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Supervisor proposes closing transfer stations

How come instead of some local guy losing two days pay, why doesnt the town board take away Mr. Dimaria's brand new Dodge Durango that he takes to and from Islip every day on the towns dime!!! Is he on emergency call 24/7? If he is what would define an emergency at the "dump". I just dont get it. Punish the little guy and perk the higher ups." Jan 31, 09 8:40 AM

Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

Is it legal and ethical to extend the probationary period with cookie? Is there a contract that binds both parties and if so what are the particulars as far as tenure??? I would not get an extension at my civil service job I would have been canned at the end of the probationary period if I where not performing up to par and so should she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May 8, 09 8:25 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

Here we go again !!!!!!!!!!" Jul 18, 09 8:28 AM

Surfers injured by feeding bluefish at Sagg

Sounds like a Monty Python skit to me. Oh never mind that was a killer rabbit." Jul 27, 09 9:00 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

What happens when all the local thirty and forty somethings with 2.5 kids and a mortgage that work for this town have to leave because they cant feed their kids on a town wage? A 2% increase after taxes and health insurance deductions gave me an extra 36 dollars in my paycheck. I am grateful for my job and I love it but I can only take so many kicks to the nuts before they break me and I'm heading southbound on 95 to a new life. I work hard for the taxpayers of this town and deserve to be compensated appropiately." Sep 19, 09 9:15 AM

Throne-Holst unseats Kabot as Southampton Town supervisor; Republicans maintain board majority

The more things change the more they stay the same give it a year and lets see what everybody says then." Nov 6, 09 5:00 PM

Driver flips SUV in North Sea, trying to avoid deer

Uhhh? When did they end deer season in Southampton?" Dec 7, 09 6:38 PM

John E. Niggles

Rest in peace my friend. You will be missed!!
" Jun 17, 10 11:25 AM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

Three barrels? Theres no way in hell it can go down with three barrels. Hard to port HOOPER!!!!!!!" Jun 23, 10 7:15 PM

Southampton Town Board adopts retirement measures

I nominate the person that spells southampton with two h's" Aug 28, 10 4:07 PM

Hampton Road firehouse in Southampton Village demolished

Was fdny7318 knocking North Sea Fire Dept or praising them I cant tell?" Sep 15, 10 6:02 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

Hey goldenboy I'll give you $50 and lunch for you to take my leaves away. " Apr 9, 11 8:45 AM

Nature you are spreading misinformation yourself that you say you are here to fight. Highway Dept. workers are scheduled Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 3:00 pm with a half hour lunch. Saturday is all overtime. That is for the whole dept. " Apr 22, 11 5:02 PM

Nuzzi Declines Republican Nomination For Supervisor

In Scooby voice "RUT ROW" What now Shaggy???" Jun 6, 11 9:13 PM

Neighbors Concerned About Operations At Bridgehampton Business

He must have bought his house at night." Jul 29, 11 6:07 AM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

L.B., less typing more painting you have less the 36 hours left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sep 29, 11 5:38 PM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

Ran out of clam dip byjesus!!!!!! bub bub" Jan 5, 12 7:49 PM

I was hoping people would get mad at the bubby joke " Jan 7, 12 6:06 PM

Southampton Village Urges County Not To Install Sump

I wonder if his tune would change if he won the bid for the job." Jan 15, 12 1:11 PM

Snowfall Makes Region's Roads Slick On Saturday

aunt of 9 What part of Gregor saying he was shorthanded in north sea did you not understand? What was so importantant that you had to get out on a Saturday night? And dont say for emergencies because the foreman has a scanner in his truck to tell the crews to go assist the emergency crews. Just sit and be patient or should your road be put first on the list to be plowed? " Jan 23, 12 3:45 PM

Joe hampton only outside contactors get prevailing wage." Jan 24, 12 5:54 AM

Southampton Town Comptroller Tamara Wright Headed To Brookhaven Town

Now she can run around Brookhaven town hall and yell at all those employees like she is gods gift town town government.. Good riddance!!!!!!!!" Feb 1, 12 5:45 AM

Bucket's Deli In East Hampton To Close Permanently

No more bonac burgers and bonac tonics (Schwenks boxed iced tea for those non locals or to young to remember). Good luck, hate to see another locally owned establishment close bubby. " Feb 1, 12 5:49 AM

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