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Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

Just a simple question that requires bno name calling....in order to vote one must be a citizen...correct?To be a citizen one must speak and understand english, right? Why then are there signs and instructions at the voting booth in spanish? To also comment on other nationalities being here legally, last time I checked I was not prompted to press 2 for german. I have yet to hear instructions in french when I call my health insurance company." Sep 22, 09 7:19 AM

Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

What idiots! I guess a good caddy is hard to find. I guess money cant buy everything...including brains." Oct 1, 09 9:21 AM

Grace's Hot Dogs founder Grace Amond dies at Manorville home

because by the time you saw it , the article was corrected." Oct 10, 09 6:50 PM

Charges dropped against man who sprung traps on neighbor's property

So if my neighbor doesnt like my Christmas decorations can he come on my property and just do what he wants? If he violates my property we would have to take the politically correct route? Unbelieveable! If the idiot would stop feeding the cats, trap them and give them to ARF maybe there would be no problem. I'm sure you all donate to ARF to support this." Oct 18, 09 5:03 PM

Southampton Town will try negotiating with shelter bidder

So sad...your neighbors are becoming homeless at an alarming rate yet all some can worry about is animals. Food pantrys are at record demand, families will go without just to keep fuel in the house but the animals will have what the working poor can't. Nice." Oct 18, 09 5:07 PM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

hospitals and doctors are not legal allowed to bill for what ins does not pay. If the bill is 20 dollars and empire pays $5, the copay is $5 then the $10 left over is written off. Its a loss. I know of no doctors worried about funding their social life as much as paying their necessary office staff. Try and get a precertification for a CT your doctor ordered without us!" Oct 29, 09 10:39 AM

No if people didnt run to the doctor for every pimple on their butt....your premiums would be lower." Oct 29, 09 10:40 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

I just want to know at what point will I no longer be responsible for the actions of peoples who lived hundreds of years ago? Will my children also be the ones to pay and their children? I did nothing to anyone...never took land,or had a slave or so much as cut anyone off in traffic. If all of you feel the Natives were wronged...what can be done? Give them my home? How about yours? If that casino were to even been thought of on Hill St....well, it would never happen. Makes more sense. 800 acres to build a real beauty of a casino on. Move to HB build everyone brand new homes....Why wont that happen....? Cause its ok to dump on HB." Dec 24, 09 9:48 PM

Yasmine, Its hard enough being a single mom without the basics, so I understand what you are saying. Decent housing should be available without federal recognition. I mean, people who arent even citizens get state aid,WIC and all the benifits people with jobs who pay taxes need. The U.S. owes you your own home, period. Will they give you funding as a mortgage? You wont have to pay it back, right? The real problem is that those who are screaming for a casino are the loudest. No one hears the voice of members like you. We all know who does and who doesnt need help on the Res. Personally, they could spread their money around a bit more, or hire Shinnecock to build their homes and additions. I know there are skilled workmen up there.I wish you peace and happiness in the new year, Yasmine. Your children will have their own home." Dec 28, 09 2:33 PM

My house isnt paid for. I work 2 jobs, everyday. But because I work on the books and pay taxes I make too much money for any help. Hopefully the bank won't take my home. Happy New Year." Dec 31, 09 9:14 PM

Shinnecock casino prospects rekindle Riverhead land speculation

Who really gives a damn anymore. Its not like our opinion counts. They will get this casino at our expense. Ugh " Jan 6, 10 11:09 AM

East Hampton Town to hold deer summit after wildlife group protests

How very politically correct! LMAO!" Jan 8, 10 10:45 AM

Home in Mastic funded by Southampton Town Section 8 money shut down

The system would be wonderful, Highhatsize if it were for people who truly were unable to care for themselves.Many just dont want to work for minimun wage and therefore run to Social Services to pay their way. It has nothing to do with compassion but the regular people who work two jobs just to stay afloat have to watch the young, very able bodied come into a store and use WIC checks or welfare card then pay for non covered items with a hundred dollar bill. I bust my behind to buy food yet when I ask SS for help with daycare I make too much money. i personally know of several illegal immigrants who get welfare, yet I am not entitled. Please spare the liberal social commentary. The taxpayers are sick of paying the way for lazy people who know how to use the system. Get a freaking job!" Feb 8, 10 1:51 PM

As long as he's a taxpayer he's entitled to his opinion. Who care whats in his bank account." Feb 8, 10 1:53 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

I wish people wouldnt smoke outside of the grocery store either. They stand right outside the door and we are forced to breathe in their foul smoke as we walk into the store.My son has asthma and he knows that when he sees them he has to hold his breath. Fine if you want to smoke, have at it, but I dont ." Mar 15, 10 10:58 AM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

I know someone who was her cell mate while in Riverhead, I believe she was released into rehab a couple years ago. Permitted to go to Florida as she has family there. My memory is bad but I dont think she is still serving time." Jun 9, 10 5:02 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

speak for yourself...I have never "oppressed" anyone." Jun 16, 10 9:23 AM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

Just sickening. Failure is just not strong enough." Jun 17, 10 1:48 PM

Connecticut casino employees file 11th-hour challenge to Shinnecock recognition

Excuse me but I have never robbed anyone. How many generations are going to hear that garbage thrown in the mix? I think Little Plains you should start making good by giving back any land that you may have legally bought but was stolen by previous generations... I owe no one a thing." Jul 19, 10 9:35 PM

Didnt I hear that Foxwoods is in trouble? The banks that hold billions in loans are calling in their notes and the Casino cant cough it up? So wheres the money? I dont gamble and I dont smoke so who cares ." Jul 19, 10 9:45 PM

Oh but it will respect the earth......maybe even be "green". What va joke, The only thing green is the dollar signs in their eyes." Jul 19, 10 9:47 PM

Roy Antonio Jones of the Shinnecock Indian Nation dies at 16 months

Rest in peace sweet baby." Aug 3, 10 8:07 PM

In drowning aftermath, residents push for better beach protection

Im sure most people there had some sort of flotation device/ boogie board but I would bet that woman never thought about her own safety for a second. Pure adrenaline, just go help was what was running thru her head. No one can ever know how we will act in an emergency situation. But rescue equipment in plain sight is a great idea." Aug 25, 10 4:16 PM

Harassment charge against Lindsay Lohan's father dropped

Im never gonna understand why lawyers are so happy keeping creeps like this around. Real funny when a person hurts another." Aug 25, 10 4:53 PM

Dawn L. Schwahl of Hampton Bays and Southampton marries Tracy R. Clark

Im so happy for you Dawn!! Love ya! Lori" Oct 1, 10 10:10 AM

East Hampton Homework Club Has Its Backers

My son goes to Homework Club in Hampton Bays. What a blessing! No more nightmares at night trying to get an overtired 3rd grader to do math. He goes at 8am fresh and ready. Thank You HB!" Oct 28, 10 4:32 PM

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