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UPDATE: Police Arrest Driver In Saturday Night Hit-And-Run Accident

Shame on you ! 66 is not elderly!!!! I hope your friend heals and is back on her feet soon." Oct 5, 15 3:16 PM

In Light Of Anna Pump's Death, Pedestrian Safety Is Highlighted In Bridgehampton

Well said! I cant tell you how many times people just jump off the sidewalk and just keep walking! Happens to me all the time in Bridgehampton and Southampton. Pedestrians have the right of way but you are not bullet proof." Oct 15, 15 3:28 PM

Zeldin Introduces Bill Aiming To Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns And Explosives

I'm not sure Occupy was all that peaceful. I recall rapes and robbery and tons of drugs being referenced. I wasn't there, I don't know. But I know for sure there were reports of rape." Dec 18, 15 11:21 AM

UPDATE: Driver Of Car In Fatal Friday Bridgehampton Crash Identified

Whoever posted that photo with the article really thinks its ok to show this poor woman in most likely the worst moment in her life??? For all the world to see? Just wow." Jan 9, 16 8:30 AM

Yacht Trash A Growing Problem At Long Wharf In Sag Harbor

Actually village guys don't mind getting paid to do this twice a day 7 days a week. Overtime???? Its the business owners and residents that complain about it. " Jul 21, 16 6:59 AM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

This is the root of it all, yet no one wants to accept responsibility. Stop housing and hiring them. States are just as responsible. Illinois, North Carolina are just two states that seem to give out license plates to anyone. No insurance? No problem!
" Aug 7, 16 7:56 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

NOW its a problem when the Supervisor actually knows someone that is struggling here. This isn't new or uncommon.
" Aug 26, 16 6:51 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Measure To Charge 5 Cents For Shopping Bags

So when are we going to ban Starbucks cups? I see more of them on the side of the road than any plastic bags." Sep 10, 16 8:08 PM

Montauk Lighthouse Won't Have Holiday Light Display This Season

Throw up a few Star Showers....problem solved! :)" Oct 18, 16 12:09 PM

Longtime ANG Member, World War II POW, Dies At Age Of 94

Great Man! Wish I could have thanked him myself. Thank you sir and Godspeed." Oct 21, 16 12:54 PM

Cause Of Massive Fish Kill In Shinnecock Canal Not Clear

No but I would be the people buying into those condos will sue for the closure of the canal. "see your Honor, its a health hazard!"" Nov 15, 16 11:15 AM

East End Latinos React To President Elect Trump

Didn't you know that just because someone pays sales tax , that makes them taxpayers?
" Nov 18, 16 8:25 PM

Dozens Rally To Save Health Care During Sunday Protest In Southampton

while some people have wonderfully subsidized health insurance many people can't afford to even use it because of huge deductibles or insurance that no local doctor takes. Deductibles so high they may as well go without insurance and just pay for doctor visits. And those patients that are sick and use the insurance have high copays and constant denials for medications and radiology. Repeal the fine... let healthy people opt for catastrophic insurance and just pay for the yearly office visits.If something chronic arises give them the option of rolling over to standard health insurance with no restrictions on preexisting problems. Repeal and replace.
" Jan 16, 17 3:26 PM

East Hampton Community Mourns Death Of High School Student

My heart aches... prayers to ease the pain. Please talk to your parents. If something is hard Moms and Dads can help. Nothing is too big to handle.
" Jan 20, 17 7:45 AM

State Poised To Strip Local Authority Over Uber; East Hampton Official Warns Of 'Chaos In Montauk'

Absolutely true! I had a cab from Sag Harbor to Hampton Bays ...$80.00. " Mar 31, 17 8:03 AM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

Certainly do not speak for me. I am a strong and powerful woman. Anyone who knows me can say the same. We need to be a credit to our gender, guide our girls not let them look up to Kardashians and Hollywood loud mouths who have no idea what it is to be a working mother or a woman making her way in this world. My worth is not determined by any man or woman." Jan 20, 18 7:03 PM

Southampton Town Board Pushing Ahead With Safety Measures On Bridgehampton Main Street

Brandon I completely agree. Just walking out into traffic because you have the right of way is just stupid. I never take for granted that cars see me. Its happened to me while driving. People just walk right into the crosswalk with babies and think very one see them and will stop. Should they stop?Well, yeah but if for any reason they don't see you whether its distracted driving or the sun, you still end up injured or dead. So who is right and who is wrong is moot. Take personal responsibility, look make sure you are seen and I will bet accidents are few and far between.
That accident at the BH school was many years ago, prob 20 years now. A 16 year old student crossing the road was hit and killed mainly because there was no lighting at dusk and speed limit was not enforced." Jan 28, 18 7:57 AM

Hampton Bays Coach, Teacher Dave Goodman Is Put On Indefinite Leave After Dispute With Administrators

My son was also bullied for years. No one would help .No administration and teachers looked the other way. DeBlasio was the only one who cared enough to be sure he got through such humiliation and graduated. It only stopped when I told him to lay the bullies out. He did and they never bothered him again. Zero tolerance policy my tail." Feb 3, 19 6:46 AM

First Case Of Measles In Suffolk County Reported In Hampton Bays

if someone seeking admittance thru border crossings is found to suffer from TB they are turned back....who many are infected with TB are illegally here? They didn't get screened for anything . So while the cut and paste job may be fact it does not take into consideration the many who have not had the benefit of medical clearance to be here." May 4, 19 8:10 PM

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