applicants gagging for their job should they resign. Remember - this is a nice school in a nice area and it caters to LESS THAN 200 children! Anyone getting a job here is thanking their lucky stars!! Littleones: you simply do not live in the real world. Maybe you are a teacher or maybe your child is one of the few who receive massively expensive services from this school. No wonder you support it so unreservedly. If you don't know the kind of services to which I refer, go look at the budget." Apr 2, 12 4:39 PM

NB. I mentioned BOE in my post; to be clear, I mean the School Board at Remsenburg which seems to have resisted giving into the usual demands." Apr 2, 12 4:43 PM

or Littleones....maybe you're the union rep.." Apr 2, 12 4:47 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk School District, Teachers Ink New Contract

I'd overwhelmingly approve of it if the District was paying 93% of my healthcare costs and 90% of the rest of my family's healthcare costs. Can we get a projection on what will happen if Obamacare comes into being?" Apr 10, 12 4:11 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Budget Will Break Tax Cap Despite Teacher Concessions

The amount of money Remsenburg spends on special ed is outrageous. There are parents who have specifically RENTED here so that their children can get all the services this school provides (which other schools do not). Some don't live in Remsenburg at all. The school is overloaded with special ed teachers who (guess what?) cost more. This is not the fault of the current leadership. This happened under Dr Salomone. No-one is saying don't give the help, but its time the school backed off these costs unless it can get more Federal help/State aid, to be a school which sets itself up to attract special ed students. It costs $19,500 to send a student from Remsenburg to WHB. Does anyone know what WHB charges Remsenburg to send a special ed student there? I don't know but I do know it is several times more than $19,500 a year. This kind of student profile (and billing) is a major factor in the budget for Remsenburg School." Apr 10, 12 4:47 PM

As I said, no-one is saying don't give the help. I am saying Remsenburg needss to get real and get reasonable. Remsenburg is a school that offers very many services and therefore attracts special ed students so it is going to have much higher costs. People should be clear about why costs at this school are so high. If other schools continue to not offer services and more needy children then come to Remsenburg, I hope you will be similarly happy when you are asked to vote in a 10% tax increase year after year to accommodate these costs which will not go down - ever. At the same time, bear in mind your regular 3rd grader will not be enjoying art or phys ed or bus service to school." Apr 11, 12 8:12 AM

Remsenburg Speonk Superintendent Explains Spike In Tax Levy, Cites Tuition Costs

There are two 6th grade classes of about 20 students each who will be moving forward to middle school in the fall. How can the number of tuition students only be increasing by 14 students in September if the majority are choosing WHB? What am I missing here?" Apr 11, 12 4:53 PM

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

Totally agree with johnj. Yet again, elected "officials" in Westhampton doing everything they can to kill business in the town for no reason other than that they get to feel self important." Apr 11, 12 5:00 PM

Uncontested School Board Members Have Plenty To Fret About On Super Tuesday

Remsenburg School teaching budget 2012/2013 is $1.9mn for regular students. The teaching budget for students with disabilities is $1.5mn. Very little difference in what is being spent on teaching all the regular kids and what is being spent for the minority needing special ed. This is a school with about 180 kids total so the spend for special ed is massive. What pressure is being put on the school to supply ONLY mandated services? Any? Your regular kid is going to lose a teaching assistant teaching english and math in his/her class before 3 kids lose music therapy at this school." May 8, 12 5:04 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

Public Schools should not be educating the most challenged alongside the majority of students who do not need their school to be loaded up with special ed teachers who cost a lot more. "Safe and secure" for teachers should not equate to $$$$ and no fear of ever being held accountable. " May 24, 12 8:15 AM

Remsenburg-Speonk School Board Suspends Employee

More information needed on this. We are paying this salary for someone who did something which was bad enough to be suspended for." Jun 14, 12 7:04 PM

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