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Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

3 houses? where? Lived there for years and I know of only 2. As for not anymore than 30 years ago...have you crossed the canal lately????" Jan 31, 14 7:57 AM

Not exactly considered another fire house. But I get what you're saying. They are a great group of people in that dept and the ambulance crew as well. I know a lot of them and feel they deserve all they need to do what they do. The school is another story...." Jan 31, 14 10:43 AM

On Health Insurance Exchange, Southampton And Stony Brook Hospitals Have Different Policies, Despite Merger Talks

you can buy the insurance does not mean every one has to take it..." Mar 14, 14 12:34 PM

Kardashians 'Take' The Hamptons In New Series

no way...I have better things to do..." Mar 27, 14 11:01 AM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

apparently you also know nothing about Lyme...its a debilitating disease that most of the time goes without being diagnosed. The symptoms are many times written off until the patient is so crippled by neurological and heart issues they are tested. I know of several that have died from extensive heart and /or brain damage..... so while its treatable early it lives in spinal fluid and flares up any time. I really hope you dont get your wish, Lyme is an awful , awful thing to battle. If you do ever have to battle this please check back and let us know how you are being treated." Apr 4, 14 8:01 AM

UPDATE: Police Find Riverside Woman Dead In Pine Barrens

How insensitive. You have no idea what is happening in this families life to make such a judgment." Apr 14, 14 8:05 AM

The Retreat Forms Task Force To Combat Abuse

The problem is not getting one but enforcement. I was blessed to have the Retreat attorney help me not only get a protective order but also help me navigate family court for custody of my children. They guided me every step of the way, but and a very big but, the victum must be willing to enforce it" Apr 24, 14 11:40 AM

Ribbon Cut At New Health Center At Southampton Hospital

Half of all people seen since March were uninsured , why? Obamacare went live in Jan. right?" May 22, 14 10:37 AM

UPDATE: Ride To Montauk, Reduced And Restricted In Settlement, Will Take Place Saturday

Sorry Hal but it IS a nuisance. They (or you) ride 4 or 5 across on the very narrow roads and pretend cars don't exist. Never have I seen a single one on any of these "rides" obey the laws of the road...i.e.; stopping at stop signs, red lights etc.I don't think residents are paranoid at all. Some of the cyclists think they own the roads. I can guarantee you that a two ton piece of steel will remind them otherwise. Good luck and stay to the right for God's sake!" May 31, 14 6:19 AM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

Amen to that! Those so- called-sculptures are awful! At least you can tell what this is. " Jun 8, 14 3:47 PM

Rumba Now Leasing Parking Space At Hampton Bays High School

How can a small business be too successful? Is it better to have a business fail than to bring jobs and fairly priced meals to the area? Honestly I don't understand the complaints. People complained about the septic system, it was upgraded. Then complaints about traffic are answered by utilizing valet parking and parking off site. Seems like the owners are trying to make people happy but you need to complain about something." Jun 22, 14 6:35 PM

Shinnecock Nation To Become Sole Distributor Of Cigarettes At Reservation Shops

There are better ways to screw Albany than selling cancer. Just my opinion....." Jul 26, 14 11:53 AM

John's Journey From Ecuador To The U.S., Part 2

I could care less why they come here> get on the tax rolls and pay a little into the system you take from. I cant carry people who dont pay their way. Its killing me!" Sep 7, 14 8:36 PM

7-Eleven Store Owners Plead Guilty To Wire Fraud, Harboring And Employing Illegal Immigrants In Multi-State Scheme

Wait...I thought they were to be called undocumented? These people are illegal aliens but the guys that hang out at 7-11 are poor undocumented men just looking for a better life..ugh.
" Sep 26, 14 7:56 AM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

maybe not but at some point, they will learn that our losses will come at a tremendous price to them. I say leave them alone to destroy themselves. Hopefully the people they oppress will stand up and fight for their own freedom. We cant police the world anymore." Oct 25, 14 10:06 AM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

the bags we are required to stuff our garbage in,the green ones are plastic. The bags potatoes come in are plastic,water bottles are plastic and come to think of it Im sick of seeing the Starbucks and 7-11 cups on the side of the road. Where will imposing YOUR will on others stop? I use reusable bags because they fit a ton and its less trips to the car. I use the plastic bags over and over for my lunch.While you are busy telling us what to do, people all over the country are using landfills and burning their leaves. Its a big job for you to travel the country and tell others how to live. Good luck down south, New Yorkers! They will toss you and your liberal BS into the burning pile!" Oct 31, 14 7:51 AM

uhhh California isn't a really good example for ANY state...
" Oct 31, 14 1:13 PM

Southampton Police Warn Against Phone Scams

I have been very creative myself when getting calls I don't want. Simple answer NEVER give anyone anything over the phone unless YOU called them! Common sense really." Nov 26, 14 12:17 PM

Two Retirements At Montauk Medical Center Leave Residents Without Health Care

what makes you think a new grad does not require malpractice ins? Dr Kot runs a walk in for years in Southampton and he's not board certified in anything!!! But that's OK?" Jan 19, 15 8:14 AM

No anger at all . But not board cert .
" Jan 23, 15 11:33 AM

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

I thought businesses are responsible for the side walks in front of their own business..??? not sure but that's what I thought
" Jan 28, 15 10:34 AM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

Not the condos but they did have damage.
" Feb 12, 15 7:50 AM

I see sarcasm in his comment....ugh. SMH" Feb 12, 15 7:51 AM

Its Shaking MY Head and NO ONE wishes harm to anyone. Really? ...a bit sensitive aren't you? It was sarcasm ....and here's more sarcasm for you to fret over. Too bad it wasn't those God awful sculptures in FRONT of the Parrish...NOW if no one was playing on them....you would have no one to worry about. Im sure you will find something...good luck! * kisses*" Feb 13, 15 7:29 AM

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