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Developers Submit New Canoe Place Inn Application

The PDD law should be repealed. The existing zoning.should remain in place on both the CPI site and the Tide Runners site. The public benefits more from waterfront restaurants than it does from the increased density resulting from 40 condos. The Tuckahoe PDD was rejected now let's see it the Town Board has the courage to reject a PDD located in Hampton Bays. " Mar 26, 11 11:26 PM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Targets Flanders Home

All these houses should have rental permits. The rental permit process was put in place years ago to combat group rentals. Call the Town of Southampton Department of Land Management if you think a house is over crowed or violating the rental laws at (631-287-5700)' ask if a rental permit is on file, if not call code enforcement at 631-702-2928 and ask for a complaint form to start the process of getting the landlord to obtain a valid rental permit. These forms can be downloaded from th town WEB site or acquired at Town Hall. It is very hard to get a rental permit if a house is in violation. If you think criminal activity is being conducted by illegal aliens call US ICE Securties Communities at 1-866-347-2423. Take back your community. Go to
Http://www.southamptontownny.gov/filesorage/760/762/780/1046/824/1134/1380/complaint form.PDF to download a complaint form." Apr 12, 11 3:41 PM

CPI Proposal Starts Official Review

Trading the CPI repair job for 40 more town houses or condos along side the Shinnecock Canal is a bad deal for Hampton Bays. The zoning should not be changed by this phony PDD law. The Tide Runners and One North restaurants are worth more to the people of the Hamptons than 40 new town houses whose kitchens, bathrooms and laundries will polute the Shinnecock Canal and Peconic Bay and Shinnecock Bay. When will Councilman Jim Malone start to stand up for the people in Hampton Bays instead of the interest of politically connected developers." Apr 14, 11 3:07 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

I hope they don't try and get a PDD to build these condos. The last thing Hampton Bays needs Is more density and more pollution in Peconic bay. I hope this in not another CPI like project. What's wrong with keeping the restaurant zoning or building a nice one family house that conforms to.existing zoning. If we lose the Lobster Inn and Tide Runners we are really lowering the quality of life in Hampton Bays. Losing two beautiful waterfront reataurants is really a shame. " Feb 3, 12 11:20 AM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

Bill Pell was elected by the people of the Town of Southampton to look after the waterfront in the town. He should vote to protect the beautiful bay grasses that exist behind Mr. Hoffmens restaurant. He should not cave in to a legal gimmick proposed by Mr. Hoffman's lawyer. Bill should live up to his responsibility to protect the bay and not recuse himself." Feb 3, 12 12:44 PM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

The PDD law should not be used to circumvent the Town Zoning Laws. Combining the CPI site with building 40 New Town Houses and a Club House with a huge septic system on a hill overlooking the east side of the Shinnecock Canal is not what the PDD law was intended to be used for. Adding this much density and pollution to a site that feeds the water of both Peconic and Shinnecock Bays should be avoided at all cost. The R Squared Company should be allowed to build what they want within the existing zoning laws. There is no reason for the town to help facilitate adding all these septic systems to both sides of the canal by using a law intended to build projects that provide a public benefit. Where is there a public benefit in replacing two public waterfront restaurants with 40 Town Houses and a club house next to the canal. " Mar 16, 12 12:59 PM

The $20 per square foot renovation the R Squared people hplan to spend to renovate the CPI is a joke. Renovatibg a 78 year old 98,000 sq ft building for $2 million is impossible in the Hamptons.They are just planning on putting lip stick on the pig. They are just buying enough time to build the 40 town houses and the septic system then will dump the useless CPI on the town to avoid paying the $90K per year in real estate taxes. The CPI is a dump and should be replaced with a park using CPF funding. The restaurant zoning on the East side of the canal should be retained. There is no public benefit that justifies using the PDD
law for this project." Mar 26, 12 11:45 PM

Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

How do we know the Stonybrook PHD's did not release contaminated shell fish spawn into our Bays. There have been grassy lawns adjacent to the bay for 50 years. Have they ever tested for this saxotoxin before this season. It looks like someone looking for another grant so they can justify their existence. " Apr 15, 12 4:57 PM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Threatening Another Man With Chainsaw

Andrew recently worked for me and did a great job. He is a good man just trying to support his family. He may have fallen off the wagon once in 13 years but He deserves a break. " May 22, 12 5:58 AM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

The pre-submission document says 99,000 square feet on two floors. The fact remains to renovate a space in the Hamptons you need to spend at least $250 a square foot. The Inn needs everything from the roof down. This building should be torn down and replaced with something like 20 town houses where the owners can get some return on their investment. The building is beyond repair after 40 plus years on neglect. The CPI site should not be linked to replacing waterfront restaurants on the east side of the Shinnecock Canal. These restaurants and Fishing store provide more of a "Public Benefit" that restoring the CPI. This building should never be turned over to the Hampton Bays Historical Socity." May 22, 12 6:14 AM

Shinnecock Inlet Will Be Dredged This Winter

Now if the people at the NYS DEC would come up with some reasonable regulations that allow the Hampton Bays Commercial Fishing Fleet to catch some fish we may be able to create some jobs and take advantage of the safer inlet. Today's regulations don't allow these hard working men to make a living, pay off the investment on their boats and catch the fish that are near our shores. Out of state boats come here to catch fish then return to their home ports to land the fish because their home ports don't impose the restrictions our narrow minded DEC has put in place for our local fishing industry. Last time I looked less than half of our boats could afford to go fishing because of the limited amount of fish the DEC would allow them to catch. When they do try to land their catch you would think Al Capone was the captain of the boat since the DEC treats the fisherman like criminals. " Jun 4, 12 12:21 PM

Southampton School Officials Consider Eliminating Valedictorian, Salutatorian Designations

Why do we have 13 school districts in the Town of Southampton? For efficency purposes we should only have one. The reason is the school districts with high real estate values are mainly second home hamlets with relatively low school budgets. This results in lower school tax rates in the more expensive areas like Southampton and Quogue etc. Most of the people living in these districts do not send their children to the schools on the east end. The less exclusive hamlets like East Quogue or Hampton Bays have lower real estate values and high school budgets. Based on the Tax Rate Sheet for 2011-2012 the school tax rates per $1000 of assessed valuation are $11.51 for Hampton Bays, $9.97 for E. Quogue, $1.92 for Quogue and $2.29 for Southampton. This means the less exclusive areas are paying a school tax rate about 500% higher that the more exclusive towns. According to state law to merge school districts all districts have to agree to merge. Unless we get a law passed in Albany setting a minimum size for a school district there will not be any changes. Send your cards and letters to Stare Senator Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele if you want to see a change." Jun 4, 12 3:01 PM

Montauk Airport Up For Sale

If montauk gets cut off by a storm we have boats and Helicopters that could provide emergancy services. The real issue is the fact that the owners aren't getting a big enough return on their asset and want to sell the facility." Aug 8, 12 2:23 PM

Developer Threatens Defamation Suit Against Westhampton Beach Village Attorney

Why not a Chick-fil-A restaurant? " Aug 12, 12 12:27 PM

Hampton Bays School Officials Facing Tough Road To Stay Under Tax Cap

What happened to the 16 million dollar bond issue the Hampton Bays school District just passed. There was enough pork in that bond issue to cover the budget deficits. It's time to cut some programs or reduce the bloated staffing at the schools. Our School taxes are already over $12 per thousand of assessed valuation while our neighbor the Southampton School District is only $2.30 per thousand. Why is Hampton Bays paying 5 or 6 times the rate of Southampton. It's time to merge the 13 small school districts in the Town of Southampton into one school district and get some economy of scale and fairness in the way real estate tax is used to pay for education." Feb 13, 13 11:01 PM

I am not hiding behind my computer. Please stop wasting my tax dollars. Everyone today wants the best services while others pay for them. Do we really need AstroTurf fields in this economy. If deciding to borrow money just so the payments match the last bond issue payment is an example of the kind of decisions made at the school board meetings and telling people this will not result in increased taxes is an example of how to run a school district I choose not to participate. By the way why not use your name instead of Temp46. My name is Ernie Trillo and I live in Hampton Bays." Feb 14, 13 5:27 AM

The budget must include loan payments as an expense. If we lowered the amount borrowed using the bond issue they would not have to raise taxes as much. It's time to change some of these stupid laws that were put in place due to pressure of the teachers union lobby. It's not about the kids it's about controlling expenses across the board. These are public schools paid out of real estate tax not exclusive private schools paid by people paying tuition. " Feb 25, 13 12:56 PM

Hampton Bays Neighbors Still Oppose Redevelopment Plans For Shinnecock Canal Land

Let's hope at least two town board members have the courage to vote no for this MPDD. This stupid idea will destroy the East Side of the Shinnecock Canal and lower the property values of the homes located where the Nitrex.Septic system is to be located. The solution is to build a new time share complex where the CPI is located. The new building should face the canal and remove the existing CPI eyesore. The east side septic system site should be rezoned residential and it's motel units transferred to the CPI site. The east side of the canal site should remain zoned for Resort Waterfront Business and new restaurants or shops open to the public should be considered. What Hampton Bays needs is a solution that provides a real "Public Benefit" not 40 Town Houses on 4 acres. " Oct 6, 13 12:54 AM

Gregg Rechler Says Canoe Place Inn Investors Are Growing Impatient

An empty lot would look better than the mess the Rechlers own called the CPI. This "Weasel Deal" was wrong for Hampton Bays from the start. That's the reason it has taken this long to get any support. It took a while but the citizens of Hampton Bays now understand what a bad deal they were being offered. Apparently the stratergy of letting the building decay until everyone involved was ready to approve anything to rid ourselves of the worst eyesore in the Hamptons has not worked. Lets hope at least two of the Southampton Board Members have the courage to vote "No" for the MPDD and let the existing zoning decide what gets built on each of the three sites." Nov 28, 13 1:33 PM

Southampton Town Board Seeks Landmark Status For Neptune Property

Jim Malone's parting gift to Hampton Bays is this idiotic plan to replace the Neptune Beach Club with a Museum. He did nothing for Hampton Bays while he was in office except make a fool of himself when he was exposed trying to rip off the young contractor he hired to renovate his house. The museum should show pictures of all the good times people had in this building and the adjacent Mimosa Beach. Taking these buildings off the tax rolls just increases the taxes for the rest of us living in Hampton Bays. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. " Jan 18, 14 3:27 PM

Town's Top Planner Calls For Reduction In Scope Of Hampton Bays Townhouse Development

To date the Rechlers have not made any significant changes to the idiotic plan dreamed up by the Historical Socity and the Rechlers. I have been to four town meetings on the subject and keep hearing the same version of the original plan. The majority of the people in Hampton Bays have said they want the development on the Canoe Place Inn site and want to keep restaurants or waterfront businesses on the environmentally sensitive east side of the canal. they also say they don't want the nitrix system on the east side of north road. how about the Rechlers coming up with a plat that satisfies these objectives. I am glad to see the Town Planners addressing some of the real MPDD issues and not bending over for the Rechlers." Jan 31, 14 7:40 PM

Dear Jack you have the wrong Ernie. The save the dump campaign was started by the Hampton Bays Historical Socity and was a stupid idea from the beginning. The 50,000sqft CPI has been neglected by its owners and appears to be beyond repair assuming the Rechler's budget of $3,000,000. The original Rechler plan for the CPI was to tear the dump down and build 75 time shares which was over kill and called for about triple the as of right density allows for the site. The new plan calls for overbuilding on the other side of the Canal. Whats wrong with just building what is allowed by the existing zoning like everyone else.

Ernie Trillo" Feb 1, 14 7:43 PM

East End Schools Shortchanged In Governor's Budget

What happened to Gov. Cuomo's 2% cap on school taxes. My school tax went up at least 5% and we never got to vote on piercing the cap. The school board needs to learn how to live within a budget. If needed layoff some staff or cut some benefits or programs. The next item will be increasing taxes to pay for preK babysitting classes. " Feb 8, 14 1:57 PM

Town's Top Planner Calls For Reduction In Scope Of Hampton Bays Townhouse Development

If the Rechlers propose a plan that leaves the east side of the canal zoned as is and propose developing the townhouses or time shares on the CPI site it would receive more support. The only opposition will come from the small group of people who represent the Hampton Bays Historical Society. Thousands of people have signed the petitions asking that Tide Runners remain in business and keep the site available to the public as Resort Waterfront Business zoned property. Remember what the Historical Society has done to Hampton Bays to date. Ask yourself what purpose does the Prosper King house, the Lyzon Hat Factory, the Canoe Place Chapel, the old Mimosa Beach Club or the latest plan for an African American Museum at Neptune Beach Club add to the town of Hampton Bays. Saving the CPI white elephant is another example of the bad advice the HB Historical Society has given the Town of Southampton.. The amount of money wasted by this group by proposing useless projects defies belief. The town should reject this MPDD unless it provides a benefit to the majority of the citizens of Hampton Bays." Feb 13, 14 7:03 PM

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