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UPDATE: Two Arrested For 'Chlorine Bomb' At ESM High School

I am frustrated by the lack of information, and my kids have graduated! If my son were one of the ones marching on the field, I would be beside myself.

" Aug 7, 12 8:23 AM

IMO this was an assault, not simply "unlawful possession of noxious materials."" Aug 7, 12 8:24 AM

Three Accused Of Running Brothel In Flanders

What does Homeland Security have to do with a brothel in Flanders? Unless they were planning a terrorist attack, Homeland Security is getting too involved with civilian affairs. " Sep 23, 12 4:31 PM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's To Close Its Doors In September

A&P is fighting the employees, not wanting to pay them the severance agreed to. So they are losing their jobs (many well into middle age) AND severance pay. The union had given many concessions to help keep the company from going back into bankruptcy.

But no doubt the incompetent managers that drove the company into bankruptcy have THEIR golden parachutes and premium benefits.

" Aug 20, 15 7:42 AM

I disagree. Whole Foods, since not a traditional supermarket, would draw in a lot of traffic from outside the village.

Many people are driving out to Lake Grove to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's now." Aug 21, 15 8:14 AM

Zeldin Reflects On Boehner's Resignation And What Is Necessary To Move Forward

Speaker Boehner ... fundamentally misunderstands the role of speaker of the House of Representatives. The speaker's first priority must be to defend the institution on behalf of all Americans. While the speaker may have a role in policy debates, that role cannot trump his obligation to uphold House process. - via Justin Amash

We need a speaker who understands the job description.

" Oct 5, 15 10:32 PM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's Employees Are Seeking Help To Save Their Jobs

Kings Food Market kingsfoodmarkets.com is a high end grocer, which is a better fit for the Westhampton area than Best Yet.

No matter how one feels about the union, we can all agree that we want Kings!

" Oct 14, 15 8:29 PM

Husband Of Missing Sagaponack Woman Speaks Out

170 days a week - no wonder they unionized!

" Nov 11, 15 4:49 PM

Rash Of Vehicle Break-Ins Continues In Flanders, Expands To Hampton Bays

It is happening in Manorville and Center Moriches as well.

" Nov 12, 15 11:28 AM

Second Apartment Complex Pitched For North Phillips Avenue In Speonk

Develop within the current zoning - that is all that the neighbors ask.

If you are really concerned about "workforce housing," build modest homes (2000 sq ft or so) on the one acre lot size that is required by current zoning.

" Dec 9, 15 7:25 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

Of our seven children, four have moved away. None moved away because of a lack of housing, but to follow the career of their choosing.

There are available rentals (vacant) in Riverhead." Jan 10, 16 6:50 PM

Westhampton Free Library Seeks Applicants To Serve On Board Of Directors

It is important for the public to be informed and hold the library accountable. " Jan 27, 16 1:41 PM

Southampton Town Purchases Seven Acres In Eastport

It would be nice if the town purchased some of the vacant land on North Phillips in Speonk and preserved open space here.

" Feb 5, 16 11:19 PM

Westhampton Library Board, Residents Exchange Barbs Over Vote To Keep Appointed Members

If you live in Quiogue (not Quogue), you can serve on the board. If you are a resident of the WHB school district and are registered to vote, you can serve on the library board." Apr 17, 16 3:02 PM

New Suffolk County Area Code Comes Online In June

At least you didn't have to change your 631 number to a 934. That was the other option - change all east end numbers to 934.

" Jun 3, 16 12:06 AM

Uber To Pay Southampton Town $750 Fee In Temporary Agreement

This is great news for both public safety and free enterprise." Aug 4, 16 7:57 AM

Residents Criticize Scale Of Speonk Commons Proposal At Work Session Thursday Night

North Phillips is already congested. If they change the zoning and overdevelop the road (and this is not the only proposed project on North Phillips) the traffic will be horrendous. " Oct 13, 16 8:22 AM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

I am not a Trump supporter #johnsonweld - but support his first amendment rights to post signs.
" Nov 6, 16 8:50 PM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Citizens across the country voted Trump because they’re pissed off about Obama Care, endless wars, higher taxes, and a crony-controlled economy.

The DNC controlled media manipulated the polls (eliminate any 3rd party contribution to real discussion), controlled the headlines, etc.

On election night, right above the election results CNN.com decided to post the DOW futures, which were low at the moment. Since when are the futures posted as part of the election results, if not to make people scared? (they went back up the next day - haven't seen that mentioned on CNN...).

FWIW, I voted Johnson. But this whole election shined a bright light on how corrupt the entire system is.

" Nov 10, 16 8:36 AM

Joe, serious question - are you hiring?

" Nov 17, 16 2:18 PM

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