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Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

It really doesnt matter what we think. If this kid has a troublemaker reputation in school why wouldnt they take this seriously?Hes not only stupid but arrogant. Ya cant fix stupid." Oct 27, 11 3:46 PM

Where does it say I dont know this kid?" Oct 28, 11 1:58 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

Medicare is more than a joke. People on it think its a limitless personal healthcare fund. Unnecessay testing, Labs all because no prior auth is needed. Medicares guidelines are flimsy. Everyone after 65 are entitled and some abuse it beyond belief. I have had patients tell me they want every test under the sun, cause Medicare pays for it. Blood tests are not needed every three months.CT scans, PET scans and MRIs cost thousands and there are no parimeters set to authorize them. And then there are those that need it who get short changed with donut hole etc. Meds are expensive. if drug companies quit advertising on TV they might be able to bring costs down.
" Nov 5, 11 9:28 AM

NO Im not a dr. So save the criticism. No dr that orders tests will "Eat" it as you say. Only the facility. Do you really think Medicare pays anything close to what they should??? A bill is submitted and they find ways to deny payment or make the office do a dance for the pennies they pay. So save how much they do. And if you think drs arent stuck in a CYA society with lawsuits are as frequent as they are then you must live in Fla. The LaLa land of the elderly....Lemme guess...The Villages." Nov 5, 11 5:58 PM

Doctors cannot inflate charges. Medicare has set amounts they will pay for services. There is no way to get more than they are willing to pay.A simple visit to a doctor is billed at say 60.00, medicare dictates what they will pay. A good portion must be written off by the office. I really dont know how fraud happens. They are very tight with the money, as it should be.
We all pay into the system, as you say, but what we pay in is pennies compared to what we take out. I can pay in for a lifetime but never cover what one person gets out of medicare in a years time." Nov 7, 11 4:25 PM

Better yet, I would love to see some of the anti-choice people help out the mothers they manage to talk into keeping an unwanted child. Or maybe they can adopt a few instead of contributing to the overpopulation. But I guess telling them not to have children may be an infringement of THEIR reproductive right....GET IT????" Nov 10, 11 10:05 AM

Two Southampton Schools Flagged For Improvement By State

Maybe if nearly every class didnt need a spanish speaking inclusion teacher the money could be spent on the children with disabilities. Or maybe if the parents of the spanish speaking children actually spoke to them in english instead of acting like it doesnt matter, the kids would learn English.So many programs to help people assimilate why cant they?" Nov 27, 11 12:10 PM

You know what? I dont have to Google a thing to see whats happening in MY school! So save your condescending Brown Univ spewing for someone who actually puts stock in what they find on the internet. I know some of the same immigrant families you hold in such high esteem, IN MY DISTRICT, who have told me there is no point in learning English. Its not required. They have no intention of assililating, they are here for the free education,free medical care and free money. I have heard it myself. So enlighten me as to how you are so much better informed when I get it straight from the source. Spare me." Nov 29, 11 11:07 AM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

There but for the grace of God, go I. Never forget that. " Dec 1, 11 3:47 PM

Whooping Cough Diagnosed In Westhampton Beach Middle School

This isnt new...been making the round of all east end schools...
" Jan 18, 12 4:57 PM

State Police: Wrong-Way Driver Was Intoxicated

People drink at home too." Jan 18, 12 4:58 PM

Ulitmately, its his blame to take. You cannot blame his family any more than you can blame aserial killers children. Thats not fair. Its human nature to want to know why. Its not something we may ever know. People that drink that much, generally do it at home, alone and without anyone to see. Take it from the former wife of a raging alcoholic." Jan 19, 12 9:56 AM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

And a business failure is also the fault of employees....nice concept. Part of he " let the govt take care of me" entitlement thinking we are stuck with." Jan 29, 12 9:25 AM

what is incorrect? IF they share the success they must in turn share failure. I have never thought I was entiltled to any profits of any of my employers. I took a job based on my paycheck. Never worked the hours or had the headaches any boss has. Ive been a boss. I worked 18 hour days while the employees left after 8 hours. What entitles them to my profits?
" Jan 30, 12 8:51 PM

Firefighter Injured Battling Hampton Bays Blaze

Pretty sure he wasnt wearing the proper gear.....He was told to leave so they wouldnt have to rescue him in the event he was overcome by smoke....." Feb 9, 12 4:43 PM

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Murder Case

And just where does the government get the money, genuis? It is MY money!When they pay no taxes and end up in Southampton Hospital in ICU with TB for months at a time....who is paying for that? Hmmmm government? Oh wait! Thats MY money again! " May 18, 12 10:54 AM

Well, if we keep all their rapists, murderers and child molesters, they look to be in pretty good shape. Please...." May 28, 12 7:48 AM

Shinnecocks Say Governor Should Talk Casino

Dear Lord! Pick a race or ethnic group and each one will have been persecuted or maligned in some way.... does EVERYONE get compensated??? Hope you have deep pockets! The Geico cavemen will be very pleased..
" Jun 9, 12 8:23 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

Lol Maybe schools should teach understanding the art of sarcasm....." Jun 14, 12 7:13 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

Or Hell, Maybe my teenage son would be able to find a job! All the jobs once great for kids are all taken. " Jun 15, 12 9:25 PM

Federal Court Tosses Injunction Preventing Shinnecocks From Building Hampton Bays Casino

Better plan....all Shinnecocks build new homes on the Westwood property and turn the Reservation into the casino property. Easy access to the highway. Think ANYONE would support that? Not likely...just dump it in Hampton Bays and its acceptable." Jun 28, 12 8:33 AM

Man Charged With Two Assaults In One Week On Shinnecock Reservation

I agree ICE..to pick and choose what articles can be commented on seems unfair. Who decides what is open for comment and why?
" Jun 30, 12 3:43 PM

Times Correspondent Loses Body Armor On County Road 39

He can't imagine what anyone would need body armour for in Southampton??? Oblviously he doesn't spend much time here in the summer...." Jul 5, 12 2:17 PM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

I thought ONLY the State Police had jurisdiction on the Res...." Jul 6, 12 2:13 PM

Inspectors Issue More Than 100 Violations At Converted Motel Properties In Hampton Bays

Special care??? Im a single mother working two jobs, no child support and paying taxes! Wheres MY special care? Maybe the church will help me pay for fuel oil in winter or school supplies in Sept....please. Because I work on the books and show income I dont qualify..I want special care!" Jul 6, 12 3:53 PM

Times Correspondent Loses Body Armor On County Road 39

UHhhh sarcasm genius.....lighten up." Jul 8, 12 7:57 AM

UPDATE: Cops ID Nun Killed in Water Mill Hit-And-Run, Seek Public's Help In Finding Driver

There is a very special Hell waiting for this person..." Jul 10, 12 6:38 AM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

Dont buy cigarettes, or go to the circus....they say stay off their land, well, unless you have cash. " Jul 10, 12 7:05 AM

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