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Federal recognition for Shinnecocks would boost casino effort

INS you speak of history of gambling establishments in HB. In what time period? And in what capacity? 65,000 feet? I don't remember anything in recent history that size and with the traffic congestion we have. Is it apples and oranges comparing now to horse and buggy traffic? I will have to hit the library for that read." Jun 8, 09 11:48 AM

Officials focus on immigration's impact on East End economy

So asking the people who wrote the laws to actually enforce them is OUR lacking?? Priceless." Jun 9, 09 12:45 PM

Federal recognition for Shinnecocks would boost casino effort

I will get that book, sounds interesting. I would love my taxes lowered. Remember when Shorham had the nuke plant? The taxes were low and the schools had the best of everything. I'm just not sure I want our town to look like Atlantic City outskirts, ya know? And when asking other towns surrounding casinos not many are very positive about it." Jun 9, 09 4:21 PM

East Hampton Town Board asks employees for cooperation on personnel cuts

Hmm who thinks the town board will take that pay cut? Very sad, make the everyday guy pay while the big wigs carry on with life. Southampton town is next!" Jun 16, 09 12:41 PM

Plan to collect seaweed shot down by East Hampton Town Trustees

Mr. Marder has always been very "green" minded. There is no reason wht this can't be done settiong rules that wouls be followed as far as time of day and distance from dunes." Jun 16, 09 12:47 PM

Southampton capital budget to undergo forensic audit

Most of our local schools have been audited when it was found some schools up island had serious breaches in their budgets." Jun 16, 09 2:47 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

I agree with all of you! And furthermore, they are all overpaid in my opinion. People are losing jobs by the thousands everyday. He should be glad he can pay his bills. The race card is just a fear tactic to get the town to give him what he wants. The only thing this kind of action does is to dilute the real cases of blatant racism that happen everyday. People have become very numb to these kind of claims. Al Sharpton should be riding in any day." Jul 4, 09 9:00 AM

Bad weather prompts postponement of drive-In movie night

This looks like fun! Hope for good weather!" Jul 4, 09 9:02 AM

Buzz Chew: A life on G.M.'s front lines

Great story! Buzz seems like a good guy.Prayers of strength to him, his family and business." Jul 5, 09 7:22 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Any job should be filled according to your ability to do the job. Why would anyone want a job because of their color? EB, nothing here is racist. When someone cries wolf they dilute the claim for anyone with a legitimate complaint. Obama is not president because of his color, he was voted in by a democratic system. How racist are you to call everyone here racist? He is being criticized for being ineffective in his position. My children are being raised just to view each person as individuals not a skin color, how about you?" Jul 8, 09 10:08 AM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

grief hits people in different ways and times. Maybe a little slack for the widow. I would bet she's a bit angry about the way he died, so senseless." Jul 8, 09 10:15 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation leaders split on casino path

Well sghmomma, I'm sure you would have the NIMBY tude too if they were talking about the old racetrack or somewhere on the turnpike. Do you even know where Newtown rd is? Even on a slow day traffic can be dangerous." Jul 9, 09 11:11 AM

Southampton Hospital is hosting first residencies

If doctors were paid a decent rate by insurance companies instead of pennies maybe would be different.Better yet, if patients with false names and addresses didn't skip out on bills maybe they could could muster up some compassion. I have never been mistreated or felt as I was treated like just a number in SH Hosp. Doctors around here are excellent, we just can't get anyone to practice here cause , in case you havent noticed doctors aren't making what they used to. Roundswamp , maybe you just need to switch doctors." Jul 9, 09 4:06 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Lahleas, I think he was using sarcasm....lol" Jul 9, 09 4:19 PM

I get it Dodger, he's black so he is only being criticized because he's black. I guess a bunch of bigots like on here are too simple minded to form any other thought than that. How simple of you." Jul 11, 09 5:01 PM

Mad as heck over added Cablevision charges

I have several TVs in my house and one box. I will be damned if I am going to pay cable any more than they already squeeze from me! So we all cram into one room and wrestle for the remote." Jul 14, 09 12:07 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation leaders split on casino path

Walt why not in Southampton on the res? Why Hampton Bays? Its not YOUR backyard...thats why!" Jul 14, 09 12:09 PM

Mad as heck over added Cablevision charges

You both recommend Direct TV? I heard that when the wind blows you lose reception. Is it reliable? I actually would pay more just not to cable!" Jul 14, 09 2:42 PM

State seizes La Hacienda restaurant for delinquent taxes

Bad accounting is no excuse. When you collect sales tax its not your money to keep. You are an agent of the state and if you are taking money from me as sales tax it better get where its supposed to. I also had my own business and my daily tax numbers went straight into an account I set up for sales tax alone. I was never short. They are not victums, they collected sales tax, didnt pay it. Its fraud." Jul 16, 09 8:57 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation leaders split on casino path

Lahleas, I always thought they were hippocrates. They have been employing people who are not Shinnecock to build their assorted projects on the Res when I know damn well there are very talented tradesmen there who would benefit. Money corupts." Jul 16, 09 9:01 AM

Fashion designer Tory Burch to demolish Meadow Lane mansion

As someone born and raised here, I have NEVER thought of our area as being defined by those beachfront mansions. Maybe DEFILED. What defines the east end is the water and the relative peace we once had growing up here." Jul 22, 09 6:19 PM

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