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Shinnecock Indian Nation Leaders Upset Over Recent Arrests

Please... we are supposed to obey no trespassing laws....unless we bring our money for festivals or cigarettes. I wouldnt give one cent!" Mar 25, 11 3:15 PM

Mr Z you just love to hear yourself talk. Try to keep your comments relevent , your insults mean nothing to me. If thats all you have to say in regard to my comment, keep it." Mar 27, 11 12:26 PM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

Truth hurts!!!!hahaha" Apr 1, 11 9:58 AM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

The town was in front of my house at 9am on Sat morning! Imagine Sat morning! Someone has gotten a spanking in Town Hall! Now they get overtime!" Apr 18, 11 4:59 PM

Deep breath taken....now take that chill pill! Gotta be nasty EVERY post?Sorry didnt know we had an expert in the mix." Apr 19, 11 3:43 PM

It was a simple joke .....thank the Lord you are here.ugh Sorry about not even noticing how many people are happy for your existance here. Not really caring but ok." Apr 22, 11 3:03 PM

As long as the town doesn't put anything into to law that I have to rake, Im good. But thats next...." Apr 25, 11 6:38 AM

Oddone Appeal Will Be Heard By Brooklyn Judges On Friday

Just curious but what does the number of comments have to do with it?" May 2, 11 6:26 AM

East Hampton Music Festival Cleared For Landing; FAA Approval Pending

Dawes??? Thats a big name? Who is it?" May 9, 11 10:29 AM

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

I will ask once again...at what point will I not have to be responsible for the treatment of people that arent even alive now? My family came from Ireland in 1865....my ancestors never took a thing from any Native American and as far as Im concered I paid for my home.. who will make ammends for the bigotry my great grandfather had to endure? Oh wait...no one." May 12, 11 4:08 PM

Please explain what the number of comments have to do with anyones post. If you know where Im coming from then you would get what Im saying. History has nothing to do with it.Everyone wronged 200 years ago is dead. Time to live in the now. People on the Res should be given the same opportunities that I am. But don't pull the "my ancestors went thru this" garbage. Give your ancestors the honor they deserve and be the best American, the best human or best whatever you can be." May 13, 11 9:06 AM

Its not simplistic! And your ignorance is showing....Never said he was a native! Never tried to make any parallel example....I am just asking that at what point will any generation not be forced to pay for past transgressions!!!! Not hard to answer! My children are also 1/4 Cherokee...maybe you owe them a little something...." May 16, 11 10:42 AM

Nassau County To Support Shinnecock Casino At Belmont

Im thinking the investors will be doing most of the "money trucking". " May 16, 11 10:48 AM

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

actually thats exactally right. They just have to have their tax exempt form and they cannot be charged tax on anything. I used to have a night job in a grocery store and thats what happened. No tax on anything....I say good for them! Wish I could do that!" May 20, 11 9:40 AM

Two Cited For Underage Drinking Parties

its possible that the underage drinkers in the 2nd case were not minors.If they were over 18 they are not minors, therefore no endangering charge. Still underage but she allowed 14 year olds to drink. Just my guess but money does talk." May 30, 11 7:58 AM

Details Of Friday Crash: Victims Flown To Hospital After Four-Vehicle Crash On Flanders Road

What is up with Flanders rd? Some horrific crashes. I really think people go way too fast on that road. Not to mention the deer. I hope everyone is ok." Jul 4, 11 6:52 PM

Parking Valet Hit By Car At Southampton Hospital

Those valets always just run right across the road. They NEVER look. It happens to me all the time. Seriously...they must think they are indestructable.I work around there so I go that way every day. I know to watch for them." Jul 10, 11 8:41 PM

could not agree more...." Jul 12, 11 10:41 AM

Tred Barta Will Return To The East End With TV Cameras Rolling

Welcome home Tred! Glad ur doing well." Aug 4, 11 3:50 PM

Businesses Fear Giant Wage Jump For Seasonal Workers

Oh right...all the landscaping and seasonal business use workers on the H-2B program. Please Im sure all those guys who pick up workers at 7-11 are worried." Sep 28, 11 9:47 AM

Couldnt agree more. I had a business, a seasonal one at that. I could not possibly have paid more than current min wage. The overhead alone was crazy! I did very well sales-wise but summers cannot carry any business here through the winter paying the help $18 per hour. But again, the business here that hire illegals will have nothing to worry about, unregulated and tax free. Its the businesses that want to hire legitimate legal workers that will be hurt. Or maybe Phil will be ok with paying more for services. Being in business has one purpose, to make money. Period. Not enough pay then look elsewhere. Very simple." Sep 29, 11 3:22 PM

Phil, I am one of the little people. Trust me. I have lost my business and my home. Please dont give me I dont understand. A good loyal employee is worth way more than small business can afford, we all know this. But the small business is not in business to support anyones families but their own. Reread my post, never did I say leave. I said look for a different job if what one pays is not enough. I have a 9 to 5 job . I had to work nights in a grocery store to put food on the table. I went to work from 8am to 11pm. Am I worth more than what I get. You bet your butt!I work through sickness and terrible blizzards.....We are forced to do what we have to. Is that small biz fault? No." Sep 30, 11 10:46 AM

you dont know me or anything about me. All I gave you was my take as a former small business person. Trust me....I would much rather work my two jobs than ever have the headache of payroll or taxes again." Sep 30, 11 10:50 AM

Police: Woman Dies Following Car Accident In Hampton Bays

So sad . No one should be allowed to make a left there. Too many ways to head west without going to that intersection." Oct 5, 11 7:56 PM

Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

because kids who bully are sneaky. They know what they are doing is WRONG. They do it in front of teachers who dont care or dont want to be involved. This is whats happened to my son in Hampton Byas. Since kindergarten I have been asking for help from every administration. Finally when he struck back he was suspended and forced into a psych eval. I have even had a teacher call him a retard. Yet when the principal asked him he said he never said it. What was he going to say??? Principals answer....My staff wouldnt lie! Yet several students, too afraid to come foward, told me thats exactally what that teacher said. Cant fight city hall. This is a subject very close to my heart, sorry for rattling. But we must stop this! Children, beautiful children, are killing themselves cause they have no one to help them. If your kid is bullied yell! and Yell loud! if your child is a bully...stop him or her! Stop this!" Oct 5, 11 8:11 PM

Police: Woman Dies Following Car Accident In Hampton Bays

At some point common sense should dictate dangerous areas. I never needed at light at that intersection on Flanders rd to know not even to attempt a left there but also to slow down in that area all together." Oct 6, 11 2:53 PM

Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

Well said...I dislike him because he is ineffective.....period!" Oct 8, 11 9:16 PM

just another form of bullying...if you cant make a comment nail them on grammar. We're all so perfect!" Oct 12, 11 4:35 PM

Gregor, Town Board Battle Over New Leaf Pickup Program

I really dont care what happens with the leaves. I wont rake, who cares? But I can bet a new law will be passed that fines any homeowner who has two inches of leaves left for more than two weeks!" Oct 21, 11 3:48 PM

Sag Harbor Native Returns To Automotive Repair On East End

Welcome home Ed!
Lori" Oct 24, 11 2:05 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

It really doesnt matter what we think. If this kid has a troublemaker reputation in school why wouldnt they take this seriously?Hes not only stupid but arrogant. Ya cant fix stupid." Oct 27, 11 3:46 PM

Where does it say I dont know this kid?" Oct 28, 11 1:58 PM

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