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Volunteers begin inventory of osprey nests

Thank you Group for the East End. You support the health and well being of all of the communities on the East End. Keep up the great work!!! " Feb 3, 09 3:45 PM

Dick Cavett: saving his land from the bulldozer

Bravo for Dick Cavett!! It's great to see the results of government and environmental organizations working together to preserve the best of the East End. " Feb 18, 09 11:36 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

I, too agree with baywoman. A discrimination lawsuit in his case would be totally unfounded and without merit. Shame on John White for using a legitimate option in such an unjustified way." Jul 5, 09 1:57 PM

Some are pushing for a new environmental review committee in Southamton

How many times have we heard complaints that the planning process is broken - the developments we don't want keep being approved while those we do want are delayed and denied? This is the time to tell the Town Board and those running for office that we want real change NOW, not after the entire Town has been overbuilt. Let's see how many Board members and candidates will speak out for real reform of the planning process." Jul 22, 09 12:10 PM

Development solely for development sake is a mistake. The east end economy also relies on tourism, fishing and farming. Whoever said let’s go spend time in Nassau County because it’s so beautiful. What’s being proposed are alternatives to improve the existing planning process. The wrong kind of development will raise taxes, rather than lowering them. East End taxes are lower than either Brookhaven or Nassau County, why because there is less development and more open space. Careful planning for the future of this area is what's needed.
" Jul 23, 09 4:41 PM

Environmentalists, Local Officials, Residents Sound Off On Proposal To Expand 'Sand Land' In Noyac

Sadly, this facility has become more of a composting site than a sand mine. For the DEC to not require an environmental impact study is unconscionable and contrary to the State Environmental Quality Review Act mandates. It’s all about the quality of our drinking water!!
" Nov 23, 14 6:44 PM

UPDATE: PDD Would Have Less Nitrogen Impact, According To Gobler's Latest Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

Keep in mind that Dr. Gobler is only reviewing the development's impact on nitrogen. As Supervisor Jay Schneiderman has indicated, the Town Board's decision needs to look at all aspects of the project, including pesticides, clearing, traffic etc.
" Aug 24, 17 8:51 PM

The Draft FEIS is online but remember it has been written by Discovery Land's consultants, not an independent organization." Aug 26, 17 12:19 PM

Lofstad, Bouvier Reject Findings Statement On 'The Hills' Project Tuesday

I’m posting this to try to dispel the misconception that Dr. Chris Gobler endorsed the Hills and that “the science” indicates that the PDD is the best choice for this location. To read Dr. Gobler's actual words go to
(http://ny-southampton.civicplus.com/987/The-Hills-at-Southampton-MUPDD) on the Town Board's website to read his report. On the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3 Dr. Gobler writes, “ It should be noted that if the nitrogen mitigation measures added since the DEIS were made to the lower impact, As of Right scenario, this would yield lower nitrogen levels than the PDD. All of these calculations are, of course, theoretical and the extent to which the actual nitrogen yields on the Hills property match these calculations will be partly a function of the extent to which the characteristics of development matches the details and practices outlined in the PDD. As such, careful monitoring of any potential development, the watershed, groundwater, surface waters, and surrounding ecosystems will be required to assure optimal environmental outcomes. “

" Sep 28, 17 6:09 PM

Thiele Decides Against A Run For Zeldin's Congressional Seat In 2018

He would have made a great candidate but happy to have him supporting the East End in the State Legislature!!!" Oct 9, 17 12:07 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

Sadly, both Discovery and the Town have made this a comparison between the PDD and the as of right. State Law requires the consideration of alternatives and requires mitigation for negative environmental impacts.. The comparisons seem to have been tipped to favor the PDD. With all levels of government focused on water quality - why is a golf course above our aquifer, adjacent to our already impaired Shinnecock bay a good idea? Let's not forget the cost of lost commercial fishing and tourism as well as the expense of undoing storm damage if the PDD's mitigations don't work.
" Nov 2, 17 12:16 PM

But that's the problem with this process. The Town can and does have a level of control over the alternative.
" Nov 2, 17 10:44 PM

There are alternatives that provide more protection for the community but with less impact on our aquifer or the watershed. Unfortunately, the Town has chosen NOT to allow them to be fairly considered. At the moment, whether you are for or against the project you need to consider the process and sadly, right now it's broken!!!" Nov 5, 17 1:18 PM

The problem with the proposal is the golf course. An alternative without the private golf course would be the best. Think about what it takes to construct and maintain a golf course. Is it worth the risk???
" Nov 6, 17 10:42 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

Thank you John and Julie!!!
" Dec 5, 17 7:49 PM

William Michael Pitcher, Former Editor of The Southampton Press Western Edition, Dies February 21

So sad. Mike was a true supporter for folks on the East End.
" Feb 23, 18 1:47 PM