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Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

You need reading glasses! Who is going to fund the lawsuits to protect the freeholders rights to public access to beaches ? It is clearly evident that any diminishing of the role, rights, jurisdiction of the independently elected board of Trustees will NOT be in the best interest of The Freeholders. If the economic engine of our town is actually our environment and our beaches, any threat to the officials that are placed with the responsibility of protecting it should be extinguished immediately." Feb 14, 14 8:40 AM

Mayor: Quogue Will Not Sell Dune Road Property For Families To Build Dock

Another Example of why we need to support our Southampton Town Trustees, this can happen ANYWHERE on the waterfront. The $$$$$$ trumping the priceless benefit of sensibly addressing environmental concerns. Thankfully, the public outcry was heard. " Feb 23, 14 8:10 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Discuss Lawsuits At Hampton Bays Civic Association Meeting

Any threat to the Southampton Town Trustees is a threat to all the residents and visitors. It is a strike to the heart of what has made this town so special.

Dissolving this 300+ year old board that is charged with protecting the interests of all the Freeholders and commonalty would be the biggest mistake this town could ever make, especially since the people who keep bringing it up have a self serving agenda.......one that is NOT in the best interest of the people.

Lets protect our town and environment. Lets make sure our rigts to public accesss are represented by our independently elected board of Trustees. SUPPORT THE SOUTHAMPTON TOWN TRUSTEES." Feb 26, 14 11:36 AM

Southampton Town Board Debates, Adopts Politcal Guidelines For Board Appointments

Turkey is correct. The people need fair and honest representation . Our elected should clearly stand united to protect our environment and rights granted under the Dongan Patent. Assuring unencumbered access to water and beaches. It is clear we must support our Town trustees. Its a wide ranging quality of life issue for ALL. Its not a political issue. Its a common sense issue." Feb 27, 14 6:26 AM

Investment Banker Sues Southampton Town Planning Board, Farmers Over Barn Denial

MS Scarloto points out that this is a "Tactic". This "tactic" of attacking this town with lawsuits in order to achieve a self serving personal gain, with no regard to the respect of zoning, laws, covenants or respect for terms and conditions that are in place for the protection of the environment must be stopped." Mar 1, 14 7:05 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Appeal For Support As Town Board Listens

the Trustees are finding ways to get things done that are important to the people of this town....Even operating under such adverse conditions, and have been quite public with their issues, fielding questions from the public regularly, as I saw them on television at another event. I am pleased and appreciative of the steadfast determination and dedication to do the right thing for the people of the town. Not the special interests.. Other boards and officials should be as honest and up front....... " May 3, 14 7:02 PM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

An inlet to inlet village would create more problems. More lawsuits, more operational issues as the one stated in this article and more threats to public access to the resources that make this Town unique. It would prove to be costly and serve no purpose but to create more press headlines." Jul 13, 14 9:06 AM

Coast Guard Rescues 12-Year-Old Girl From Boat In Southampton

Boaters on the bay need to slow down. Especially if you are not familiar with channels in the area. boaters also need to exercise more courtesy to their fellow boaters. Its a great recreation, be safe and respectful.................use common sense. Thank goodness that girl is going to be OK." Jul 27, 14 7:36 PM

Decorated Hampton Bays Teacher, Irene Barta, Dies At 78

This teacher inspired many people in our community to do great things. she was a fantastic person and touched many lives in a positive way. Condolences......" Jul 30, 14 3:55 PM

Divers, Fishermen Plead For Preservation Of Old Ponquogue Bridge Sections

It was very good that the Trustees were able to bring the various important aspects of the bridge to light. Hopefully a fishing pier remains in its place, because this is very much needed for our community of fishers and divers. Ecologically, it would be a shame to destroy.........." Nov 7, 14 2:10 PM

Gregor Says Millions More Are Needed To Repair Southampton Town's Aging Roads

NTiger is right. Looks like the Trustees are in the same boat. asking for Dredging, bulkheading, and other needs to keep the maritime part of our town functioning properly. " Nov 10, 14 6:27 AM

Southampton Supervisor: Town Is Committed To Preserving Old Ponquogue Bridge

Hampton Bays needs a fishing pier. Its a no brainer. " Nov 20, 14 6:27 AM

Old Ponquogue Bridge Piers Get Mixed Reviews From Engineers

Glad to see our officials are working on this area of the town. It is very important for us to take care of public facilities like this. I fished there many years ago as a kid and it was great." Nov 26, 14 2:14 PM

West Hampton Dunes Trustee Continues To Serve Despite Not Living In Village

There is no legitimate reason to break laws and have it condoned by anyone. Especially when it involves taxpayers hard earned money. Articles in this paper have shown many financial inconsistencies and deficiency, The people should demand accountability." Nov 28, 14 8:16 AM

Warner Will Take Reins Of Southampton Town Trustees In March

Congratulations to our Town! Mr. Warner and Mr. Horowitz will be excellent leaders on the Board. Many articles I have read show they have been dedicated public servants. " Jan 10, 15 8:48 AM

Horowitz has a long maritime connection to our town, read the articles, Dedicated and hard working, a track record of community service and charity as he runs that fishing event for children among many other things. He has been very active recently in the ponquogue fishing pier project. I believe I read he has an environmental degree as well. I don't care what position this guy is in, His track record says I am glad he is willing to step up. And the fact that you knew him as a "skinny fishing kid" 35 years ago makes me feel even better." Jan 11, 15 10:38 AM

Otis Ford Partner Retires After 46 Years

Catch 'em up! Charlie" Sep 12, 15 8:05 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

He was right....They WON. and the community gets accountability and transparency. The Town board never had any "permissive role" in the Trustee finances, just use of technology and expertise from comptroller. In addition the town board agreed to fund 50 % of the hardened structures in the village verdict appeal. Furthermore, the measures that were put in place to assure proper handling of funds and procedures that assure compliance with general municipal law, will strengthen the trustees, when the next new challenge comes. Hardened structures on a beach will hurt your rights.. Not Fiscal Prudence.............." Sep 26, 15 10:26 AM

Southampton Town Candidates To Face Off In Press Debate Monday

A Smart person doesn't take advise from someone who knows no facts. The facts don't back up one word out of "Big Fresh". The Trustee board majority clearly defended beach rights and strengthened the boards operations to make future challenges to our rights much tougher. What" Big Fresh" fails to understand is that if you don't handle things strategically, "Big Money" will tie you up in court and put it all in jeopardy. If you care about public access on the beach, pay no attention to" big fresh", its a bad strategy..." Sep 28, 15 8:11 AM

Southampton Trustees Will Use Town Accountants

Big fresh is All Wrong. The recent court rulings combined with the operating practices put in place by the current board majority will make the Board of Trustees a much stronger board. Bolster their independence. A benefit to the Freeholders from every aspect. Having true accountability and transparency, combined with a mechanism to assure compliance with general municipal law is a great thing to have in place, especially when you know you are under scrutiny. If Big fresh really cared about public access, he would stop doing a disservice to the public by spewing bad information and misleading people with nonsense." Sep 30, 15 6:36 AM

Southampton Trustees To Appeal Threat To Jurisdiction

Politically Incorrect is incorrect. Anyone who has nothing better to do than make up names about public servants and talk nonsense about people clearly has issues and needs to get a grip on reality. Any person with any common sense that can read, would know he spews all nonsense." Sep 30, 15 7:14 AM

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